Dozen deathless of jack Bauer, Windows XP “dead” are still in the torture of Microsoft

Windows 8 officially launched in 2012, when Microsoft began an effort to persuade users, let them also made corresponding change. Because to be unfamiliar with new user interface and the operation is slow, so a user to a great extent, responding to critical this Windows 8 system, and Windows 7 itself does not exist any problems. In fact, two years later, the Windows 7 system is still far ahead of Windows 8, but with the latest software update, finally began to users to new Microsoft operating system.

, according to the latest data from StatCounter Windows8.1 in August this year, with 7.46% of the market share of more than the Windows system, has become the fourth most popular operating system. OS X with a 7.82% market share, barely more than a Windows8.1. But this may not be enough to wonder, both all formal options by April defeated the Windows XP operating system.

Windows XP despite falling sharply since last August, but in August it still retains a 12.92% global market share. This means that within a month, Windows XP market share fell by only 1%. At that rate, in the next few months, Windows 9 listed before, whether Windows 8.1 can go beyond the Windows XP operating system is a worth looking forward to the tournament.

, a Russian hackers group WZOR reported

if the upcoming Windows 9 system can through various means to attract the attention of consumers, and help to push users to give up now more vulnerable to malicious attacks Windows XP system, to use more secure systems. If Windows 9 systems such as outlined in the report that the function is all ready, it will be able to bury Windows XP.

until now, Microsoft has just know how to persuade, holds a 50.31% market share of the world’s Windows 7 users to upgrade system…


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