Energy conservation and environmental protection. High-tech slide 1 hour enough mobile phone charge

Beijing time on October 3, news, according to foreign media reports, boarders are often music lovers, and the two hobbies together is only a matter of time. A student has created a high-tech skateboard. It at the bottom of the built-in speakers, also equipped with an interface for mobile phone or music player. In addition to play music from docking device, called the pad (Chargeboard) skateboard wheels can also be used at the bottom of the kinetic energy to recharge the battery.

bjorn – van, Robert huth pad is designed. This is his in Rotterdam, William DE kooning college of art and design part of the graduation design. The wheel rotates under the pad, the two generators can produce 6 volts. In addition to providing power to the speaker, which also can charge the battery for access to the phone.

pad interface compatible with current apple 4 and 4 s, but the 3.5 mm headphone socket and USB 2.0 port means that it can be used for other devices. Users with slide pad for an hour, was enough to give a cell phone. At the same time, the built-in battery to recharge at least eight times a cell phone.

huth to online, the daily mail says: “do I really want to more in-depth study of the project, and then put it on the market. So I am looking for a want to pad on the technical development team. An investor will be an important factor of the project progress. Because I just graduated, simply don’t have the money according to my own idea to do it. I plan on 29 at creative solutions the raise to start a project on Kickstarter, raise money for production pad.”

source: sina science and technology

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