Don’t spend a penny, just plug and keep the cell phone camera change to 360 degrees

remember Cycloramic? This is our last year, one of the most popular iOS app.

rotary Cycloramic panoramic camera application does not require any external support, only use iPhone vibrate function can let the iPhone in situ rotating the panoramic photos or video.

and to realize such functions, operation is also easy to get started. Users set good hope rotating Angle first, and then put the phone on the smooth plane, then press start, Cycloramic can make iPhone vibrate at a fixed frequency, to shoot landscape rotating in one spot.

is a very convenient? For many panorama like shooting, and don’t like to carry the heavy tripod and so on equipment, this app is a Gospel, it is no wonder that deny it as last year’s most popular iOS applications.

but after the iPhone 6 listed, new problems, and the

we know that in order to realize Cycloramic automatic rotation of panoramic video function, the key lies in the previous iPhone edge is smooth can erect on the desktop, or you will get the ceiling.

however, the edge of the iPhone 6 is round, which means new iPhone can’t stand on the table! Cycloramic can only shoot a circle the ceiling! Lost so magic felt very sorry and convenient function? Cycloramic can only wait for eliminated?

if you say that you are wrong. It has been proved that can come up with great ideas, of course, also can come up with a brilliant solution.

what’s the trick? Pick up your phone charger, put your phone in between the two plug, OK, problem solved. His hands and can be liberated, and the use of the iPhone 6 automatic rotating shooting panoramic video is no longer a problem! You can lose heavy tripod again.

but in this way to take photos or video is to use the iPhone 5/5 s has the same effect? How to say, there’s always gap. Using the external support iPhone 6, spin is not as flexible as the iPhone before the 5/5 s, and you don’t often think of to carry socket charger, so no matter how there is a negative impact. But no matter how to say this way fooling or saved Cycloramic, also not let a large number of disappointed love Cycloramic iPhone users.


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