Entrepreneurs must read: what are the subversives in 2014?

cloud network hunting note: the foreign media recently wrote an industry subversives in 2014 for the large inventory. This year, it said, is all kinds of traditional business model is widely subversion of the year, the new forces in breaking the original order at the same time, also to consumers, subversive itself and other enterprise to bring the huge opportunity. Claim to be subversive of enterprises have tesla, Uber, alibaba, millet, Lending Club, Netflix and other well-known technology companies, as well as some fame less startup.

below is the article main content, translated by netease science and technology:

the personage inside course of study thinks, 2014 is the “subversive” subversion of traditional business model around the world for a year.

as technology makes the innovator in the new tool in the hand, the traditional boundaries between industry is undergoing collapse. Amazon changed the book sales, extended to every other retail category, now also in the test by unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) delivery. Apple in the music industry and telecommunications caused a huge shock, is also involved in the design of the wrist watch. Room provided by the growing company founded six years later than the world’s two largest hotel group IHG and Hilton.

of course, innovation as old as time. Overturn type enterprise and create their people’s imagination was no different. “If I were to ask the customer what they want, they want a faster horse.” Henry Ford (Henry Ford) before the masses car overturn the whole car market has said.

and now is different from the past, all over the world to subvert the original business model of the scope and number of individuals and businesses. Whether the participatory journalism have self reconstruction of social media, or change the way people ordering clothes, watching a movie or take a taxi technological progress, or allows retailers to sell cheaper goods price efficiency, subversive everywhere, pouring in.

subversion often destructive, will force companies went bankrupt, makes people lose their jobs. However, as the raise, the emergence of new technologies such as data mining, subversion will also brings to the consumers, subversive itself and other enterprises great opportunities.

subversives called industry enterprise is not a few, including tesla, Uber, alibaba, millet, Lending Club household company, Netflix, etc. To take one of the seven first below:

1. Uber: subversion taxi market

Travis · karan Nick (Travis Kalanick) founded by a taxi uber to taxi companies and other application has brought the huge impact, but its subversive also drew a succession of the enemy.

for Uber, is it done this year billions of dollars in financing, have been banned in several cities around the world operation and aggressive expansion of the year. The taxi service already became a synonym for disruptive forces in silicon valley.

it has been established for five years the company has not been a car then changed the taxi market. It has entered the 51 countries regions in the world, provide service in more than 230 cities. It by its smartphone applications docking private car and taxi drivers and passengers, its application has a “big data” support the team, to ensure that consumers want to take a taxi to pick a single driver distance of not more than five minutes.

under the leadership of callan Nick, take a taxi or carpool Uber to other service startup and taxi company caused a huge impact. In the new round of funding in December, it received $1.2 billion in financing, valued at $40 billion.

these funds so that it can reduce the service cost, from the hand of the competitive application and taxi companies to grab more market share. Its popularity, San Francisco taxi ride in quantity in a short span of two years dropped by two-thirds. London taxi application Hailo are as helpless Uber pricing strategy and out of the north American market.

some Uber drivers complained that a fall in price, they had to work long hours to earn as much money.

the outside criticism of Uber began to heat up. Regulators, particularly in Europe, has started to survey the business operations of the company. Meanwhile, Uber sometimes in cannibalism, have made a mistake. In November, it’s a senior executive said Uber shall hire investigators digging criticism Uber reporter’s “private lives” scandal. The remarks immediately trigger a flood of criticism.

the incident makes a lot of people can not help but wonder: the company’s corporate culture will become its Achilles heel.

karan Nick said, in the face of the taxi driver’s resistance, Uber will launch a political lobbying efforts, strive to expand to more cities. To that end, he in August before U.S. President barack Obama adviser David street (David Plouffe) as policy director.

“I don’t think Uber has an image problem.” Not told the financial times, “I can think of is, when you are subversives, you will be.”

$10 billion in XiangMingNian path of revenue targets, Uber not content with merely against the taxi industry. From carrying the hamburger in Beirut to hire bicycles Courier in New York, to launch the cat door-to-door service in Seattle, it has been the cause of the transportation test services.

2. Alibaba

retail, alibaba also staged a change to other industries, including financial services.

it’s taobao trading close to $300 billion in the first half of this year, it has changed China’s retail industry.

but now, the company and its competitors are also in March from a taxi to the financial services industries.

alibaba investment fast taxi can improve the efficiency of people taking a taxi, balance the scale of the Po by the end of September and reached 534 billion yuan.

the company’s vice chairman Mr. Tsai told the financial times, November financial and health care services belongs to a huge industry technology can change, because the industry has a portion of the model is out of date.

but he also admitted that the company into public service industry’s action is not as smooth they want. He admitted that this spring to implement virtual credit card project plan by the central bank, the company expanded financial services market plans and thus “frustrated”.

Mr. Tsai said, “the central bank is clearly said, ‘let’s steps will slow down a bit, let us understand the innovation is going on, let’s bring change rather than the reverse. ‘”

3. Boda: aim for the African market

boda wen (Bob Diamond) may also not to subvert a market or industry, to the investment in sub-saharan Africa but he can’t earn money launched a strong challenge the conventional wisdom.

2012, boda for manipulation of the London interbank offered rate (LIBOR) left barclays was fined after. Since then, he raised more than $600 million, the London stock exchange to pass his Atlas Mara company investment bank of Africa.

although in addition to the American bankers, the continent has a new wave of other investors, including KKR, the private equity firms such as Carlyle and including investment corporation of dubai and Singapore’s temasek holdings, the state-owned fund, but to its opponents, boda article is undoubtedly one of the most famous investors in the region.

a focus of the African market investment banker pointed out that “Wall Street investors choose investment in Africa because he completely. He has a high profile.”

in December 2013, boda article through IPO (initial public offering) in London, raising $325 million. The American bankers and Mara Group founder and ashkelon, tower Carl (Ashish Thakkar) established a cooperative, Mara Group is a large-scale enterprise business covers 19 African countries Group.

the Atlas Mara has reached 3 deals in Africa, in countries, including Botswana and Tanzania and mozambique. Boda article has higher expectations for the future. “There’s no into Africa’s multinational Banks in the region was not be considered. This is too good, this is why we involved in the core of the market.” In November he told the financial times.

4. Aldi: subversion grocery market

Germany’s two discount store Aldi and Lidl is upending grocery markets around the world — from the heart of the continent to Britain, the United States and Australia. Aldi even in exploration into the Chinese market.

in the UK, Aldi and Lidl in the past four years to almost double the market share. Over the same period, four big supermarket tesco, asda, sainsbury’s and William Morrison’s market share all presented down.

Aldi has opened 1350 stores in the United States, and plans to increase by 2018 that figure to 2000. Lidl is ready to enter the U.S. market, brings to the wal-mart supermarket giants such as further challenges.

Kantar Retail director Michael palmer bounty (Mike Paglia) pointed out that if Lidl also coming, traditional retailers will face greater competitive pressure, especially because it is more than Aldi stores that sell the brand. He said, “I thought, Lidl arrives, will cause panic such as wal-mart.”

according to Planet Retail consulting institutions, Lidl parent Schwarz Group is the largest food retailers in Europe, 2013 sales of 81.7 billion euros (including VAT). Aldi last year’s global sales of 67.4 billion euros.

however, traditional retailers are fighting back. In Britain, the four big supermarket plans to spend billions of pounds to lower commodity prices; In the United States, such as wal-mart supermarket chains are also set up a lot of small shops.

for now, there are signs of Aldi and Lidl growth began to slow in the UK, but they are in the grocery markets around the world have been of two powerful forces, is unlikely to change back to the small role.

5. Ford: made of aluminium popular models, out of the revolutionary step

is quite popular in the United States when ford F – 150 first redesigned version of a pick-up truck in November to enter the market, what it doesn’t seem to be revolutionary.

however, the model of the body is made of aluminum. You know, never before have the manufacturer applies the metal models of such a high output.

material on this transformation, makes the model to reduce the weight of 700 pounds (about 13%), compared with the original F – 150 models to save fuel consumption by 5% to 22%. Specific savings ratio depends on the model.


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