EBay announced spin-off PayPal appointed CEO of next year

eBay announced on Tuesday that 2015 will be the eBay and PayPal split into two separate listed companies.

once the spin-off effect, eBay CEO John? Mr Doner (John Donahoe) to quit eBay CEO. President of German eBay market business? Mr. Wenig (Devin Wenig) will be eBay’s new CEO.

in addition, American Express (American Express) executive Dan? Shulman (Dan Schulman) will be joining PayPal immediately. After waiting for PayPal formal break-up, shulman, will become the PayPal, President and CEO.

the split of work will be done by Mr Doner and eBay CFO) Bob? Swan (Bob Swan) is responsible for, but, after the completion of split two people will no longer as a new eBay and PayPal manager, but two people can be one or two directors of the company. EBay market business CFO Scott? Michael schenker (Scott Schenkel) will become the new eBay CFO.

eBay in official said in a statement: “in the rapid development of global business and payment market, use eBay and PayPal into two independent company promotes the development of the two companies to capture their opportunity, is also the best way to continue to create shareholder value.”

Mr Doner said in a statement: “the eBay and PayPal are two great business, market leader in global business and payment. Over the past 10 years ago, as the parent company and subsidiary company, the relationship between two parts of the business to achieve the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit.

“but, after a detailed strategic analysis of the board of directors and thought in 2015 to continue the two companies after losing the advantages of the current relationship. Market is changing, the business of the company and pay the business competition are faced with different opportunities and challenges. After the break-up, eBay and PayPal will become stronger, more focused, more competitive and will continue to be their industry leading enterprise “

source: sina science and technology

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