Entrepreneurs don’t brag, dissect love fresh bee case

article/Wang Zhantao

tencent O2O columns have a love of fresh cases, there are some things I simply don’t understand, well written, and discuss with you:

1, love fresh bee in sell what things? From the official website is ice cream, beer, plus the stupa, crayfish. Nothing in particular, from the brand, fresh bee selling things in love, also can buy in other channels. Look from the current public data, setting the fact that more than 1000, 1000 a day. According to the proportion of large number, these orders should not be evenly distributed in each store, there should be at least half of the grocery store is not a single every day.

2, with the passage of time, the list will be explosive growth? Actually before release this data, love fresh bee has done a number of promotion, such as public comments on the free gift of a single, only 5 yuan express fee, such as attention and forward love fresh, fruit basket, don’t know this kind of suicide drainage means to account for the proportion of all list, this list is certainly not lasting.

3, cost 100 yuan (love fresh bee said his guest unit price is 80-90 yuan, most are women), at home to eat small lobster, drinking beer demand really exist? See love fresh bee products, according to commodity to build love fresh on every user’s typical application scenario, I can’t think of this need real possibility. Crayfish demand, for example, love fresh bee mode need to consider the fact that the storage cost, the shopkeeper delivery time cost, insurance time limit waste cost, new users drainage, etc., at least in the early, love fresh bee comprehensive cost will greatly higher than that of roadside stands, and even higher than medium, in this way, or you need to find can pay a small amount of accurate population (higher guest unit price must correspond to the higher precision promotion costs), or to find a more appropriate selling items, xu lesson is “the user needs to get in 1 hour, and have enough profit space objects is not enough”, or you need early financial support to lower the price, look forward to future earnings (if no suitable selling product, this is waiting for death, burn down when the investment.)

4, 1 hour and express is a real demand or pseudo requirements? Main rapid enterprise out several batch of every year, from the earliest E countries for an hour, to his main point is rapid, but gradually high logistics costs to almost unacceptable, fast bag is one of the most close to success (guest unit price 150 yuan, higher than love fresh bee, book is a standard product, better quality control), reflection but xu later: “the wrong direction, and efforts are in vain”. In 2010, haidilao also advertise hotpot takeaways, according to the then unknown, this mode should also didn’t go through, at least not as good as imagined.

5, a store can really become a community of interests? If you go to a store for a walk, you know a store while some people in the idle, but he didn’t dare to leave, the cashier kid sister effective working hours are not more than half an hour a day, the remaining 10 hours must stay there, if she go to delivery to the person, the customer to pay for who? So, love the fresh bee said there is no such thing as a store idle human resources, at least, not as natural as they say. (a store this is not the business of the human cost of squeezing electric business entrepreneurs can imagine, they are not hiring a idle people use to you, you looked at him, may actually be rational goods, replenish onr’s stock, prevent damage, and so on contact work)

6, even if the human problem solving and store fresh bee isn’t going to be a partner with love relationship, if a particular item sell well, a store completely can replenish onr’s stock to sell, or do you sell kang teacher, he gave you send Kang Shuai fu, in the middle of the price difference he eat, don’t look down upon the underlying people’s rape have a stomachache.

in the end, give fresh bee precisely these love, is not to say don’t believe in O2O, but don’t like sitting in an office of a batch of entrepreneurs began to assume a variety of “revolution” and “subversion”, only the feet on the ground to solve the difficulties in the development, can the enterprises do better.

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