Engineers from the stack to full stack integration division: goodbye, hero of Web2.0 era

the whole stack engineer, all-powerful Web2.0 era hero. A person to master the whole platform IT myth, in today’s new development platform and personal terminal growing and improvement of the audience and the Pacific Ocean? Today, cloud network editor will take you to explore the whole stack developers hunting incarnations in the change of demand.

every Internet industry once the whole stack developers had a variety of fantasy. Full stack engineer is indispensable to every project in the era of web resources, however, as a new generation of Internet start-ups seats, the idea of virtual space presented to an extreme. From artificial intelligence to the cloud service analysis, all of a single stack engineer is no longer possible at the head of the operation of each department.

the myth of the whole stack engineer

at the beginning of the start in the Internet age, because of the limitation of hardware and software platform, edit a program often only needs to be an engineer, while the use of assembly language is also the only specification engineer job. However, as the 80 s in the structure of the client/server processing technology progress and at the end of the 90 hit the Internet wave, programming has become a team project. New technology of each subproject often need a specialist to operate, and in the database, the user server technology applications, such as each level by a specialist is responsible for is also very common. Because the technical innovation, running a website has become a very complex and hard work, the whole stack engineers also because of this situation, more and more be taken seriously.

with the constant innovation of technology, in the first decade of the 21st century, in the middle of the company any applications, whether it is a simple web page creation and the development of a new generation of SaaS services platform, its labor costs have become extremely high. Artificial cost increase for the simple reason, as the growth of the program needs to cover technology module, an individual can no longer grasp so many specialized technology at the same time, keep update to them and led the application of these techniques in the product, so the former consists of a main stack engineer is responsible for all things are divided into parts distribution. As founder of the Mosaic Marc Andreessen, points out, “with the increase of the programmer, a sharp drop in communication costs have risen sharply and communication efficiency.”

with the progress of science and technology, have a convenient side. Web access code is more concise and clear, programmers give up stale complex Java packages to use straightforward LAMP combination (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl); Similar Django and Ruby on Rails this new framework and to make the communication between web pages and database is straightforward; Such as the front end of the jQuery framework system make the complicated relationships between each browser clear, similar to the Amazon Web Services cloud Services for logistics and new technology within reach.

a programmer in a large database, operation support, server logic operations such as the communication on technical service and support system has been improved, a new generation of full stack engineer’s duty is coordination and communication between the numerous technical team, when the number of technical team with the new technology application and increases, the corresponding increase in the whole stack of engineers will significantly increase the efficiency of communication between team.

from the stack engineers to full stack integration t

when you create a new page, project is the first time you think of the Image – 1 for covering the platform, a full stack engineers can greatly improve the communication efficiency of these programs. But with the development of science and technology, the platform is not the real “stack”, I think the real “stack” should be like the Image – 2.

I believe that no one can master the above each stack real-time follow up new technology and development also can lead the team to apply these to the event. Because just to follow up the progress of these techniques is a full-timers to finish the hard task.

us in years, technology innovation, new breakthrough occurred. Only is to develop outstanding iOS and Android applications need to be proficient in each platform of excellent engineers, operating directing this database requires the long time focus on the talent, the support of cloud services need to cloud technology experts, in this day and age, every new child technology need to responsible for specialized talents. In the face of such reality, full stack engineer, a platform to understand each each service each subproject principle is vital for the enterprise. In the moment, I think that people with his duty to change from a full stack engineer into a full stack integration, a contact each technical team, a global strategic plan as a whole.

good-bye, full stack engineer, in the new era, let’s fully embraced the whole stack integration division, the IT industry will be very need you.

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