ENcade PSP, let you online and global players to play super Mario

eNcade want to attract more players in memory of the past. In essence, the portable console is Raspberry Pi, put on a lovely shell. As for the new element, is this game gave many chances for classic multiplayer online game. So, you can play with players around the world “ostrich knight” (Joust), can also play with friends all over the Mario bros. (Mario Brothers).

the portable console is 3 d printing product, it contains a fully assembled, with arcade input mode of Pi. Obviously, no one can make such a simple product (I’m with my kids to do this), but it’s secret weapon is its software. “ENcade I started just a thought, originally just want to make a portable console restoring ancient ways of support for multiplayer online games,” the inventor Nicolas Wicker says, “but for many players through analysis of the feedback, I think the Raspberry PI can bring better add to my product, because it is very popular in the gamers, and can be compatible with our program as well. Since then, we have three design, prototype modification. Now, we are dedicated to complete our software testing.

“a year ago, when I realized that the market does not have a portable game console, can support multiplayer online play the classic game, eNcade ideas they have appeared in my mind. And I also noticed that hasn’t sold commercially completely assembled Raspberry Pi portable game consoles. ENcade perfect fusion of the two concepts.”

a complete component at a price of $160. If the project is feasible, Wicker he will get these original model, 3 d printing and injection molding finished product delivery. His goal is to create an Xbox Live for old ROM, allowing the player to remote games with other users.

Nicolas Wicker is raise $6500, he distance this goal still has some way to go, but if the project to run, certainly will be very interesting!


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