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cloud network: hunting as a product manager for only three years of experience in the workplace how entrepreneurship? How to recruit people? How to do? Make products and how to use channels to promote? Pocket games founder Wang Jiangyong own experiences to share her how to solve these problems.

author: wang qiang (WeChat ID: wangqiang_hust), wang qiang is a faithful reader of hunting cloud network, is also a hunting cloud network product manager of the NEXT product, group (please add WeChat: product manager into the group of jinjilei) members.

work from market practice, baidu to job-hopping Scott, now starting my own business, I with the lot of the Internet has not reached the third year of fast not slow. Just three years, with a bully face will get baidu offer joy, also have a tutor to my hesitation after startup, more at the moment the outgoing itching and nervous, suantiankula, it is a long story, but at the moment, to me, something special.
Moments like this, with fear and anxiety:

since tomorrow, will become unemployed;
Starting from tomorrow, there will be no fixed income, financial self-sufficiency;
Starting from tomorrow, will be responsible for the future of entrepreneurial brothers together.
Such a time, also has the excitement and look forward to:
From tomorrow on, plan for many years business plan finally had the qualitative change;
Starting from tomorrow, will not live for others’ ideal;
Starting from tomorrow, will struggle for their own career with brothers.

three years ago, the first time I set foot in Beijing west railway station, I will look forward to this day; Today, the road ahead is still long, noisy heart of want to fly but it is difficult to imagine to cease!
My side also has a lot of friends with the dream of entrepreneurship, but suffer from team building, project for trapped, “change yourself” ambition is hard to put to good use. Coincides with my departure into full-time entrepreneurship “new life”, I dedicate this article to share my preparations for the entrepreneurial journey in the experience and lessons learned, both as a stage summary, also for the future.

build team

business difficult, PM business more difficult, prick silk PM business even harder! PM to understand user requirements and the market, but can’t write code, not PS, it’s need to find like-minded friends to make up their own short board.

with the idea of entrepreneurship, but there is no partner, this can only stay in ideas (like a group of PM together is also boast a bullshit, no development intervention is in play rascal!) .
The team where to find? Looking for college students? No, my college classmate no research and development of the Internet.

look for company colleagues? No, I just into the job, not familiar with r&d, and make the small team was not good in this department. Who can find that?

a boy find me through renren, hope I can give him a push to baidu. This just reminds me that can pull induction or just looking for intern students, junior to the partnership. “If you want to take, will be advance”, I can push the baidu to know more of students, junior, and can also provide secure homes. The two resources attraction for looking for internships, looking for a job of college students is very big still.

to push, because it’s to know in what lines of business need to research and development ability, and will do communication with students, junior, the legislature, to understand their ability to meet the requirements of the position. So I push the successful probability is very high.

them to practice, direct check-in I rented a set of more than 130 flat room, this room called DiorsClub (hereinafter DiorsClub represent our room), can live in DiorsClub to their internship, such “one-stop service” let me get to know a lot of huake do research and development, the design of the students, and junior.

over the weekend, we this group of female otaku, don’t go out for a long time will discuss together in DiorsClub, find the direction which you prefer and the project will try, “practice is the sole criterion for testing ideas”. DiorsClub most lived in eight people together, in order to make everyone’s quality of life improve, to provide a better environment for the creative incubation, I decisively to learn cooking, Fried boil blast off now, this is a pretty big windfall.

in this way, my team is gradually forming. “Pocket little game” team members now have 6 people, baidu’s engineers, visual designers, product managers, end where android development engineer, kunlun of game planning, a grand visual designers). The experience of the building team with the overall ogawa started sogou through bento recruit tsinghua intern experience is quite like.
PM would like to venture, the first thing to gather the people in need. How to gather? Where to find? Consider what you can give to attract them.

product direction is trying out

the direction of the product of choice is a long and repeated the process, can become an entrepreneurial product, it must need a relatively large market plates and the team has its own unique advantages to do it.
Try their products – HereBus:

we are HereBus first product, a crowdsourcing type of bus station and the timer to quickly on-line verification at the time, do the micro letter service number. Our everyday use, with very high, but no channel for promotion, so hasn’t been too many people know. From this experience, let us real awareness to the importance of channel…

channel products – where students & amp; By senior

when we are in for marketing channels with, a PM everyone told me that everyone also should make public. When my judgment is that this is an opportunity, everyone have to successful cases, if we work with everyone to everyone, from the development, have the opportunity to become their strong push bar, we can easily get a group of students in renren users.

so we work overtime developed two male products, everyone is a brother, a classmate. As I expected, renren recommended in the all information during the lunar New Year holiday we both male, fan growing so fast, and “where students” the product has obtained the Yangtze evening news reported. Now everyone is male, the two products accumulated hundreds of thousands of users, now become one of the flow channel to build our own (the other one is my own operation more than 4 w fan station everyone – the Internet product manager station). This experience makes us perceive, will take the pig can fly!

decided to do the final product, so let nature take its course, and then by accident

in order to promote our a surprise surprise filling products, we have done a phone H5 little game. Because small mi filling function is too simple, we are concerned that if this game, the user import function so simple app, can cause harm to the user (in fact, the worry a bit redundant) but H5 little game was already done, what also can’t push point, associated with the H5 when do some problems encountered in the process of game, naturally we decided to do a small game client, we are currently full-time entrepreneurial projects – “pocket is small game” (originally named HereToy, we are a good English name pit, there are opportunities to tell this story).

“pocket is small game” located in the center of the H5 little game, began to don’t think can do it, just want to as a diversion entry surprise surprise, but with a better understanding of the H5 little game, and with some big customers, such as fonterra, 58 city, baidu knows) cooperation, we established the “pocket little game” development direction, we can do better.
Is really “he found thousands of baidu, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim.”

xun zi said, short step so far, no product small flow into jianghai. Review is not bumpy road of entrepreneurship preparation, I on xunzi’s admiration of love is like a river endless, almost back to back his old man’s house more than high school article vomiting blood feeling of resentment!

hope to form a team of my way, and also choose business product experience, can give you some enlightenment and help on the way.
Young to go to dream about STH over and over again, don’t toss old! Dream to some, one thousand achieved!

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