Easy to raise network, aiming to raise forms the underlying service ability construction business opportunities

(word/qing nan)

the raise pattern as pratt &whitney financial after a kind of form, received wide attention both at home and abroad, successively has superior network, call time, raise the dream-seeker network projects, such as with jingdong, taobao, suning electric daqo platform to intervene. In this kind of innovative financial form gradually to permeate more niche, began to create new business opportunities.

easy to raise net is such a new venture company, focused on the raise professional service ability construction of the chain business. Is easy to raise the cloud side, easy to raise a rubik’s cube, easy to raise a think-tank and raise led and other four business. easy to raise a cloud for the partners to provide project resources quickly raise access open platform of the services, project party simply application and configuration can quickly all the raised platform has its own exclusive and move the tool to raise. Easy to raise a rubik’s cube designed to integrate Internet financial products and network channels, to create an Internet financial ecosystem. Easy to raise a think-tank output special and comprehensive executable solutions, help partners to achieve the rapid growth of the Internet financial intelligence. Easy to raise led is easy to raise and famous investors jointly launched the project brought the fund raise, led to raise all partners on the network platform of high quality the raise.

we can find that, compared with the raised platform on the market, easy to raise the net do is through technology incubation and investment to build the raise ecological construction. Can let the company in this direction is the raise future growth space. Qing group released this year, according to a report in the first half of the field of China and the raise financing events in 1423, total amount raised more than $180 million. The world bank predicts that by 2025, the world and the raise scale will reach $300 billion, China is expected to reach $50 billion.

easy to raise founder and CEO KeBin said, the raise is a form of pratt &whitney financial, the current the raise heat will continue to upgrade and boost the development of the real economy, raise the business need to increase the chain each link of the professional degree. On the one hand, the raised platform itself is not everything, the platform itself also need professional fund management and risk control, maintenance services; Excellent the raise plan design to the project also exists certain threshold. Market, therefore, an urgent need to more professional institutions for small and medium and the new founded the raise project platform provides cloud-based technical service, need professional consultant team to provide classes for fundraising party investment banking services. Hence the easily raise network arises at the historic moment.

easy to raise network was formed in September this year, less than two months ago, the financial sector, founding team are from the Internet. KeBin said, despite the company’s time is not long, but with the raise of cloud party service model and service ability in the market development stage to be highly recognition, so easy to raise the cloud side hatch first customer platform released earlier than its easy to raise network platform. At yesterday, the ZM car the raise network can be released, which is from easy to raise of cloud technology incubation and participate in the operation of the third vertical the raised platform.

based on this kind of brisk business model, and, according to sources close to the investing community well-known investor Wu Mingxiao has completed to raise net investment, and capital injection to create easy to raise fund, specifically to invest in by yi to raise network, and its excellent technology incubation platform release financing project.


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