Entrepreneurial team recruitment, benefits how to open to talented person in the heart?

author introduction: Kieran Snyder is based in Seattle, is committed to creating mobile experience for the parents of parent-child Kidgrid application development company CEO and co-founder. Previously, she was Microsoft and amazon product department heads. Written by her about language, female members in the field of technology, and technology education articles have been published in the American famous magazine “Slate” and “Fortune”.

when Kieran Snyder back in the days of Microsoft and amazon as she says she has a lot of time helping the company to carry out the recruitment and team work. Over time, she also summarizes his doorway: namely the team have been established in the strength of the ganjiang seek professional advice. The strength of the so-called ganjiang refers to those in the (especially those who can make him in an elite team) one is very good; But no matter how good, love make trouble heterogeneous are not in the scope of this article.

later she decided to jump out of the big companies set up their own team, a thought that recruitment is the simplest. But when she sat down to the home page for the company’s recruitment page is, only to find themselves completely. For a long time, she is so suggested her friend who need to look for a job: first to choose after the boss ask specific work content; Most of her fellow in a big company looking for a job, often talks up demand in such as salary and promotion.

but the more you communicate with people from a small company, she is more and more found the correlation factors that demand is not big. While some people mentioned the potential long-term returns of human capital have, but not for short-term pay almost all of them; Otherwise, they can choose the more lucrative salary big office in the company. Most, they say, is that I wish to find a collection of brain and collaborative team, and become a part of it, but few immediate supervisor as considering the point; They also said they are hope to study progress in the team, but never mentioned problems of promotion.

Kieran Snyder’s team have no intention in an inappropriate may attract candidates (or worse away all candidates) way of self-promotion. In fact, her team is also have a passion for data analysis: determination rhetoric aside, as an important product or they are engaged in business decisions do: collect the data.

Kieran Snyder is very want to know about it: when the candidate, especially those who meet the requirements of the job candidates to browse jobs list, what are they looking for? She knows, recruitment page from the perspective of it as a company; Because the actual values and employment for candidates to understand company philosophy is very important. In turn, they also need to understand the unique needs of company want to hire people.

therefore, Kieran Snyder to about 350 from large companies, start-up of the small and medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations developers, designers and technical staff, product marketing manager, sales manager and user survey researchers conducted a quick survey. Respondents need to answer a simple question: on a job, what is your most value of the three factors? At the same time, she also provides some alternative answers, including work challenge, compensation, working place, team, immediate supervisor, flexibility, the social purpose of the work and specific job description; But everyone can have the answer to the free play.

this way, the subjective observation have data to support. Below is the technical personnel in the company organization form the most often mentioned a few standard of choosing a career, as well as the corresponding personnel proportion:

actually, just allow respondents to list the top three factors in the investigation, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about other things. In the face of a high salary, there is no lack of interesting and common pursuit of team, almost no one can shake head to refuse. And data results also show that the different organization form between the factors of the people most concerned about in the company some interesting and associated difference:

big technical personnel in the company is concerned about the possibility of boss, the opportunities and growth; Technical personnel from small companies are more focused on team, challenge and opportunity to learn. Short-term salary in a big company staff’s rank in the heart, and a small company staff value work more flexibility. Through the observation of the data, Kieran Snyder aware of those who want to join Kidgrid team value, with those who work in a small company is little poor. This made her feel her team to find the right direction.

now Kieran Snyder company has begun operations, she also found her team are most interested in further, it is those who focus on team, challenge and opportunity to learn, because these is concern for her team. Whether the candidate is now in small companies, big companies, or other work environment, which is set up. Such thing as a corporate culture, the fit is the fit.


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