Entrepreneurial upstart Singapore: develop electronic skin “science fiction”

cloud network hunting note: Benjamin Tee is the pride of the people, Singapore his 11 years in the United States do scholars, committed to the development to imitate true skin electronic skin, improve the battery storage capacity, even invented a patient at home independent instrument for the treatment of hemorrhoids. This is due to his attention to human health, regardless of field very much, the same is his love for others and giving back to the heart of the society.

Benjamin Tee has always been a Star Wars fan. One of the most fascinates him scenario is Luke Skywalker is received new prosthetic arm. Robot poke the prosthesis that he can feel the real pain. The Tee, in fact, now is working on the movie some mechanical arm into reality, that is electronic skin, also called e – skin.

electronic skin created mimic human real new areas of skin function, it can sense the surrounding environment, bending, stretching and self-healing. Dr Benjamin from Singapore Tee graduated from electrical engineering at Stanford university, it is electronic skin this cutting-edge technology to a member of the team.

the world has many research and development team of electronic skin, but Tee team first developed electronic skin to heal at room temperature, it can be sensitive to different pressure, will conduct electricity, but also very flexible. It is perhaps the most close to real artificial skin. He had explained in the blog technology principle of electronic skin: “my doctoral research focuses on the flexible and scalable electronic sensing applications, so I’m interested in electronic skin. The principle of electronic skin is made of soft organic material of large electronic mechanical strength to mimic human skin good traits. I developed two capacitor and piezoresistive pressure sensor, pressure sensor and touch sensors can be used in the human-computer interaction devices (such as the iPhone, the device), the next step is to determine the location information to develop the next generation of three-dimensional human-computer interface intuitive.”

the Tee team represents the highest form of Singapore, he as A scholar in the United States government research institutes A * STAR for 11 years, first at the university of Michigan study electrical engineering undergraduate course, after reading A graduate student at Stanford university.

he said: “the weather (Michigan) is a little cold, I prefer warm place conducive to entrepreneurship, I really want to do a startup. Most people would apply to 10 school, but I only applied for Stanford graduated from a university as my Alma mater, an application was accepted.”

in a few years at Stanford, networking with entrepreneurs and venture capital, also in 126, amazon’s Lab is developing the Kindle R& D center for product development intern. He even used in the research and development of Stanford technology opened two companies in the United States, but in front of the back to Singapore on to the other competent operations. After returning home, he is still as a Singapore – Stanford research and development of biological design experts to participate in the electronic skin project.

due to his outstanding research capacity, he has just become one of the ten finalists in the competition after the first 35 who boarded the “annual MIT technology review magazine 35 innovators” list.

the Tee’s team created a laboratory prototype, is seeking approval of opportunity will be the technology promotion to factory production. If you can find a partner and get millions of dollars of investment, he can in two years to build and put technology into reality.

if successfully achieve these business practices, the study of the Tee will no longer be confined to create better simulate real human limb prosthesis. It can influence all aspects, such as touch perception of different pressure, the battery has four times the power of ordinary smart phone lithium batteries, also can measure pressure in the brain, doctors don’t have to put a big stick “to the patient’s head”.

of course. These USES can hold up in the market competition is another thing. Already have pressure sensitive touch screen Apple Watch will be launched in 2015, at the same time, the battery technology as a hot area of research was also many solutions.

in spite of this, the study of the Tee is very interesting. He silicon material can bring more electricity than active carbon. Although silicon is cracked, but e skin self-healing compensate for the fragility of silicon.

in fact, the Tee is also working on another project, it has to do with the silicon this magical material as time consuming, but it is not related to the field. He founded Privi company team has developed a kind of ease the symptoms of hemorrhoids equipment – it eased 70% of people will face an embarrassing situation.

this equipment is one-off, can use at home, to overcome the many patients face a doctor show privates embarrassment. Privi startup held recently in the British Kang Jiankang insurance company in the game, kill 200 team finally won the 100000 Singapore dollars ($75000) prize.

the product patent is also in the application, so the Tee could be too much. The company is to raise more money for clinical trials and prepare to mass production, the product is expected to be put into the market in 2017.

battery and instruments for the treatment of hemorrhoids seemingly unrelated, but together the two field is Tee love of science and in return the heart of the society, it is generally known. He said:

“I am very interested in medical insurance. Everyone have to deal with health care system, I hope I can make a change. I have been doing devices like smart phones, but I wasn’t interested in to them. I want to help the public the truth, I mean, I can help them to play games, also can improve their health.”

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