Driverless cars “yesterday, today and tomorrow”

the concept of “self-driving cars” were once very popular in the popular culture. Every child after 80 to “car people” and “knight rider” knight rider “unforgettable. Today, all this is no longer a fantasy. In the next five years, you will be able to buy a car can automatically carry you through the car on the motorway. Of course, want to let your baby car into a robot capable of fraud or to stand up when there are criminals, estimates that still have some difficulties. It is conceivable that want to make a car truly automatic and intelligent up still has a long way to go.

in the United States, the national highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA) is a list of five kinds of automatic driving a car. The lowest grade level is 0. Level 0 car refers to people who have no automatic stability control system. Advanced automated driving again after the car to be able to tell it in the destination is no need for human control, this belongs to the category 4. You might think that 4 car now is still very rare, indeed. So level 3 car may be more in line with your imagination: level 3 car means that in some specific cases of automatic driving vehicle, such as high bearing bike trail during peak hours.

a few weeks ago Tesla announced that they will implement automated driving cars. This news let its supporters cheered. But in fact what car to be driving in the industry is not automatically innovation. Concerns more friends would know about cars, Benz, Volvo, audi and other brands have similar products, is ready, only owe “the relevant provisions of the implementation of”.

autopilot car already budding

in the past, all seem to pure a lot: the car is just a car. It is a machine composed of wheels, engine and so on, people through the pedal, joystick, and the wheels to control it. The communication between cars and car is confined to turn signals, of course when serious is in the way it is possible that through the window of a rude gesture. Later, semiconductor is becoming more and more cheap, fast and strong, also attract the attention of the auto industry. All kinds of electronic devices begin to penetrate the car: we like to efficient, replace the carburetor gasoline injection system; For example, for the sake of safety, anti-lock braking system (ABS) is also used in the car.

in 1995, the electronic stability control (ESC) systems, the lead is Benz S series. Car with ESC system can continuous monitoring of the owner of the driving records and cars drive by the direction of the match. If the gap is too large, the ESC will of individual driving wheel brake moves, let everything is back to normal. Stability control system is effective in reducing accident, so in the end of 2011, the United States and the European Union requires all the vehicles to install the system.

as a result, ABS and traction control system has become a big characteristic, also means that as long as you are now on the market to buy the car will monitor the direction of the car, not only can monitor whether individual driving wheel speed is too fast because of out of control, or because the brake and isn’t at all. However, these all kinds of safety auxiliary measures for self-driving car did not go far enough. They can only in an emergency when the accident happened to the vehicle deceleration. Recently we found a new thing – electronic wire control throttle device. This device is amazing, can sense when driving environment and make a analysis, concludes that the where to go. Very cow.

car “eyes” and “ears”

we can find that most let vehicles surrounding environment perception technology is already exist. Use on the audi A8 “adaptive cruise control technology” is a combination of light sensors, radar and ultrasonic sensors, prevent the vehicle driving away from the direction, can also detect car distance to avoid collision with other vehicles. And image recognition software can detect the Numbers on the speed limit signs to remind the driver. Ten years ago, all this is science fiction, but now become a reality, and is just the beginning of a great era. I want to in the near future, the sensor will become more advanced, can tell you is by no means confined to the vehicle the surrounding environment.

now have a question: what do we want to car signal what data?

Sean Gallagher experience time, earlier this year found that V2V function between the car and the car can be communication, on the road to warn of potential danger. V2V based on 802.11 p communication, the requirement to the wifi is used in the 5.9 GHz 75 MHZ band. 802.11 p allows instant communication, no need to set up a network connection before broadcast messages, this let V2V in security special. After all, if the dangerous accident happens, you have to need waved hands to inform others, for those who are in this hangs by a thread, is not a good solution. Considering there is no requirement of visual pathway, the future V2V may look at the corner.

the cars on the “cloud”

there are more and more cars in the configuration of the fourth generation mobile communication system, mainly because the owners were streaming media service demand. Passenger entertainment for some people may be insignificant, but keep your car can constantly receive the navigation systems of the latest data will make it even more. Maybe you also like me, feel alone or a built-in GPS devices is too weak. If so, then you must also love such as Google maps or Waze such application, to provide the latest real-time data. And if you have to update the data real time car, maybe we’ll have to put aside these applications without hesitation, back in the car’s navigation system. This advanced data presentation will let you love driving know where you are, even can predict the next road conditions.

for any human, when driving navigation data so full, it is very enough. But the reality is very skinny, if combined with GPS, it is hard to achieve automatic car driving the required precision (civilian GPS accuracy was 95%, the confidence interval of 7.8 meters). So, in order to implement automatic car driving, need a map of high resolution, and must be accurate. Accurate means to keep pace with The Times. Google says it is difficult, but Nokia, are ready, say they have the potential.

so, Nokia HERE platform began a large project: with the traditional method of the 21st century with equipped with a large number of sensor and GPS vehicle detection and mapping was carried out on the streets. Used this approach to map out the machine can recognize, but can not see people. In addition to providing map data used HERE platform car, Nokia will also control their data in order to realize the real-time update. All HERE in the car will be real time signal, the “report” actual conditions, such as the direction, road signs, can accurate to a few centimeters, quite powerful. So, they are updated in real time.

the Nokia has an idea: launch the power of “the masses”. Based on cloud services HERE car chief Vladimir Boroditsky, in order to make automatic driving car to stop playing “heart” on the road, they plan to take advantage of all online vehicle data collected work out a reasonable way of driving, then through software “training” car to drive themselves. This sounds seems to depend on spectrum.

light self-driving cars of the future?

the carmaker is positive. They seek cooperation with tech giants such as Qualcomm and Nvidia, trying to build an intelligent system, can let the car their perception to the nearby environment and to react. Qualcomm’s vice President for the sensor fusion say enough confidence. He said: “with developed more and more sensors, sensor fusion must be strong. And we can hold these Snapdragon processor, is able to handle such a large amount of data very quickly.” Meanwhile, Nvidia prototypes K1 is audi and Tesla automatic car driving core “brain”.

as if all this is the so-called “vaporware”. Mercedes as early as a few months ago in the road test S series of automatic driving. In Sweden, Volvo S60 also launched automated driving. Tesla is unwilling also lonely, early last month have also launched their self-driving cars, and signaled the Tesla Model S have hardware is complete, ready to go.

maybe we will see the wonderful future automatic vehicle event, they are in different ways a try. Recently, audi RS7 in German famous competitive lanes in Hockenheim. Did the car was completed in two minutes the whole circle, a top speed of 149 MPH. The whole process of no manipulation.

Google self-driving car has finally come out. Though this car is very different, no steering wheel and pedals, and installed a camera device on the roof. Under the Google contrast, Tesla, audi, Benz and Volvo in physical differences are not so big.

in this paper to improve all the car reached the NHTSA standard level 3. NHTSA is such a definition: the three levels of self-driving car can in certain circumstances let the owner not to meet the need of driving the main operation, the car can make a judgment and adjust their own, but in some extreme cases, still need to owner recovery manipulation. For equipped with adaptive cruise system secondary self-driving vehicles, car owners don’t have special frequently to pay attention to road conditions. Is a recent interesting experiments, and an automatic driving the audi, capable of detecting inside the car when your eyes are open. If you shut for too long, car will warn you. So, even if can automatic driving, also don’t expect to get in your car to sleep?

according to Volvo government affairs director Anders, according to the technology already quite mature, the Swedish company plans by 2017 100 cars on the road test. Now is more important at the moment, he said, is how to put the technology into practice and to live in harmony with the existing infrastructure. Secondly, how to make these automated driving car in harmony with other human driving car is also very important, after all the way there are many other type of user. The third level of Volvo self-driving car will soon come out and start selling in the next ten years.

the Audi to be more optimistic about situation, they told us the head of the according to their plan, by 2017 there will be the third level of the Audi self-driving car to the market. Audi spokesman Brad Stertz formally announced its integrated driver assistance processors or zFAS will use NVIDIA K1 super computer use CES 2014 released a new chip. “Our preliminary development work with 192 nuclear K1 chip research and development at the same time, to make the technology more quickly into practical use.”

is this legal?

these predictions that sounds is very good, but there is traffic control factors is also had to be taken into account. Without legal permission, no one can own a flying car is likely to hit the road. What science and technology, have already is not a problem. Such technology can car on the road is a problem. nullnullnullnullnull

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