Entrepreneurs please treasure: 33 karoshi game company President

hunting cloud network on October 5th message

the industry news came, was a 33-year-old unfortunate karoshi game entrepreneurs!

game enterprises in guangzhou network technology co., LTD. In the official website to release fairy sea obituary, according to company President zhang xu, before the National Day in sudden cardiac death by overwork. According to the announcement, according to zhang xu, on September 26 at 2 a.m. a heart attack, died at the age of 33.

fairy sea network was established in June 2008, the registered capital of 10.01 million yuan, the main development and operations of large network game, has launched the fire god of war, “war”, “the war thousands of male”, such as “Wu Yi” game. In 2013, the fairy sea network main business income is 158 million yuan, net profit of 57.3491 million yuan, operating profit of 66.7 million yuan. On May 4, light media announcement said the company plans to buy stakes in fairy sea network, with 230 million yuan after completion of the project will hold sea network 20% stake.

in recent years, IT industry, a high incidence of death.

blackstone’s chief operating officer, phoenix nets former editor in chief wu in Shanghai changzheng hospital, died at the age of 39.

friends zhiyuan, software, chief operating officer, former vice President of SAP China Huang Xiaojian in nandaihe unfortunate accident during the work meeting.

smic director Yangtze river boat died from cancer.

jiangmin software wangjiangmin founder, died from a heart attack at the age of 59.

netease’s acting chief executive, ted sun sudden death just 38 years old.

former IBM greater China district government and the public group died qing-ping li, general manager of a cardiopulmonary failure, at the age of 46.

the CTO of domain name registration system leading experts, China channel Huang Bailin died when fatherhood, was only 37 years old.

Ericsson China President Yang mai heart sudden death.

cloud network hunting tips fellow entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, please cherish your body, don’t forget the beginner’s mind.


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