Electricity under 2.0, entrepreneurial Denver shall comply with the article 7 of the new law

at the end of the summer, mayfield fund jointly with the CRV company for electricity company’s 2.0 entrepreneurs hosted a dinner party, including Brit& Co (DIY), Dolls Kill (American tide brand team), Dropship (direct freight), Indiegogo, Kiwi Crate, LeTote (dress rental site), Massdrop, Pebble, Peek, Poshmark, The Hunt, Tophatter (real-time auction website), Touch of Modern, Trendalytics, Udemy and Urban Remedy, etc. These executives discussed the present, what factors change can make electricity for investors and entrepreneurs to regain, this paper studies the continuous change of the technical and commercial platform (especially from the perspective of mobile devices and social media) is how to change the “6 c” rule. The “6 c” here is: the specific content, curator, customization, and community, all the package and the raise.

new concepts, such as mobile and Internet business, prompted many companies for fast and efficient transformation, changing the original traditional pattern, for the consumer to carry out sales activities that “strengthening the marketing spending + inventory management, small profits”. With the development of mobile Internet, electricity, the drawbacks of the original are also slowly to solve, the following is electric business entrepreneurs start stage need to consider some of the problems in the company.

the size of the mobile devices is important

due to the further expansion of the Android platform, through Google Play find application more easily than in the fierce competition in the App Store, a growing number of entrepreneurs to give priority to the Android platform. Younger users, especially the women prefer the Android mobile phone, often as a first cell phone choice: and many Android mobile phone screen is larger than the iPhone prior to the release of (6 s).

a bigger screen means that enterprises have the opportunity to demonstrate in their application more the content of the novel. In Posemark, for example, the Android platform conversion rate was 22% higher. For in hopes to get the next generation of electricity users – young women of entrepreneurial companies, it also brought the question of whether or not to precede the iOS application an Android application. In terms of thinking, compared with a year ago, this is a huge change.

to move the second?

at present a lot of new enterprises tend to “move first” concept, some even give up the web service. On our activities, however, points out that many entrepreneurs to set up a complementary interface and the necessity to develop mobile experience point of view. In fact, the web page should be a search, registration, management, credit card information input and peruse the main channel. At the same time, mobile applications can be repeated participation and one of the important part of social activities. The user can see every day, found in the session, and discuss things change, understand the status of update transactions, etc.


sales management one-stop applications

at present 2.0 applications are many top electric products and services market, which has brought great convenience to consumers and satisfaction, based on their needs and impulse shopping desire for instant gratification. However, such is critical to the success of the cause of realized that the original consumers on the supplier. Electricity enterprise should ensure that employees and the seller’s satisfaction, thus can smile, successful, continue to provide the high quality service to the demand side.

this platform put forward higher request to the market, to be able to provide supplier or “employees/sellers” different mobile application experience, and help them to manage the entire workflow within application (relating to the marketing, content updates, community coverage, promotion, inventory management, customer communication feedback, billing and payment, service and product order completion, etc.). These functional will appear in the web interface, however in the age of mobile, the characteristics of the service and sales decisions, many employees need real-time processing in your own business, and mobile applications will become their complete real-time trading the main interface.

create “ move gallery”

considering the experiences of business 2.0 visual effect and the characteristics of the design oriented, all of the next generation of electricity business startups will pay attention to all aspects of the content images, whether they want to. Pictures, especially in women’s fashion kind website, will play a crucial role in conversion rate.


Dolls Kill bobby ferrari et entrepreneurs found that, compared with the simple introduction to dress photos, upload photographs of models wearing apparel and accessories may bring huge differences, such differences is not only the photo itself. Britt Maureen, Brit & amp; Co founder, points out that they even set up an internal professional photographers and modelling division team to assist in display products.

however, emphasis on the application experience of visual appeal does not mean that, entrepreneurs need to put money into the video content. Entrepreneurs believe that by making excellent video content consumption costs usually outweigh the benefits of it can. Executives think, striking photos (even) taken by amateurs can bring great help to enterprise, because they caught the user’s attention and guide people from simply browse to shopping consumption.

electricity infrastructure changes

by electricity 2.0 startups changes caused by the expansion of the mobile market is also gives the analysis, virtualization infrastructure and logistics, as well as enabling platform, for “entrepreneurs” service enterprise to bring huge opportunities. Similar to Dropship, Boxbee and Shyp brought virtualization start-ups warehouse and “micro 3 pl (third party logistics), such as Trendalytics company tried to provide data based on consumer sentiment and market changes in taste early warning signals, and even provide users real-time information, help business 2.0 entrepreneurial enterprises to understand the situation, analyze new users long-term value.

good marketing will be a strong participation of story

in addition to the commercial mechanism and means of trading, every entrepreneur present are emphasized a problem, is how to tell their entrepreneurial experience. Many companies will purchase decisions from purchase in advance, and after-sales service (business that is where a company’s greatest innovation place) to tell their saga. Entrepreneurs are approved, entrepreneurial success is the most important and artificial controllable factors, is the story behind the photo, and with the aid of social system to guide consumers through product involved in sharing their different story become attached to goods.

a concrete instance has a lot of, such as Maker in the introduction of promotional activities to provide video, and assist the spread, establish public praise fans of the video. In its “becoming a doll” activities, DollsKill readily agreed to those who submit an application of energetic young users request, for wearing merchant clothing model, and show the personal style and image. At the same time, Stitchfix carried out similar activities. Women try on clothing in the office, so that their colleagues real-time personal advice is put forward.

Massdrop are also trying to use the enthusiasm of the fans. In fact, they have become a small range of vertical fixed product discussion boards and social networking “leader”. Through the poll, to select the fan force holding the top product, Massdrop can very naturally to identify potential consumers, statistical customer demand in advance, and then negotiate with the manufacturer directly, get preferential price.

new business models and frequent business mechanism

all the entrepreneurs present agreed that despite the long thin margins, consumers expect to get a bigger discount rate, and the electric business enterprise the cost of inventory and marketing demand, but there are still big business model innovation space. Possible innovation place have to lease instead of unique, this and we have to “share” and “collaborative consumption” era of the concept is consistent, because the value of “on-demand access to” often over ownership have value. Costume rental startup Le Tote is a good example.

wal-mart, Brit & amp; Co and Kiwi Crate has been increased degree of integration of offline and online experience, tend to increase the offline experiences proved successful online business and retail, and vice versa. Kiwi Crate was originally only to carry out the order based on the online platform for business services, but now its creative outfit also in Target retail channels such as expensive sales results, while children suit made through the network to share.

wal-mart LABS will be offline business turn to online services, and use of online business and mobile experience attract more potential customers to retail stores. Due to local demand, the rapid development of real-time delivery network, such as Google, Express delivery platform, the local community of large retailers will get unprecedented development by amazon.

crowdsourcing can influence business enterprise in terms of content production and curator, and startup can be used in the process of shopping single/multiplayer, real-time asynchronous, competition/cooperation/game mechanics. Finally, entrepreneurs talked about in the men’s fashion markets such as the value of “gatekeeper” of individual character vogue. We are looking forward to see more based on the individual needs and convenience of auxiliary business experience.

overall, entrepreneurs agree that through many screen, new community/business experience, beautiful pictures, the addition of crowdsourcing and based on the demand of the market system, the current business 2.0 startups can dig the story behind the product, strengthen the emotional strings with the customer.

the industry’s goal is to make the shopping experience more relaxed, more convenient, more attractive, more satisfactory, and more meaningful. If we can achieve these goals, start-ups can stable price level, even charging extra fees, and not for the continuous extrusion discount, promotion and profit markets such as stop have a headache.


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