Dr. Chen to join millet, investment and operating as a vice President in charge of the content

just say goodbye to the long time, sina’s chief editor, Chen tong, rival around the whereabouts of the next finally in today with the final result, next homes is millet company after rumors that quite a lot.

today, Dr. Chen with millet company unveiled its new identity is vice President of millet, the future will be mainly responsible for the content of the millet investment and operations.

it is known that Dr. Chen enter the millet will first focus on the rapid development of television content, because of its influence in China’s Internet media also makes the industry of millet content have more looking forward to it.

lei jun also announced on weibo, millet plan first took out a $1 billion investment content industry, is in the charge of Dr. Chen. Dr. Chen will with millet wang chuan co-founder, first of all to shoulder millet and millet TV box task of the construction of the video content.

, lei jun said millet platform does not directly produce a large amount of content, have more to do with partners to grow together, the first $1 billion will focus on video content into the TV box.

Dr. Chen has 17 years experience in sina, sina is the “hardcore” veteran, created the portal sina, sina 10 years development course plays an extremely important and irreplaceable role.

for millet today, is a successful entrepreneurial company, relying on cost-effective products like mobile phones, TV and tablet have captured a large number of users. In less than five years’ time shipments has the third highest, have soared in value. The latest news, according to the company in the approach, a new round of financing valuation is expected to exceed $40 billion.

in the future, lei jun already set of hardware, software and services for millet iron triangle development pattern, in hardware, beautiful MIUI basic market after stand firm, then the content and the link of service is build up the millet greater business opportunities. That Chen tong, rival or really touched. After all, millet other executives, and technology or product is more need such a veteran Chen tong, rival to complement each other.

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