Entrepreneurs said: goose breakfast collapse, 760000 in exchange for what lessons

cloud network hunting note: early in 2014 before ali staff LanYaoDong entrepreneurial decision, goose, purpose is to solve the problem of office buildings, business park breakfast. At the end of LanYaoDong announced goose collapse. He for this article summarizes the experience and lessons, is worth reference to 020 business in the field of friends.

the author: LanYaoDong personal weibo and micro letter @ LanYaoDong’s public number, personal email 4682678 @qq.com.

on December 24, 2014, Christmas, slightly cold, starbucks coffee shop in Shanghai lujiazui zhengda square, our team decided to end the goose breakfast reservation door-to-door business. Profile is in pure act as purchasing agency distribution and proprietary production distribution direction of the two big chance is small.

I personally invested about 760000 yuan (a tesla?) , and 9 months time in this project, suggest that breakfast food across the country, please be cautious in tuition has helped you pay. This could take the angel investment, in fact get investment before the Spring Festival is a bit difficult, most investors don’t fool could see of the breakfast food market challenges the following. Even get the money, I think to A round of B round more troublesome, no melting, do small and melts the most likely also be large and medium-sized platform batter to death with money, there is only one can survive’s proprietary production and distribution to hold onto A piece of business flow and distribution have become an online platform cooperation breakfast in the kitchen.

thank you for the future of science and technology in hangzhou city of goose like friends. You lost a serious do breakfast to send breakfast service, but don’t worry, there have been more and more good breakfast restaurant bakery stores and coffee shops, convenience stores breakfast breakfast door to door service and appeared.

we have a desire to

in the future years, the mainland Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan companies to gradually less office worker in a hurry, to be able to sit down at home or entity shop to spend 30 minutes of time to have a safe and healthy breakfast, good taste and continuous change is staple food, fruits and vegetables, have a drink. Hall to eat is always the best taste, take-away food taste must be reduced. The dinner to transfer some money to breakfast, for breakfast is really important, best can breakfast with their family and friends. If most people can do this, make breakfast food market demand smaller is the best thing.

these years is the breakfast food demand, most workers company of us in a hurry, don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast, slow natural lazy, don’t want to do or not do breakfast, or in a hurry to too late to buy a breakfast store. Breakfast food can help solve part of the problem in the office location.

next, see why breakfast delivery mode of two direction for the goose is difficult.

why 1 pure act as purchasing agency + distribution patterns of these large and medium-sized opportunity only belongs to the existing domestic O2O platform

act as purchasing agency around the city or office suppliers breakfast the breakfast, and then delivery to such places, office building, hotel, or school this mode should also can only be done by domestic medium large take-out platform, including me, zero line, table network, home food, hungry? The public comments, Meituan, tao. These platforms can forward into breakfast this time scene, short-term cost increase in distribution costs, but can increase the viscosity and the user unit price including differentiation into competition with the enemy. Can do and temporary order ahead of time.

why the large and medium-sized 020 platform can do? Meet at 3 o ‘clock:

1. The flow has been in the pool, breakfast and lunch, afternoon tea at night dinner users is a coincidence, just consumption scenarios in the switch.

2. The production capacity is already exists, whether in office building, school, community, hotel business circle around 3 kilometers has enough breakfast production such as
Suppliers, such as bakery, cafe, western Chinese fast food chain, breakfast, etc.

3. Distribution capabilities have, regardless of their distribution or outsourcing the platform distribution, logistics distribution ability is in, the existing distribution system and human can use, but by manpower is not enough, facing to the front desk or on the first floor of the office building company orders (many offices delivery parcel is not only came up the stairs to the first floor of Shanghai lujiazui area of high-grade office buildings, for example), in the breakfast for two and a half hours to finish and hairstyle distribution is very painful, has a high cost.
A method was established to the cabinet in the office on the first floor to help share the distribution tasks, also can complete the heat preservation of food. This goose also want to lead, but the self-built or outsourcing since the container is a big investment, the investment is suitable for the delivery platform took hundreds of millions of dollars. The open platform to the ark can make it, accept need insulation food service delivery. No matter who will do, office, school, community, hotels, etc the crowd centralized location distribution have the concurrent distribution problems to solve, this problem than physical electrical contractor to the trouble.

2 + proprietary production distribution pattern opportunity because doing the tired do big difficult

proprietary production + delivery this model to make money? Can, can earn some extra money, a lot of money is difficult, I calculate by conservative 10% net profit, if need to do to achieve 10 million yuan of profit of more than 10 million in sales, calculated at 20 yuan 1 breakfast meal, 1 year to sell 5 million breakfast, 25000 1 working day breakfast, deep tillage at least a 2 to 3 years in Shanghai, or worse is north shenzhen and hangzhou cities combined do 2-3 to reach sales goals. The 25000 daily breakfast help send copies since even to mention ark, manpower distribution alone to the front desk is almost an impossible task, unless to improve the distribution costs, then to consider outside the breakfast they receive money, such as selling selling other ingredients, 20 yuan for breakfast guest unit price is difficult to do.

so this model for big difficult challenges have three points:

1. The shipping cost is high,

no matter their distribution or outsourcing, the cost is relatively high, the daily room more than 5000, have the help to mention ark, otherwise a lot of pain, unable to ensure that food temperature and on time delivery. If we only see 1 1 yuan visible distribution cost is acceptable, but human this is enough, scattered order must rely on human + since together to reduce shipping cost. To how many? Behind don’t know, I hope someone can give an answer, and the daily position stable orders and orders to concentration. Yao, you might say, if use automatic meal serve breakfast? Yes, this we also thought that this way can sell meals throughout the day, not only is breakfast, basic is a tiny convenience stores, self-service purchase need to solve is according to predict in advance the production and sale of replenishment and keep the change of food taste good, payment can only pay treasure or micro letter scan code, this way is a convenience store, around someone doing, operational data don’t know

good or bad.

2. The production research and development capabilities have to constantly strengthen,

if 1 day should be completed within one hour of tens of thousands of single food production and quality inspection, order up may require multiple subcontract of the kitchen, but a central kitchen can also realize the production and distribution to the office building, the premise is to the whole heat preservation. Outsourcing production? Can, want to have enough careful timely quality monitoring, including distribution distribution, still need to be a race against time choke out from the kitchen table. Goose before the future of science and technology city in hangzhou do distribution, is a temporary place an order now, one hour to produce out the peak number of more than 200, five or six starts with a product manager (cook) can also very nervous. If it is 10000 in 1 hours to complete, need enough accurate smooth assembly line process control. In addition to production, harder to more important food products research and development, food should be keep good taste food safety standards and periodically change is one of the most important measures is retained. On the choice of ingredients, you can use the best ingredients safely, but by batch procurement to reduce costs, small batch purchase will bring high cost.

3. Traffic acquisition costs and keep operating,

in the first place, the existing large and medium-sized platform for user costs are not low, also get dozens of over one hundred yuan to get a deal users, get the user cost of proprietary might have higher again, goose once at the end of November push formally distributed pure card without the transaction user cost of sales promotion about 60 RMB 1 (short-term data will be slightly higher, normal should be controlled to 50 yuan), December goose buy breakfast time reservation weeks retained rate at about 50%. To let the target building company people know in a short time and generate repeat purchase, to push and meticulous and fast online user operation for a long time, the people need to understand the user + sticking to it.

the reason 3 whether proprietary or act as purchasing agency have a common challenge – near the shop

breakfast sent door-to-door service has two main values: 1 to keep the good taste of the change (ingredients and production safety is a fundamental value) 2 on time delivery of convenience, convenient say first 2 value, and downstairs only store the most tied, most companies are actually a little point to go out early or early arriving office downstairs or subway exit, the several places have more breakfast store, north to guangzhou, hangzhou is the best player in the convenience store, such as family, 7-11, rosen, collapsed, and so on, the other is the bakery such as 85 degrees c, big western fast food in the McDonald’s KFC yonghe Wang Xinya bag, etc., bobby Kennedy steamed steamed stuffed bun store their food, such as starbucks coffee shop such as costa, the size of the private individual Chinese breakfast stalls. 1 the taste actually most tied or weak in customer site to buy eat or eat to the office now. Proprietary model can bring users around the delicious breakfast at home and abroad, this is a good supplement. If we can only act as purchasing agency nearby convenient breakfast only value.

proprietary b2c model has a chance to taste increase and the expansion of online traffic, but the chance is basically the 24-hour convenience store industry brand, such as convenience, the whole family can in the community, the subway, office buildings, schools, hotels and so on more than the class location complete coverage, breakfast lunch dinner all afternoon tea food outsourcing, although most of the food taste and even some general is bad, the reason is that most is 1 day or several days in advance the production of food cold chain, heating finish eat just surviving, again on the palate ascension, as long as the whole family are willing to can be improve, such as increasing better day now make breakfast to the service, the customer order in advance and then finish to the convenience store, of course, the scene to direct purchase payment may be used. Improve the existing steamed stuffed bun bread sandwiches drinks ingredients and flavor standards and keep the change, increase or decrease of new products can improve the price of some advanced food to meet the higher requirements of the company.

entity shop will never be replaced by delivery, just be replaced by another store brand, by the same token, the delivery will only be replaced by another food brands. The take-out mainly is a supplement to the hall to eat.

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