Download the Status, the cell phone information can be automatically “seconds back” girlfriend

at times, your phone will not work, such as when driving, or during the meeting.

and then, your girlfriend, boyfriend, or lover is trying to contact you on the phone. You are certainly not received a phone call, so they will guess two cases, either you don’t want to ignore them, or you lost.

in fact, your mobile phone to learn more about the truth. After all, through its internal all sensors, and generate the corresponding data, it may be able to accurately understand your condition. Hee hee, if it really can help, wouldn’t it be great?

yes, the Status of this iOS/Android applications, it is to meet this demand.

to be honest, the Status is a bit like recently developed AIM offline messages, but the former is automatic. Or is it more like automated version of tweet, tweet more then focused on telling people what “you” busy, not ridicule each other and jokes about current event hot spot content.

simple, Status through a large amount of data calculated your state, then automatically fine share this information to your friends list.

at home, at work, or in the you often go to a place on a regular basis? Status through geo fence (and even on the wireless network) access to information to confirm, and you will automatically state is set to “in [* * (position)]”. And if your position cannot be its recognition, it will show “walking out”.

when driving? The Status can be set to looking for the bluetooth interface. And, once found, (of course at that time the car in operation), it make judgments “you’re driving”, and set your status accordingly.

in the meeting? First of all, you have to let the Status to access your schedule, then it will automatically remind those who are calling you, let them know that you have arranged unable to answer.

almost no electricity? The Status will be notified.

of course, this information, you don’t want to spread the word, and this is why the Status to cling to the fine careful friends list. The fact is that it is not just to imitate tweets. Friends to use, you need to confirm them one by one, to ensure their share status with the right people, even in the circle of friends can always choose “stealth”.

this app also across the iOS and Android two application platform, and each have each characteristic. The core of the former, thanks to the iOS 8 dynamic program, whether in detecting on the driving and riding a bicycle, and so on situation, outthink.

at the same time, the latter can do such as status updates to some of the dialer wonders. Therefore, if a friend to contact you when your phone will not work, he installed the app will automatically pop up a reminder.

! Based on light characteristics, Status as a substitute for cross platform is a good way to Find My Friends this application. Tap someone’s status, come out a map, and then you can track to his position update.

of course, if you know the Agent, the logic, the Status and some similar with it. Agent through the use of mobile phone data to extend battery life and remember the parking location, and so on. And their Status with the improvement of social life.

there are ah, you may not know is that the Status and the Agent is developed with a batch of people. Moreover, compared to the Agent in the Google Play store appearance, seems to be the Status more attention now.

so far, I use the Status almost a week. But as a result of this app is not listed, I can only use it with application developers to share information. But I still like it very much, because it is well-designed, clean and easy to use interface, and do what you promised.


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