Douban, literary youth of taobao

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mentioned douban, you first think of is watercress watercress music, reading, movies, they constitute the core of douban and signs, with their unique characteristics to attract a large number of literature youth, make its development has become the first choice for users to emotional communication, with a strong literary youth. But, a lot of people suspect, to its existing business mode, how to be able to feed more than 400 employees, carrying 70 million urban youth large community interest in social life?

in June, jingdong, gome and dangdang, Tmall mainstream electric merchants began to promotion, have used the opportunity for product promotion. Like taobao, “help me search” is intended to help users comparison to find same let users the most satisfied with the items most valuable, attracted a large number of users. Under this trend, gradually douban to electricity was to be expected.

the emergence of the “thing” is the result of douban community a lot of discussion on traveling and living with watercress in 380000 in the group, and the shopping is directly related to the group of more than 20000, is one of the largest category in the team. Have a “thing”, users will find the good things in life by buying decisions, recommendations and evaluation help other feelings in literature and art taste and pleasure.

douban “stuff” in simple terms is to guide users, users can register their own account to share or experienced things that oneself like, every thing has a picture, price, and comment on information, let more users find suits own good things. The classification of the “stuff” involved widely, including clothing, accessories, digital products, household products and so on more than one category. Every “thing” has to purchase link, the user you like can directly purchase. Douban “stuff” support from taobao, jingdong, cat day, 1 shop, amazon, and other website commodity link sharing and graphic comment at home and abroad, selected high quality items.

but watercress and other buy electric business platform is slightly different, his biggest characteristic is to find good goods by UGC. Decentralization, editors not to interfere in user uploaded content, guide and douban things as electricity is refusing to pure businessman sales behavior, also is the camouflage users not douban things.

as douban join mall, there are a number of netizen “even started to sell” douban, originally the little fresh douban has entered the era of national electricity. Also some netizens question has a mushroom street, beautiful said buy two sites, why with a foot douban? Actually, watercress development has entered a bottleneck period, from the beginning of douban, douban reading books to douban films, the commercialization of douban seems to have been want to break through the bottleneck. To successfully achieve commercialization, introduce essential to electric business is profitable. Douban admits that book video is just a part of life, people for food and living with the material such as line to discuss requirements we also can’t meet very well.

douban “stuff” online, watercress life discovery service is finally complete. Douban “thing” is now in its infancy, various aspects is not very mature, as a new product is still a long way to go. As long as the stick to your idea, continuous innovation, how to listen to your users, you can go further.

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