Don’t worry about competition, “open” startups will eventually win

cloud network hunting note: startup “sealed management” should be taken for safety? Closed system not only proved the failure, and light up the red light. For technology start-ups, take a completely public policy is more meaningful than ever before: bring trust transparency; Collaboration innovation; Separation of empowerment.

science and technology enterprise members asked “compared with the open system, the advantages of the closed system where is it?” , most of them will mention such a word: security. Technology has for years been circulated this truth: closed systems rarely corruption, therefore, their safety can be guaranteed, and those with full disclosure for the idea to establish the system of is another matter.

however, in recent months, the concept of closed safer was ruthlessly subversion. Users before the main concern is to avoid their confidential information to hackers or other foreign invaders, and now as the internal institutions, governments, and other powerful, users also gradually realize the importance to protect the security and privacy of personal information.

in the United States, after Edward snowden away the plan of the national security agency, this trend intensified.

at the same time, as the world’s highest rate and one of the most great closed system – apple, also appeared such signs. Up to yan zhao door warning us the importance of multiple authentication.

so, closed system not only proved the failure, and bright red. For technology start-ups, take a completely public policy is more meaningful than ever before: bring trust transparency; Collaboration innovation; Separation of empowerment.


transparent equals trust

to avoid a financial collapse, due to economic abuse and GMI, a rating agency, released a year 100 most trustworthy company. Its position is trust from the transparency, even if the news is bad, the company in the list also allows shareholders to know in time, thereby reducing the uncertainty of investors, to a large extent, it also makes the share price is more stable.

that year, deng xiaoping put forward the “science and technology is the first productive force”. And now, the technology is judged with drug industry in today’s most deceptive. And what this means is that technology start-ups from ripe to stand out in a closed system, adopt open this decision for investors and customers completely can yet be regarded as a coup.

this may means to provide more performance and financial data, advance planning good long-term goals (or, more flexible, more worth watching measures), also need to take the initiative to inform mistakes or near misses. From this point of view, I think it is seems to be a headache, but over the long term, it will strengthen the relationship between the company and investors or customers.


collaboration innovation

in recent years, most people talk about some of the startup if not do data disclosure, will not survive. Wikipedia is a clear example of the same case and Waze acquired by Google in 2013. Waze traffic information submitted by users to recommend the quickest route, and also according to user’s route update at any time. Imagine if Waze is your release these information rather than using both free and collaboration mode with infinite power, so how much will reduce efficiency?

investors in IFTTT (If – This – Then – That such companies are also under a big bet, bet on the future will depend on the internal connection and many public interaction platform and equipment. When many technical innovation company considering how to fight, get it and then take charge for it, IFTTT is strategic positioning themselves as the upcoming iot platform.

in September, the savvy and long-term strategy for the company won a $30 million investment. Imagine, if the company follow the closed, the mainstream of vertical integration mode, establish a only to IFTTT certification facilities work platform, the result would be like? Early may achieve some success, but it will inevitably be replaced by a more open provider.

due to the choice of interference is more open, not a closed system is safe.

even if such closed giant Microsoft now also to recognize the value of resources open collaboration, recently announced that the open server port net framework, at the same time will it to the Mac and Linux. Startups make “human wall”, such as the sole partner or limit, most likely herald signed his own death in the book. Apple is a successful exceptions, but history suggests that is not friendly cooperation technology will lag behind others, because of the collaborative innovation is its “shielding” in full swing, and it is blissfully unaware.

, for example, if apple decided to declare the competition in virtual reality, it will have to struggle alone, the samsung (or Android operating system), the Oculus Rift (or Facebook) and the virtual reality of network developers in the world will be united front, hand in hand.

those who feel completely is “irreplaceable” company only need to look at the list of long list to choose from, some is considered the most institutionalized service agencies in recent years also appears in the list, the currency to replace the traditional currency, household 3 d printing instead of the traditional manufacturing process. Now Hong Kong Firechat can help protesters around the Internet service provider. Due to the choice of interference is more open, hardly a closed system is absolutely safe.

the separation of equal empowerment

as for Waze, imagine if it take charge to the user submits information mechanism, so, it will face what kind of dilemma? Commercial real estate is doing this for years. The largest information provider ACTS as is the world’s commercial real estate listing monopoly of information transmission, by asking their brokers and agencies to collect the information they area, and then integrate the information provided to people in need, and charge a fee to them.

now selection of free and open information platform of threatening the existence of already long established information provider, want to come and take it for granted.

Internet ignored an important factor in commercial real estate industry: the Internet can let all of us become strong. In the world of Google, encyclopedia salesman is, you don’t need to rely on private information of enterprises must have its sell-by date.

if you are the innovation of the enterprise on the basis of other companies can also be collected and free leaked information to build out its business model, then, you will be looking forward to will soon will happen. If you still can survive difficult? Are you really want to stand out?

choose depends on yourself, to give up is also the selection

the company business philosophy is to choose a fully open or closed? Best time is in the company set up the first few months. For a select closed mode at first, and then select open mode, it is going through a tough time to change the company culture, and risked being those earlier open competitors to take market risk.

what’s worse, the company in the industry there is almost inevitable. In early supporters clique over the years has been designed for Makerbot contribute, Makerbot suddenly weaken its open-source 3 d printing hardware.

if you must choose a, open for technology startups should be a wise choice. These new ventures represents a rare opportunity to like apple or SONY decades ago to establish the deployment of a successful vertical control strategy. When it comes to relationships, innovation, and eliminate competition, in order to ensure that you have a place in the future, you should do is most by theory of completely open.

campus politics still apply here: each bosom secret can’t make friend, not arbitrary road.

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