Dr. Chen began to spend money? Pass a $300 million stake in love in the investment of youku

from the first financial daily, author: Helen

$1 billion millet for Dr. Chen, “gift” is the first place: in the first echelon iQIYI and youku video potatoes (hereinafter referred to as the “optimal soil”) two sites.

close to the deal for the “first financial daily” reporter an exclusive, according to the baidu wholly owned iQIYI, is the first introduction of major shareholders, millet to its investment amount is about $300 million, baidu about the same order of magnitude of additional investment at the same time; Unlike iQIYI strategic stake, millet or will be purchased in the secondary market stock optimal soil, the amount is expected to be in the tens of millions of dollars. The two transactions will be officially announced in the near future.

the millet, optimal soil, love in the response to the investing public.

content industry “vital”

people familiar with the matter said to the reporter, the two investments have basic finalize before induction Chen tong, millet. In fact, in October this year, baidu is “ding LuZhongYuan” and “lei jun is” Beijing wall-e have participated in the 2 billion co-sponsored by the film and television will increase this year.

it is important to note that for about $300 million stake in iQIYI, this is millet was the biggest investment in four years. Why gave iQIYI?

after millet chairman lei jun says, the entire content industry of millet, millet, millet mobile phone box, TV including millet tablet is a great event of life and death. “Otherwise, we do manual work is such a good TV, but we are not rich content, the consumer complaints is very big, so, solve the problem of content has become a millet the immediate problem.”

this behind, millet “dream” sitting room once runs smooth.

millet box when launched by license by the state administration of radio emergency stop, then find the licence CNTV alongside the body “coming back to life”.

it also once hit stolen by “gun”. Last year and this year, millet has been hunan satellite TV, optimal soil, Letv against infringement.

although the amount of compensation lawsuit is not big, but put forward a serious problem for millet. Suppose millet box and TV content supports, then back to traditional TV, weak market competition. Especially in the pattern of video sites has been basically established, and department of radio, film and television issued continuously the violations of normative documents on TV box tightly regulated, millet without a ray of video content support, it is difficult to the box and on television, and millet ecosystem is difficult to build up.

“Internet companies need to ensure that content is not illegal, on the basis of finding their respective point of competition.” Internet commentators keso, said Dr. Chen to control the content on the one hand experience or find a balance between the two.

after and find the right person is responsible for the content, vast amounts of video content resource and Internet TV licences, millet investment in the love and best important purpose of soil.

a source to our reporter revealed that, in fact, baidu also interested in a stake in millet, millet in love, art, may simply be baidu with millet nation began to move.

video system competition intensified

after a shareholder iQIYI and optimal soil, millet “one pace reachs the designated position” for the domestic one of the most abundant video content, and curve to obtain the license.

in licence ways, in July 2012, iQIYI with the central people’s broadcasting station, jiangsu TV, such as jointly set up the galaxy interconnection, and optimal soil this year to 50 million yuan investment licence party China guangdong party, curve to get the licence.

but from the point of video content resources, whether iQIYI or optimal soil, in the film and television industry chain upstream and downstream of the layout is not slow.

iQIYI “local tyrants type” investment in 2014:200 million yuan to buy into homemade variety and guaranteed $300 million. Love in the marketing conference in 2015 released are running at four super net play, including a single set of 5 million into the grave notes. Not long ago, love in the joint venture with China policy, film and television, China policy love in the film and television company established, the company aims to provides the high quality for the love in the series, variety and diverse Internet content, as well as the surrounding IP related content for the game, electricity, etc derivatives development work.

and optimal in the soil after years of development, from the UGC (user generated content), PGC (partners) to user-generated content to set up this year and pictures, the goal is also to all the value chain of the film industry, with the thinking of O2O builds multiple screen culture entertainment ecological system.

in iQIYI and optimal soil, millet advantages in the field of mobile Internet and ranked third in the global mobile phone sales, will also bring iQIYI and optimal soil big bonuses.

this newspaper the reporter understands, this is the main body of investment transactions millet and iQIYI, millet in mobile content recommendation will also give iQIYI “priority support”, after completion, millet as the second largest shareholder, iQIYI will also most likely iQIYI into millet filling. With millet nearly hundred million beautiful MIUI users, China’s first, the influence of the world’s third largest mobile phone manufacturer, will directly decide the pattern of mobile video market.

in addition, millet, another partner optimal soil denounce is gigantic endowment from the Netherlands to sole proprietors scored the TheVoiceKids (good sound young edition) “program mode of copyright, on the television, the show will be held in terminal such as exclusive TV box millet, millet, optimal soil in return for millet, ensure optimal soil exposed in the deal. Also eventually formed the millet small stakes in comfort optimal soil, soil cup “millet gruel” situation.

at the same time, around the first echelon iQIYI and optimal soil, from copyright resources to user-generated content to multiple terminals or will become more competitive in many areas.

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