Entrepreneurs: cow force of 90 after you black forever

cloud network hunting note: recently, the founder of the super class schedule after 90 is at the forefront, since on the CCTV, he can change public opinion environment. Media more than rush very nice at the beginning, all kinds of “insider”, after staff “Revelations” continuously flow out, then press again to turn to the fire. As entrepreneurs after 90, the founder of the present said WenCheng fai see not bottom go to, he backed more than good.

the author is present WenCheng founder said, below is the full text, hunting cloud network for reducing:

very nice recently, on a show, this several days all kinds of comments about him everyday, brush screen, first is the voice of praise, and the media a day or two to grab an eye ball powder to turn black, was full of fun and criticism, criticism to usually do not care the outside of the article are beginning to write a response.

I thereof have much in common, we are all born after 90 entrepreneurs, is sequoia capital for mobile Internet company, with a company that has millions of users are doing. My high school thereof, let a person feel very mad, it’s a pity that I didn’t stay mad, if I also like that year, estimates that today the main character in the story is me.

this day I was in Shanghai on a business trip, and gravels logistics cui, the morning stationery Chen always talk very much. They tell the story of a lot of the past, combining my own thereof of the story, I want to have a good talk about the subject of entrepreneurship, the story is different, it may not have too much, more is the rendering of detail, because I believe that details are the most able to zoom in, the details are the most can let a person gains.

1. Aggressive who dares

better schools, colleges and universities is a three, a lot of people look down on, everyone think entrepreneurship with a tall school student, but very nice always thought, most of the time the three college students are very good, they are just being shut out of the top 500 for a diploma, he will take the lead, and outstanding ability of record of formal schooling is bad but they struggle together, to put this thing well done, rather than any other CEO, the 211 graduates don’t.

cui always graduated from xiamen university, when most of his classmates chose a more stable banking unit, only want to do a career he brought three people began gravels in 8 square meters small warehouse logistics first business.

Chen is always out of entrepreneurship at 17 teochew, when many people are still three points at home depend on the field along when he start with the stationery agent, and the accumulation of small achievements is now the morning stationery empire. I remember in my the university entrance exam is the dawn of a “shots” the university entrance exam is special pen, he told me that this is what they have ever light of Confucius temple in shandong province.

when I was a sophomore chose to drop out of school, in other people’s surprised to a full of dangerous road. When others eat a snack during the movie in the dormitory, I was cold wind lay in the street. Just was in a low valley project at that time, I didn’t even have money for her passage home, had to put stall drained, I embarrassed in my school, afraid of being caught sight of classmate, also specially to ride a bike to go to the other schools.


turn the crisis into an opportunity for

very many people do not believe jia said, feeling his experiences during the bankruptcy and cancer is too like a dog blood series, eyes can be used as witnesses, I tell you all this is true. I still remember the afternoon, I go with the old cao Their bankruptcy after breaking ground communication product, because the office is too crowded, doesn’t even have a conference room, we sit at the gate of the company are dirty floor, that smoking a cigarette while tell us his development plan. Months driven life pay, just let them come up with beautiful results proved to convince investors back and chose to continue to invest them.

gravels logistics go as early as the plane transport, so it is depends on the airline, what’s the problem, once the airlines cargo distribution is not timely. Shenzhen to Beijing once a problem because airlines can’t the arrival of the goods in time, the customer is very angry at this time, call me scold cui always. Cui always recalled: “in fact at that time, the core competitive ability is my biggest, the somebody else scold me, I do not hang up, I finish listen to him.” I heard especially touched, every risk contains the opportunity, only successful entrepreneurs can pay a practical action to accomplish the transformation.

the morning stationery is the earliest and South Korea stationery brand purchase domestic distribution, and then do later because South Korea stationery brands no longer cooperation, Chen was forced to do the stationery production. At that time, can you do in a short time stationery production has become a matter of life and death, every enterprise is spent a lot of difficulties to go today.

for me, for some time, product direction is not quite right, the company also do well management, team morale, watched the company’s money will be spent, companies face collapse. What can I do? Pessimism doesn’t change anything, I tell myself, I will encourage my team to do the final product, not success is quit, this battle, just have the gift today said that four months of millions of users.



very nice hate who like who are showed clearly, you ask products opinion he is not installed, very direct tell you, he know, speak very detailed. I first made to products, the first thing is to give very nice look, he will be in a very short period of time tell me what place do bad, tell me how to change is qualified. He is very pay attention to the details of the product, I still clearly remember the time, when you eat he would bother to tell employees super intern a guide language how to modify the club’s official website, to let users faster understanding of the function. Instead a lot of people, you asked him about his is said: “oh, good!” , he is not the same, he is very true, what say what, to you as a friend.

gravels cui always very true temperament, about what time I communication are arriving on time, then the villager told me his entrepreneurial experience and some questions of the Internet, he won’t knows nothing but pretends to know, such as secondary yuan is what these questions, he can directly, even if employees in secretly laugh behind him, he doesn’t think this have what, don’t know just don’t understand, don’t understand is to learn, let I admire very much.

morning light Chen recently 40% of the energy spent on a product very good, this is their company’s future growth is a very important start product, name is: sets. He speak true temperament of the new products are full of pride and love, from the document to print the details of the selected, from product upgrading to the development of the industry, he said: “we are a product manager, we want to do something.” I think he more than anyone else like “stationery control”.

I also am is a man of true temperament, never talk is very direct, writing articles is also very colloquial, speech is speak true will speak much more. Because I used to sit on the seat to listen to other people, I was particularly annoying people who pack to force, something he doesn’t believe, waste each other time. And I hope everyone can understand the real me to communicate, also can have the harvest, at least know a little more than the real thing. Life is so short, don’t let those things take our youth.

4. You can’t finish the black after 90 that the cow force

is very nice after 90, I was after 90, after choi sum total is 90 Chen, each filled with dreams of entrepreneurs is after 90!

we may have many shortcomings, but which were born to perfect? The somebody else didn’t murder, arson say just change is ok!

we know that the future is full of hardships, but boring life sorry our youth!

we know that there will be a lot of misunderstandings, jealousy and attack, but from the moment we choose to venture, we would have no fear!

cloud network hunting note: yu jia text people also give their response last night:

recently saw many negative comments about me, to be honest I’m very annoyed. But after the mood, I also very suffer education, because of my not mature, lead to our super curriculum team misunderstood, or is it black and white upside down. Everybody may also have doubts, why public opinion hold me two days ago, now shelling of one-sided me again? I am very curious about the logic behind this. It affects our whole team super curriculum, this is the last thing I want to see. So, I’d like to very honest in giving you explain some doubts.

the first is about my team. Online someone “internal whistleblowing”, say “capable people walked off”, “yu jia wen to sell company cash out”, “employee treatment is very bad” the loopholes.

more than familiar with me well knows, I dare to say anything, because I have a, which can be realized the dream team, and they are all ordinary people.

super table team average age 20 s, basically come from normal university, had a job were mostly large ruthlessly refused to experience, to block them in big companies is just a diploma.

I’m defy spirit for them, because I believe they will also have ambition! this is the only purpose I built the company I want to let those who were not first-class degree friends to have a meal!

thanks to our wild enough is enough, the company is a group of society all look down upon the children to do like this. What are their benefits? Is capable people can contact me directly asking for salary, no matter how many work experience, he has to prove his worth, I would buy this list.

is very arrogant way, like super curriculum from the grassroots rapidly maturing combat team, rely on “peer” 60% of the general treatment to be able to keep them? If there is no super super table team cohesion, can do it now?

super table is a “brother alliance” of team, staff turnover is much lower than the same industry, it is because we can’t drive away any work, more because everyone from zero growth of ordinary young man! this brand is our self-made, established with his bare hands, internal staff could not have any, more don’t have the heart to say “sell the company to liquidate the perverse things!

second, about my personal and academic. Can be said that my family was born poor, poor, my father more than 4 o ‘clock in the morning every day have to drive a motorcycle to kill pig, my mother in poor health, also every day with my dad to do business on the market, but I never feel poor what inferiority, my father often said that the poor children early take charge of, I have been hoping that through my efforts to change my family, so I’ve always been a tough approach, dare to speak malicious, dare desperately.

“degree” problem is said to be from my weibo data. our closed beta version before try to use weibo, WeChat personal information (including education information) for a new functional test, my biggest product manager as a curriculum, participate in the product experience, inadvertently left a trace test. this is also our team test engineers generally appear problem, but as a result of negligence, there is no change in time to come over, caused the misunderstanding. No IQ is normal, I believe, will be at the same time give yourself so many Zhang Xuejiao label, and not to collecting stamps!

my Alma mater is China guangzhou university soft software college. Some people say that I am from “wu3 da4”, “tsinghua”, to be honest, I’m a perennial insists he is “the dream silk” school “low-achieving students”, no school, why to their face?

third, about our profit model and the specific amount of financing. To be honest, two years before the super class schedule is not to consider profit. Our idea is to serve college students first, to study their needs, do big plate just good development in the future. Burn the vc money is not a sustainable model of development, we have been thinking for super table to realize the self hematopoietic function.

in fact, the flow of super curriculum to liquidate is not difficult, you want to change for other companies, early counting his do in quantity or accept advertising, can reach more than “monthly sales 5 k5 “, get rich quick estimates may also change more! but we think that the service is good old customers, attract more new users is the most important thing.

in the past three years, the only thing we do, is to realize the increase of the users. South China university with our largest user base, the second is in central China; Universities between Beijing and Shanghai in the previous year data does not equal to south China, but this year the number is very significant, therefore the Chinese super league table of 2014 broke through 10 million total users.

but spending money investors over the past two years, does not mean that we can rest easy. Will be super table flow maximum liquidated and the profit of sustainable, we have been looking for direction. In earlier this year, we identified a very effective way, can bring real profit for super table, now our team is working on the final test, hope everyone a little more patience. Not far, in the next year.

this is why I can so confident to say, “give me a staff next year million” rhetoric. it is funny, however, that some of you in reference to this passage, I removed the keywords “next year”.

as I said, if I earn 1 million, took 80 thousand times to employees, this is our teochew style of doing business. Business is not easy, everyone is willing to follow me, really is. Many colleagues for this project every day to work overtime to 12 points in 2015, little time to see family, I particularly sad as owner. To say I am most ashamed of, that is, a group of friend Ken volunteered to struggle for our products, so I’m going to for them to make the one hundred million profits next year. I want my employees to follow me to eat meat, and not I eat meat, they drink soup!

then is super curriculum financing problem. These two years, we got a lot of professional investors, including innovation valley, Zhou Hongyi, xiao-ping xu, sequoia capital, policy source vc and alibaba, they are all top level of the domestic investors and institutions, and if our company have any exaggerated the financing amount, this help a wise man will continue to vote for us? The top of investors, the more can’t tolerate the false data, the project team they cast this point, I believe you know more than me.


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