E home help: housekeeping service O2O, 1 minute find aunt

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at present, the domestic service market huge business opportunities, attract countless eyes turned, many entrepreneurs and Internet giant set to break into domestic service market. Such as hunting cloud network previously reported “e house jie”, heavy domestic O2O “cow home help,” her service O2O aunt “800”, even taobao and 58 city well-known Internet companies such as penetration, domestic service market space.

but due to the differences of the geographical and cultural life, it is difficult to form the dominance of domestic market, can still have a large market space mining. In guangzhou, a positioning in domestic service O2O platform – e home help is on the rise. E home help is a help users quickly find good housekeeping service of mobile Internet applications, the mobile Internet and upgrading traditional domestic service mode of thinking. Hunting cloud network understand e home to help the current issue of the development is based on WeChat service, has launched the indoor cleaning housekeeping services such as online booking service.

e home wang play “fast delivery, fast response”, push location-based real-time order to aunt, aunt 1 minutes namely three at the same time respond to being single, to help users quickly find contentment of service personnel. Into e home help WeChat service page, click on the “I want to make an appointment” can enter the appointment, the aunt. Among them, the service details be clear at a glance, including service frequency, once a week, once every two weeks; Types of cleaning, daily cleaning, cleaning, new home land clearing; The size of the area of the building and so on, the user can quickly enjoy more preferential, more accurate, more worry the family life of service.

at the same time, e home help to move into “help elder sister” strict qualification certification, and through a unique reverse push, more competitive, user demand being single, user selection, service evaluation mechanism, to ensure that the e home help service quality. Specific view, e home help choose domestic professional qualification level 5 above, all above 3 years work experience, education all high school to college degree or above, second to “help elder sister” standardized communication training, skills training, only through the layers of evaluation can be home for good “elder sister”.

in addition, security and family services link problem that nots allow to ignore. In e home help, on the basis of aunt NCIIC system to verify the identity of the ministry of public security, and through the 3 level test + 6 kinds of index background investigation, relying on industry hourly workers QC monitoring system, the whole monitoring family service each link, ensure that users and “help elder sister” the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, so far, e for micro credit number has reached 1 million, 3000 online aunt. Platform in planning began in March 2014, the first version officially launched in May 2014, at the end of August to realize WeChat based online guarantee payment online, smooth realization closed loop. E home help was the beginning of establishment of the mobile Internet investment valley incubators, innovation, now is in talks to the Pre A wheel. About the way for future earnings, more value-added services, such as the domestic service of personalized, customized, and e home help’s goal is to do a taxi “drops” in the field of housekeeping.


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