Easy to express, to do the user’s private Courier housekeeper

hunting cloud network on September 12 (word/xiao-miao li)

the Internet more closely rely on the information age makes the public to express, express industry itself also had to make a change and innovation, in the face of the Internet on the traditional industry.

the current domestic each big express delivery order tool company most configured mobile end, motion also launched “hey”, try to O2O Internet domain transformation. And the third party mobile end delivery order platform also gradually was born.

easy to express, a third party app express order application, is domestic first location-based features provide express solution for individual users, pay attention to enterprise customers and small and medium-sized electricity users to provide integrated service platform, enterprise port number is “occupy the front desk”. Belongs to the shenzhen susquehanna easyjet network technology co., LTD., mainly provide express outlets and Courier query send it special delivery, express delivery price and online service. Users can use the function of LBS search a Courier and Courier company. It provides three modes for users to order choice: comparison, designated Courier, Courier sheet.

easy to express “near”, “looking for a preferred Courier”, “price”, “four” service evaluation function. User positioning system will be according to the personal address, when using intelligent display near the site map and Courier delivery, has supported the national scope to use. A can choose to click on a nearby Courier head, a key order, also can “shop around” – send goods, the weight of the input information such as distance, system to calculate each delivery price, price order, or choose the express single mode.

has provided near the national express network and contact phone to send a query service and has support. But a key function of order, now only supports in shenzhen area to use, easy to express CEOSteven tell hunting cloud network in the near future will be in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou opened step by step. After the user experience can be on the platform of Courier service evaluation, also can let by the “savage” service users won’t “shrugged off”. But at the moment, this section is not available, Steven tell hunting cloud network, evaluation system is in adjustment, which meet the list “commission” and praise “reward” can let the Courier ‘income directly.

domestic express company also expressed the hope that can have the third party platform to provide evaluation of Courier service, to improve the service quality and performance evaluation of Courier. This function will be good for improving the user experience and improve the Courier company service quality. Also easy to express has swept across the country to provide code and manual input number check, delivery address book, logistics, information query, set the address and commonly used code check points on delivery and other services.

easy to express is divided into client and express the two versions, Steven told hunting cloud network currently express outlets mostly belongs to the form of outsourcing, network of Courier just install easy to express the app complete position location can order online, it is not conflict with the process in express company headquarters, such cooperation model for express outlets and Courier and they are win-win. Easy to express the early stage of the cooperation with YunDa favourable activity, in shenzhen (especially scattered single living area) to obtain good results, activity zhongyi had such Courier express corresponding subsidy. It is easy to express and also cooperation yuantong express for the order with “knock” activities.

easy to express delivery business model where the net is the industry (price) + drops a taxi orders (LBS). Easy to express hope that the third party itself as the industry big data platform, docking Courier company, Courier and end user, the ultimate development direction is large logistics industry where network.

the Internet information age, rapid development of science and technology, the traditional industry has realised the mobile Internet impact on the industry, the Courier company have been launched mobile phone app order platform and WeChat order platform, but some of the small and medium-sized express company need like easy to express product to help them to “reform”, rather than passive change, or even be eliminated.

easy to express

company: shenzhen susquehanna easyjet network technology co., LTD.


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