Don’t memorizing words: let the word “learning” from the real context

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application APP memorizing words, but having a unique style of the name “not memorizing words”, because they don’t memorizing words is emphasized “learning”, put the words in the context of real learning, rather than a boring “back”. Don’t memorizing words, learning from context immersion method into the market, on the basis of large corpora, through the combination of listening, speaking, reading and writing and word memory applications, for customers with a complete set of English learning back word mobile solutions for a English word learning tools.

back word application market is actually a piece of the red sea. Because of work, the university cet, go abroad, study abroad, memorizing words become people just need a, second, because of memorizing words used threshold low, memorizing words APP keeps increasing, the market for scallop words, its word, the word cut, rubik’s cube show many application of memorizing words, but feel these apps generally use a string of matrix way, let the user isolated memorizing words, dull, and the user’s spot is on the basis of memorizing words, words rich learning method, which extends out of a set of listening, speaking, reading and writing words learning solutions.

in memorizing words application market, intense competition that memorizing words and follow what logic model, can be applied in memorizing words emerge from the red sea? Specific analysis is as follows:

the first is the real context learning mode. Using context immersion learning don’t memorizing words, every word is equipped with multiple examples, most of these examples from audiobooks, TV drama, celebrity speech, interesting stronger content such as Europe and America songs, can let users in addition to remember the spelling words, also can put the word in the sentence to understand the specific meaning and usage of different scenarios. Word range including junior middle school, high school, cet, toefl and ielts, optional category is very broad, in selected after learning function, the system automatically screen take 20 words for group, by recognizing learning methods to distinguish formation, and don’t know is emphasized repeatedly the memory method.

second, not memorizing words large-scale corpus system. Don’t memorizing words system of instrumental, in fact, another product from and its linkage “to think yi lang”. Lang is easy to listen and not memorizing words data synchronization, lang easy to hear there is a lot of English articles, the user can in easy to listen to listen to the sentences in the article, and to read. Based on the data synchronization, lang to si yi can be collected from the Internet courses automatically, based on the time axis punctuate, based on the original participles, automation, accumulation of large-scale corpus, let the words and sentences can be interactive learning.

don’t memorizing words based product logic, founder Xu Weihua hunting cloud network interview a description of the image, “the word memory for points, for example is the line, by lang easy to listen to the middle series, form a closed-loop mobile end words learning, it is not the core concept of memorizing words.”

don’t memorizing words system and a characteristic, namely dynamic wallpaper, import the learning situation. Remember the words itself is boring meaningless things, it is a good way to study after a long time also can produce visual fatigue. But every time open don’t memorizing words is a kind of new experience: the system automatically change dynamic wallpaper, cooperate in conformity with the wallpaper content words, will you quickly into the learning situation, translucent interface and a unique font, bring a whole new experience to the user, not memorizing words it’s worth taking the time to precipitate.

don’t memorizing words based novel pattern, not memorizing words products launched less than a year, the cumulative activated users 1 million person-time, active users 10. Talked about is not the success of memorizing words, Xu Weihua, “as a 70 after IT enthusiasts, focus on the development trend of the Internet, starting from the user experiences and humanized layout is the key factor don’t memorizing words gradually recognized.”

at the moment, not memorizing words is A round stage. Xu Weihua told hunting cloud network, “after the financing, will increase the intensity of product marketing, instrumental constantly improve products, at the same time increase the UGC social function, cultivate cohesive user, in the future business model will integrate with the teaching profession gradually, to explore solutions.”

don’t memorizing words

company: Beijing ace cool technology co., LTD.


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