Drops a taxi to raise $700 million m, fast “strong-arm reaction be far behind?

(word/qing nan)

a taxi fierce domestic mobile market, high above the noise of a. Drops a taxi announced yesterday afternoon, the company to obtain a new round of more than $700 million in financing, dominated by temasek, DST, tencent’s investment. A number that is beyond the most when the domestic IPO financing amount, of course, there are a listing on the Thursday evening to devoted to a stranger.

in fact, this time the financing in the early months before the media exposure has leaked, at that time he said D round of $700 million in financing, valuation of about $3.5 billion. From the point of the contrast, the financing amount of basic right.

drops, founder and CEO chengwei said, after this round of funding will continue to adhere to the company “mobile Internet, make travel more beautiful” mission, to continue to cultivate Chinese users mobile travel habits, consolidate existing business leadership, strengthen product development, and the expansion of new business.

according to the company previously disclosed information, the company’s vision is to create a vivid travel platform, which covers the city taxi business, car business, logistics, intelligent mobile retail, public transportation and other services. So far, the business is mainly car rental, car belongs to starting new business in August.

drops announced the round background a taxi is the global leader Uber just announced last Friday in the application to raise $1.2 billion m, valuations have surged to $40 billion; Malaysia’s fledgling softbank GrabTaxi also won $250 million in financing, valuation of more than $1 billion, performed the crazy.

in terms of domestic, through the early capital driven by money war, a taxi cab markets have been fully shuffle, drops and quickly has become the two major players. However, the two companies behind respectively on two giants tencent and ali, in under the strategic emphasis on connection, O2O, drops and still plays an important role of speakers.

according to analysys international, in the year to June, quick take a taxi to the proportion of 53.57% occupied domestic market share a taxi APP first, followed by drops. Drops, and in this sense, the “money war” between will keep for a long time.

in fact, about the financing of fast rumors have for some time. In October, the company has said that earlier this year has been completed C round of financing, investors, such as alibaba, ehi, but did not disclose the specific amount. Believe that the drops the publication of the new round of funding, quick formally announced time is not far away.

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