Dr. Chen to join millet first action: allied youku to buy shares

last week announced the introduction of Dr. Chen and setting up special content after the investment fund, millet was quickly identified the first capital USES and external cooperation.

today, millet company announced with youku potato group capital and business aspects of strategic cooperation, aims to promote more screen culture entertainment ecosystem strategy. The two sides will be carried out in the field of Internet video content and the depth of the technical cooperation, research and development of common video broadcast technology such as mobile end, millet company to investment and youku potatoes in the homemade contents and joint production, close cooperation between the production and distribution.

due to the situation changes, subject to the regulation of the state administration of radio, millet, millet, TV box are in urgent need of video content support, therefore, having the original Chen tong, rival sina editor to join the company, and took out $1 billion to invest content. Media reports yesterday said the millet is discuss the investment iQIYI and youku, among them, with iQIYI investment amount or $300 million, with youku in capital operation mainly through the secondary market to buy shares.

with millet published today, the first capital operation finally unveiled in terms of content. The content of the cooperation will make youku potatoes self-control for millet series hardware products provide strong support, enhance the user viscosity, improving the user experience, promote economy.

millet company also plans to buy youku potatoes from the open market stock, the two sides jointly funded research and development of the Internet application technology, in youku tudou user-generated content, production, distribution and film and television programme production, the two sides in the conference announced that the first cooperation content for youku homemade reality show “the male god goddess”, potatoes, large section image “potato” brand activities, such as the choice of “youth”.

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