Entrepreneurial talent training “five steps” : let the chance to build people

as a successful entrepreneur, you must constantly to overcome countless, uncontrollable factors; For example, the change of the market, the loss of employees and technology or product. You must also keep a agile sober mind; Otherwise, you will be swallowed up by the competition completely.

but if all things are kept in your own to solve, it is absolutely impossible. You need some help, they need only after some guidance, can reach the level of independent work. For a focus on results, and the lack of resources of enterprise, in order to get the results, they are more inclined to do utmost to offer guidance to employees.

here provides five can help you to guide employees. With the help of these methods, you can develop some finally able to work independently, work in your company for many years experienced staff.

to allowing employees to experience failure

I have a 10 month old son, he has been trying to learn to stand up and crawling. Fell down again and again to let him feel more challenging. But if every time I have to protect him, then he will never learn, is not to set up their own need to walk muscle memory.

you must be willing to let your staff to experience failure, as compared to success, we draw the experiences and lessons from failure will become more. For your staff to provide a broad enough space, let they can explore and challenge.

you can command staff to take over such a task, with slightly beyond the scope of their ability and good at. So that we can let them over a period of time to think about my own shortcomings, and they think they are good at boundaries. Nothing can be better than the method to make people know yourself immediately.

Let employees often

in the field

one of my favorite sports analogy is the difference between on the pitch and in the stands. Most people in the academic aspects of the speech, from the stands the accumulated knowledge and understanding.

read every book on the subject of tennis, to be able to let you all kinds of theory, the advantages of using carbon racket, or the tensile strength of racket line problem. But if in the reality to let you go to hit the ball, but you do not know how to specific operation, what’s the meaning? Real knowledge, it is reflected in your practical ability.

as the growth of the employees, they usually requires some training, whether internal or company outside the course of the organization. After the training, let them run quickly on the “action” to show their learning; Otherwise it will disappear at any time.

don’t be a perfectionist’s “animal

different tasks with different degrees of importance. When a non-critical tasks appear, you can completely in this way, “even though I know I can 100% to complete the task, but if I put it entrusted to others let them perform, 80% of them is enough.”

as a learning opportunity, the task entrusted to others, and to organize a meeting about the performance. And then, provide feedback, and explains the reason why you like this way of execution, so as to enable them to further improve in the coming year.

you will experience a brief period – is a recurrent theme in the error, the standard will be relatively reduced. Time is not as long as you think. And you want to believe, long-term returns than short-term sacrifices.

learn to delegate

if you want to do the right thing, be yourself. But, who have the time?

many business owners find it hard to go to delegate authority, because they asked for excellence, and to achieve in a particular way.

recently some people may use a lower specifications of the different ways to treat, or some other people will use of the specifications of the general or more effective. In the early days, you might say you don’t trust anyone, only yourself to do so. But if you don’t delegate conferred the trust, you will never make employees from “low performance” to “high performance”.

to provide feedback and let them repeat change, eventually they will do better than you.

can’t after separation, a comprehensive understanding of the employee’s growth condition

a can not only save time but also to build trust, foolproof method calls on a regular basis about:

if you encounter some obstacles, can I help you?

review week, what could have done better things?

what way next week you will take to improve your overall performance?

what do you want to learn to improve yourself?

when you reactions to these feedback help employees grow, your motivation the company greater openness and transparency. You can also see their challenge point, and help them succeed.

because almost don’t have enough time to complete their tasks, you might want employees to find task to challenge themselves. But no matter where will be too nervous. So their performance will be affected, or they will produce the idea of seeking jobs go to other company. When they blocked, you remember to give them a balanced space.

to explore a method to guide the employees and their relations, or use the other knowledge in the company. Soon, you’ll have some confidence, responsible and able to handle the work of the new task. When they promoted higher positions, they can train people, and help you optimize the whole company group.


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