Entrepreneurial story: partner’s miserable pit dad two or three things

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it is well known that the startup of the challengers always go through a “very anxious to have superhuman powers” hectic day. At this time of the entrepreneurs, often is what things are a little bit, but no time no energy research, as the proverb says “what will a little, but in fact is nothing”.

as many classics, entrepreneurship as an entrepreneur/entrepreneur, you can’t be proficient in all aspects. So many entrepreneurs tend to choose collaborators complements their own area. That is to say, as a business partner, or a technology, or in the business world, or in terms of sales, operations, etc have certain talents.

in addition, partner, or to listen to good object, empathy, can solve problems together, decision-making, more can become the spiritual pillar of the mutual in hard working period. Have to say that it was a long thing, someone’s best obviously can easily some.

someone compares partnership business relationship into marriage, although that’s a bit old, but I don’t interfere with it in priority. Business partnership and marriage really have in common – sweet burnout have quarrel also have patience, and like a real marriage may go divorce, business partnerships might also once broken.

in order to avoid a similar fate, with entrepreneurial intention to close look at these partnership entrepreneurship little story.

* * *

I don’t know much about the technology, therefore, when I think of a great new products, I found a engineer to help me realize this product. At first, he agreed to a 8% stake in developing test version. And wait until after the completion of the test the product, he ask 1.6 – $25000 a month, every negotiation of e-mails can quote us a new price to…

so I started looking for new partners. Then I invited a Stanford professor as an adviser. She is respected, is far-sighted. She knew a technology good children, and suggests that we can meet. The child was in the busy applying for apple to go to work.

two weeks later, he called me cry to say his partner kicked him out of the company, no place to go, what also have no money with me. So I give him to find the accommodation is to help him for the visa. In return, said he would like for us to build a tentative site – just because of this, he began to our company’s CTO (chief technology officer) themselves.

then, I found a new partner responsible for technology. The partner at apple originally, also said very satisfied with the conditions of the partnership. At that time, little technology curtilage not happy, don’t work a few months later, in a rage ran went to Singapore, but also the website domain name changed to our company. Pretty sorry.

at the moment, the professor of Stanford was gone… Very puzzling…

I tried to contact her, can telephone, E-mail. A month later, I received a letter from prison from the letters – she was arrested for kidnapping children, to take 6 months until the hearing in it. Can’t, the partners also can Pass.

from apple’s new partner happy work after 3 months are also beginning to bargain, hope to have the salary promotion when the CTO and the ascent to 16000 dollars – investors after the discussion and I’ve always thought “to replace her.

now we have a solid team, several investment funds, the company began to get.

of course, let us see the story “the persistence is victory”, but it is quite not easy. Want to my hairline are removed after several inches…

— — — —

my business with two partners in 2001. After we worked successively in two companies. I was the driving force behind the business, is responsible for the marketing, the other two as design and product manager, respectively. I basically to underwrite the bulk of the work, office space, investors purchase of office supplies, specifying business planning, contact and so on.

product manager management experience does not reach the designated position, in the first five years, is very problematic. Products in addition to management, she should also be responsible for accounting business – in fact she is not.

three partners right divide the downside is that it was difficult for resolution, everything is going to discuss for a while, no one was a quick victory. Because there are too many differences and disputes, sometimes I have to work at home. Finally we even hire a consultant to help us. In the end, almost no division of business is smooth, basically are processed by me. My work time is double that of the other two, drives them to change things, have to make a decision.

until one day, the two men quit together…

designer inherited a fortune, ready to retire early, and she, a product manager also stay not bottom go to, so, the first three partners would be parted.

rights allocation is reasonable, it is a better choice. Otherwise, like us, the first a friend, but the next eight years, never touch.

I created a health care company, first month sales earnings of $75000, 15 months after revenue reached $2.5 million, on the international platform also has a lot of media attention.

b: basically, I a person by, in addition to product development almost all things are to me. My partner who is responsible for product development, in the first four weeks in to complain, and bedding, hope to get some rewards and performance ahead of reward – such as cat food, children’s clothing, household products, as well as he acquire in their products, and so on.

we are in the stage of master students, so I always feel that is can trust each other. The results he went in nearly nine times the after he deserved something! Disappeared…

budget then becomes more scarce, I have to take over the product development, including customer service and other things LanGuo, too. – what was supposed to be good product but at startup (6 months) been ripped into a pair of “so-so”.

I for more than 150 start-up companies to provide business consulting, this is my business 4 companies. The failure reason is incredible. Then, have a new team, new solutions, our products and on the right track.

and I have the partner, well, he estimates that everywhere in continue “kite” of his career.

I am 100% company equity, then based on the idea of equity incentive, divide the 30% free of charge to three heads. But in fact, they didn’t understand understand own equity represents what! When the company developed, the results to get the $160 million when the good result… Them one by one to Sue me and the company to get more of the shareholders’ equity in advance. This is a nightmare. Company also because of the prosecution, went bankrupt soon. They all got a huge amount, but I have nothing.

— — — —

I watched my partner (and my friend), signed the equity sell-off agreement and then disappear completely – no consideration for companies to do that, on the company’s investors, impact on our friendship. Money really can make people let you don’t recognize.

— — — —

my partner as the CTO (chief technology officer), he is spending budget price we employ his friend. They basically spent all our money, in addition to a pile of bills “manufacturing” nothing out of it. It is not, after they put my pigeons at key points in the investor conference, did not have Money, products also have no!

the end… Do you ask? In addition to the close of business and any way & gt; . & lt;

— — — —

as a developer to join a high-tech start-up company, partnership is two friend don’t understand technology. In those early days I can be hard, work 80 hours a week off, all the funds are also their payment first. However, two months later, they gave me equity agreement to see… My stake… Is 2%? !

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