Eight indicators allows you to distinguish the company’s internal technical personnel or vice versa

technicians are the backbone of the company, the startup is especially important. If the boss doesn’t know how to appreciate these people, to prevent the behavior of the fish in troubled waters, affect the development of the company. Now you don’t have to worry about this problem and learn the eight evaluation methods, all technical personnel in front of you “degree”.

technicians are often the backbone of the company, the startup is especially important, is very important for the roles they play. But if you don’t understand technology, in addition to see the quality of the products, how do you judge their performance? In what ways to evaluate them?

in order to understand how to evaluate employees and establish the evaluation system, of how we interviewed eight New York entrepreneur, ask them with what kind of standard to assess the technical personnel’s performance, they are given the following answer:

1. can be on the premise of guarantee quality fast

you must keep your fast rhythm in the startups. If you are beyond the time limit, not only is the damage of future also will drag down the company. Responsible for product development staff, in particular, because other work, attached to the product.

, for example, marketing team will be responsible for product promotion. But if fail to live up to their propaganda, the company’s image will suffer. In other words, marketing and development must be in sync, together with you to the accurate prediction of time, marketing can no trouble back at home.

2. can devote and strong problem solving ability

product development needs joint efforts of the team during this period need to focus on two critical standards – availability and the execution. In 99.9% of the time we need to ensure that the team can function properly, and to make sure everyone can deal with an emergency at any time.

the execution is to point to to follow up the problem of dealing with the situation, the use of making, JIRA, tools such as Pivotal to understand the complicated problem. The key is to perform standard to independently of other more broad.

in addition, the team’s speed is very important, even appeared some holes must be time to plan ahead.

3. set up product internal self rating system

when creating a consumer product, technology tend to be more art show, rather than scientific style of rigorous. Conversion rate (measure content on the degree of attract visitors and site publicity standard) is a good standard, but can’t show the efforts of each member. Because there is no lack of some products is very perfect, but there is something wrong with the design concept.

so we take the self-assessment. Ask yourself the question: “would you recommend this product to your friend’s company?” In order to complete the internal rating. Recommended value set up a Net (Net Promoter Score) system (a kind of measuring customers recommend to others the index of the possibility of a business or service) is very beneficial, over time, it can let you see the speed, accountability and quality issues.

4. whether can let products within the time limit in easing to achieve maximum customer satisfaction

I often and employees, understand their work progress. If one wanted to take a week to complete the task, I will give him more time.

this grace is good, can improve product quality, the user will also be more satisfied.

5. whether technical work can produce a reasonable profits, and minimize the cost

work to progress (such as the convenience of our customers, if the technician work violates the principle of this, let them to stop. I used to earnings as a measure of success, because it can promote the yield.

this measure is easy to let me know your priorities (high yield important, of course). But the results are sometimes very difficult, especially when you can’t can’t see the road ahead. But don’t give up, because it can make your company stand out from the crowd.

6. If every step according to the plan to complete the development work

we not only can use the Pivotal Tracker (software development project management tools) to examine the project schedule, can inspect the development of the whole company. It is a very good tool.

most technology companies are facing a common challenge – the execution. Managers and developers of communication disorders in the bottleneck period in the company, developers always underestimated the time it takes for the project.

this is where the Pivotal Tracker, it efficiently by using the method of allocated points to project schedule, make managers know this.

7. excellent technical personnel always strictly comply with the development plan

we have strict product development planning. If a member fails to complete the task within the time limit, the domino effect occurs, the entire team will influence, lead to other plan delay. A team to help each other to always adhere to the time limit.

8. The product can lead to higher customer conversion rate

our developers and user experience team maintained a close cooperation, to ensure that our website can efficiently sales. We offer high price products, increasing the conversion is the key to success.

to high conversion factors including copying, vision and marketing, web development, too. In order to promote sales, our engineer to simplify the buying and payment process, or getting the chance to let customers have the feeling that find everything new and fresh.

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