Echo echo: voice recording GIF expression, find nice music

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echo echo, is simply to use the expressions of platforms provide GIF and sound filter (voice), allows users to record all sorts of seemingly interesting actually unique voice, make sound like expression variety of an APP.

cloud network hunting today brought everyone together to experience this APP.

open the APP, cover page with the users share a variety of work, popular channels in funny, abnormal, pure and fresh, literature and art of all kinds of interesting speech. One of the most famous – and, of course, is that popular network “sisters around? Not about, we are not about uncle!” .

this APP can easily make the audio expression, mobile phone registered or weibo log in to your account after choosing pictures could enter a 3 minutes speech, software for recording the results provide five kinds of sound filter, can make your voice little xia, poets, girl, still, alien effect, coupled with these filters can achieve hilarious results.

click at the bottom of the home page + number, in addition to recording the audio expression, but also to record something and recommend music. Record something just ordinary recording, recommend music is a bit like the function of online music class App, can be directly in the application in search of your favorite songs to channel, the next open to listen to.

when it comes to sound sharing applauded before we will think of the application. But it’s interesting that echo echo applauded in addition to trying to sound share routes, also for voice with the “barrage”. Users can barrage on the voice to WeChat friends jokes, share, in the form of the audio towards the direction of the video, let chat become lovely.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, echo echo is a subsidiary of shenzhen rev d culture media co., LTD. Founder Liu Jun grace was born in 1991, bachelor degree at Columbia college Chicago, specializing in game design, professional network programming, founded in 2009 by three next semester rev d, 2013 senior drop out of school to return to form a team, in April would be rev d the corporate operations. In December 2013, lead the team won the dollar fund investment angel round.

cloud network hunting that echo the echo as a new type entertainment App, there are still many places need to improve, including the distribution of the UI design, function, user guide, material database, etc., the other application does not support offline, recording songs and upload to the online can be achieved, nor does it support weibo share (the landing can use weibo account authorization), its characteristics are not obvious. Of course it will bring a lot of rich entertainment spirit of mobile phone users a means of fun voice “creation”.

echo echo

company: shenzhen rev d culture media co., LTD.


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