Electricity: a new starting point of “world view” and “methodology” of online customization

as online shopping is more and more popular, an ordinary shopping experience has been unable to meet the needs of the consumers. An online custom service is born, it can provide consumers with a chance to participate in product design process, let consumers themselves to create their own value. Let us to know about the philosophy meaning online customization.

electric business enterprise is gradually found that the value of online product customization and to generate additional revenue potential. In the past few years, from clothes to handbags shoes, from bicycles to personal computers, as consumers buying large quantities of customized goods product customization has been growing in the network.

a dominated by Bain combined company for more than 1000 online shoppers, according to a survey of more than a quarter (25% to 30%) of consumers interested in online customization options, and so far only 10% of shoppers tried online custom service.

Moody, estimates that by the end of 2014, America online footwear sales will total $45 billion. If the 25% of online sales are custom service, then estimate online customization of sales of more than $11 billion a year.

to buy custom products in many cases are caused by many factors in the form of unconscious, and these factors often affect consumers’ final decision.

given today’s custom service development so quickly, many popular brands have started its business strategy focus shifted to the custom service. For example, the NikeiD website can let consumer choose customize their shoes. They can choose the sole shoe color, pattern and color of the LACES, can even sew some encouraging words, on the tongue can also be online to share their design. According to the Brand Channel, since 2004, when the NikeiD online business tripled.

why custom so popular?

due to the custom shows a wider trend: from consumers as the receiver into a co-creator of value, value for those famous brand enterprises, the custom has become more and more important. Nowadays, consumers are becoming a part of the “product development” stage, rather than passive acceptance.

to buy custom products in many cases are caused by many factors in the form of unconscious, and these factors generally affecting consumers’ final decision. In addition, the interaction of creating products can encourage consumers to buy, even if they initially did not intend to buy.

“I create, I have”

ability to influence the shape of the object automatically has given rise to emotional dependency. Product final design reflects the tastes of consumers, including self select features, colors, shapes, and so on to these companies a chance to see consumer inner world.

to be able to participate in the process affect the final result of opportunity for producing a kind of psychological ownership of emotional attachment, a even without legal title I also want to have the feeling.

as an example to explain. When kindergarten teacher saw her students through education to become a successful people, they will feel very proud. In the same way, the online retail when visitors may just because access to the site at any time can see the things in the shopping cart, and for their ownership of the things in the shopping cart to produce a feeling.

in addition, to customize the product to be able to participate in the design process will promote to produce a sense of control, the control has been found that will increase the sense of psychological ownership. For example, the general people, especially people who are on a diet, would prefer to be able to select the salad ingredients, because it gives them a way to control calories satisfaction.

at the same time, have the chance to contact objects produced sensory stimulation, the sensory stimulation produced by shoppers sense of touch. When we are ready to online purchasing, obviously, we are unable to get a sense of the products. However, interact with the product can provide a virtual contact. On the product characteristics, selection of colors and shapes a about “how to feel” with the object of thought. According to Ann Schlosser points out that the interaction of virtual objects to produce the virtual image is more distinct than physical. These virtual image to help create higher user participation, so as to help the user to the purchase agreement.

in the 1950 s, instant cake mixture as a simplified the American housewife broad trend to the promotion of life, during which they have encountered resistance was too easy. The housewives worried about their ability to make cake will be underestimated. Improved, however, that this need extra add eggs before baking the cake mixture, after the sales of this product is the rising trend is linear.

when people pour into their work, to the product of their labor to increase the value of the product. Dan Airely and his colleagues tested a hypothesis in one experiment. This assumption is about a simple origami, they found that people tend to increase the value of my own creation. In addition, they will think everyone will like it. Ariely calls the phenomenon ikea effect, from the Swedish ikea furniture manufacturers. Ikea furniture is packed in a box for sale, often with a lot of the assembly requirements. Efforts and labor in the process of investment in the custom also promote to produce the feeling of this kind of psychological ownership.

“for I have, so the best”

when we participate in setting up their own life, is not only our property has increased the value of life, and we also adds value for the property. Once consumers have the ownership of the objects, they will think more valuable. This phenomenon is known as the endowment effect.

in the past ten years, the researchers found support in many experiments of the endowment effect. One of the most famous example from Cornell university. The Cornell university researchers randomly distributed on the university students or chocolate coffee cup, each item has the same market value. The first experiment proved that about half of the students wanted two goods. In the commodity distribution to end, they allow students to do business, those who want to coffee cup but got the chocolate classmate can and want chocolate but got the coffee cup of swaps.

only about 10% of the students chose the exchange, seems endowment effect established (based on the goods are random distribution, and many students think that 50% of people exchanged). Even in the case of know the value of goods is not much, ownership completely suppressed the student original taste.

for some tips of online customization electricity

consumers are willing to pay more for custom products

we can see clearly from the above example, relative custom products, people are willing to pay higher prices for their own design products. And in most cases, when custom products is considered more valuable than standard products, they will consider in a reasonable range increased to pay insurance cost.

in the same way, the owner will automatically think that his own car to the same type of car is more valuable than others. For this reason, people will always set the price higher than the average price.

custom to attract women

to select custom products seems to be more attractive to women. Dominated by Wharton’s “Men Buy,” Women Shop, “the study reveals the relationship between Men and Women of the significant differences of shopping behavior. The study found that women tend to think that shopping is a kind of experience, while men are considered to be a task.

women tend to spend more on shopping experience, while the men just want to buy what you want and then slip out from the store. For this reason, in many cases, when the customization process for female clients directly, they may be more effective.

keep hard work and value the boundaries between

although consumers spend more on product design, the more they are willing to pay. But when the consumers are required to invest too much energy, they will see it for the inconvenience and annoyance.

by making online visitors in a positive role in the product development process, can get more customer participation, satisfaction and revenue online. However, remember to create higher value products when the task to keep the most of the visitors’ attention and cognitive ability range.


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