E generation driving: 58, because we knew I have only one life

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startup, how to guarantee their first mover advantage, and resist the invasion of giant? This is hunting cloud network editor jun yesterday for generation of driving e 3 anniversary celebration one of the most profound questions. Rather than “capital operation” illusory, extremely boring subject, we should pay attention to the startup is relying on what is in the process of game “immune” and “simmer”.

for that matter, e generation drive’s answer was: deep holes, slow food, king.

deep hole: seize the customer pain points, trial and error, the pursuit of perfection constantly experience

e price is inspired by found with a stable, durable, demand rising “market window” – wine offspring driving. At the same time, the market of the original participants generally do not good enough, users are complaining of the strong need of fresh blood into, change the old pattern. Traditional generation driving market charge high, fast, safe and no guarantee, and e generation drive to think in the Internet on the improved: first of all, save riding or driving the demand side and generation services provider “black heart intermediary”, let the two traded directly, the cost of the lowest cost; Second, e generation drive using LBS additional technical means such as intelligent algorithm, to ensure the timing of the deal (Beijing, on average, a single generation of driving from place the order to the driver arrived only 9 minutes); Third, e generation of driving the demand for a tube exactly driving insurance services.

e generation of driving in the process of development, abandoned many plausible, but it is not suitable for the new generation of driving industry “false”. For example, they wanted to have a taxi driver in generation of drivers, but later found that the current generation of driving service is more suitable for part-time driver. A full-time taxi driver, cannot balance the labor of business and the generation of driving a sideline. E generation driving CEO jia-jun Yang said: “despite the use of a taxi appears is a good idea, but in practice, we found that is not feasible.” Again, for example, e generation of driving in the process of development, has introduced according to different development degree of one, two, three line city different generations before the start of pricing.

and the pursuit of perfection, experience is the sublimation of the first two “deep hole”. After finding the feasible project development model, entrepreneurs must consider the “advantage”, on the way of leading to pull open the distance and competitors or potential competitors.

at this point, e generation drive the user experience optimization continuously from multiple aspects. In the design, after repeated experiments, and ultimately determines the client bright, white and blue color is given priority to, the aim is to “let the drunken users can more directly, more convenient operation”. And application in the driver side, e generation drive is given priority to with calm, deep blue dark gray color, because this can let the driver to reduce the color difference to see at night, focus “.

on e generation driving more product details, can click to view cloud network hunting after the “of the activities.

in the generation of driving information recommendation on the speed and accuracy, e generation of driving technology background is similar competitors also more reliable. Hunting cloud network editor gentleman looking for generation of drivers in chaoyang wangjing area, 5 minutes to get the response. In addition to rely on technology, e generation growing driver driving the team, and also its audit mechanism about adhering to the strict driver. All posts driver, must have at least 5 years of driving experience, and will take part in the training and exam, pass rate of qualified controlled within 30%.

the market pain points, dig improved, more important is the improved optimization to the limit, this is the first step in the startup to ensure their status.

wide accumulate grain: infection with community service team, with culture user community

simply, broader food was on the basis of deep holes, strengthen the building of service team, expanding the user base, enhance the viscosity of the developer products. In this regard, e generation of driving to do stand out.

first, e drive built generation drivers community, through offline driver party, launched on the driver’s monthly, published letter of drivers, driving feeling of life experience and so on; Online has established the driver communication BBS, convenient driver real-time communication feedback, ideas, share experiences. This reminds hunting cloud network editor jun of foreign well-known application Lyft take a taxi. Foreign overlord of taxi application is undoubtedly the Uber more than $18 billion, while Lyft with “strong driver community culture” (organization offline activities, car perfume, car suspension of pink of bearded marks, etc.) embodies the driver, a taxi infection with the user.

second, when set up the enterprise image, e generation drive also launched a lot of seemingly “artificial” standard. Such as the setting for the drivers 12 points of integral system, which points caused by errors or customer complaint, will affect the future development of the driver and the future. A well experienced drivers in the e generation before the issue of the journal and colleagues to share their experiences, talked about a very interesting thing: although he accepts the user’s exceptional a tip, but insist on to the customer change. Even one yuan, also don’t careless. In his view, the serious on pay the fare, you can really win the user’s heart.

don’t look down upon the role of community and cultural idea, under the condition of close price, technology, who let users feel more intimate, more humanized and more with high quality, who can firmly win the user’s heart. This is a precious intangible assets of startup, is the foundation for a startup project word-of-mouth.

slow king: low profile not make public, financing is not too much, against the undead upon

to keep a low profile, the result does not make widely known for startups, is a kind of virtue is a umbrella. No result when it’s low-key, composed layout. E drive within three years of generation of drivers users rose to 40000, the Beijing area generation driving order ChanMengZeng from 200 to 50000, the whole process little media attention. This is not only for their won the praise, “pragmatic” once more small business won the critical period of development. It is worth noting that the e generation driving CEO jia-jun Yang I acted very low-key, never before this round of financing accept any media interview. Even after the financing of a celebrity, e generation driving only invited several science and technology, including hunting cloud network media.

talk of cooperation, and 58 city jia-jun Yang is a very worth note: “e generation driving could get more money, but we know how the money is not a good thing, will be enough. Even the 58 city also think we take too little.” Many entrepreneurs believe that financing as far as possible to take much more, but more money does not necessarily is a good thing. Cloud network editor jun has compiled too much hunting article points out the quantity “financing” the adverse consequences. Excessive financing, for example, will increase the burden of return for investors, will distract the leadership in the core business decisions, even will let the team actively strive to become the love of ease, muddle along.

although e generation driving over 58 city, but they have no choice and giant “against”. E generation driving stressed he was not short of money, but it is under the condition of “peace”. When a niche market “, “hegemony between feudal lords, entrepreneurs learn to assess the situation, the ingenious use of their relationship with the giant, while maintaining full independence, to” cool “with his back leaning against a big tree. That would explain why e generation drive to fend off the attack of the 58 city, but accepted the 58 city investment. However, careful you must be found, 58 city investment accounts for only 7.8% e generation driving the company’s shares.

3 years, valuation of $250 million, in the era of is now a “god”, not is a miracle. Valuable is that the startup called e generation driving in obscurity, with their own “arm of gladiator” secure the 58 city “chariot”. E generation driving CEO jia-jun Yang put it all boils down to one sentence: “the mystery of the startups overcome giant, we know only is a life. Giant can die a lot of business, and we have to put all your eggs in one basket “.

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