E or pieces of driving – time creating value, generation driving change way of life

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e generation driving App to launch in October 2011, only three years up to now. Beginning in July 2012, e generation drive began a large-scale expansion. On October 19, 2014, e generation driving completed a new round of $25 million in financing. Currently covered the city is a city from Beijing to Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou, chongqing, such as the country’s 102 cities, orders over 50000. Now e drive has more than 40000 generation drivers, 5000 signing drivers are added to a month. Although the generation of driving is a market seems to be a humble, but e generation driving performance seems to be satisfactory.

when it comes to why do generation of driving, driving e generation CEO jia-jun Yang said: “the mobile Internet is the trend of The Times, so we are looking for, what the industry needs to be changed? In the end, we chose the wine offspring driving, this kind of demand, is already just need.” Riding traditional generation services are not hot, it is because of the pain points of entrenched: high fees, to slow, safe without protection. In terms of fees, the user needs to undertake hotel, price to the boss, the three cost drivers, the price also is expensive. In addition, the business level, service attitude, accident security also far from achieving a business should have. Problems, no doubt, has restricted the generation of driving services long term development, market demand is not big enough, imperfect service system, far from achieving an industry standard. “Thus, we assume, the use of the advantages of the mobile Internet, build the customer service platform and the driver docking.”

open e generation drive client, fill in the mobile phone number registered first, and then click on the “order”, the software will be fast positioning, and displays the latest generation of driving around the driver, the user can choose the nearest LBS freedom, evaluating the price of the best teacher, generation of drivers is available in 8 ~ 12 minutes. The entire process, from customer orders, orders to the driver, and then to order feedback, can guarantee in 10 seconds, 98% success rate. Implements the user based on the independent choice of service, fine, accurate and fast.

e drive the generation driving teacher are often working nights. Formed an efficient integration time pieces platform, to drive the craftsman and e generation driving form the partnership both plain code marks a price, make full use of the idle staff enthusiasm, motivate teachers are trying to increase their extra income. E generation driving and driver into aspects of both sides, the part of individual earn 80%, the remaining 20% as a platform for e generation of driving.

so, standing on the user’s point of view, in the face of the safety of drivers team, professional and so on the user’s concern, e generation driving methods are: nothing more, to take strict selection mechanism. E generation driving requires the teacher must have 5 years driving experience, the current e generation master driving driving experience to an average of 9.7 years. Recruit, the driver will have strict manual, automatic, back into the Treasury interview, through e generation before the interview, written examination, training, internship and road test and a series of test and inspection passed, can join the e generation driving team. In addition, there are strict generation driving teacher “price points” driver management system constraints, each generation of master drive a total of 12 points, buckle up. Didn’t wear work clothing, for example, disposable 3 points, points finish buckle, generation of driving the master will be terminate the cooperation.

second, generation of car service, inevitably, is the problem of traffic accident cause legal disputes. The existing laws and regulations have not devoted to generation of driving industry management. In the event of accidents, legal disputes,, liability disputes. , e generation driving security upgrades, also introduced support for traffic accident “tube” security mechanism. Both the traffic accident, and appeared in the process of generation of driving violations, any safety accident driving by e generation for compensation from the first.

jia-jun Yang said: “we feel that the current insurance compensation mechanism is not enough, the cost of liability insurance before the need by the guest’s vehicle insurance, although our team to pay premiums rise parts of the second year, but some of the guest or you feel bad. We have been thinking, how to let the user in this section.” To this, a “pipe” are divided into two situations: first, if the guest agreed to follow your own vehicle insurance, and so in addition to because of the traffic accident during the second year premium buoyancy parts and vehicle maintenance expenses shall be borne by the e generation driving with taxi, we also can give a guest repairs as an additional 20% of the compensation; Second, if the guest does not agree to follow your own vehicle insurance, and all the loss will be for e generation drive full compensation.

in terms of price, at different times of the starting fare (10 kilometers), will be subject to the actual time of departure, the fee is 39-99 yuan. Generation after driving for more than 10 kilometers, 10 kilometers charged 20 yuan, less than 10 km calculated at 10 kilometers. In addition, the driver will also charge according to the waiting time, 20 yuan every 30 minutes, there is no charge for 30 minutes.

jia-jun Yang have always believed that driving is a kind of trust, but also a trust, hope to provide every customer with riding more high-quality, comprehensive services, use the fragment time creating value, keep driving and become a way of life.

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