Don’t make, I am a designer I can’t do a CEO?

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recently interviewed a kick-ass glittering PM, a question to ask me one leng, you are not a designer? How can you do a CEO? I depend, industrial inner thread on the spot, I’m a designer how not to do the CEO? Recall a VC months ago seen, also asked the same question, you are not a designer? Why are you doing to the CEO? I more hope that this problem is to ask you for what is the core value of the CEO, rather than add a designer premise, to ask why the designer can do the CEO.

words do the CEO is very simple, after 60 uncle can, youth can be after 80, 00 after small p hai can, Aries, Sagittarius, type O blood can, and AB blood can also, elite school, primary school didn’t graduate can also, the turtle can, gully channel can also, corporate executives can, also can to migrant workers. How can adjust group a team can do CEO, designer, of course, also can do the CEO. Just want to discuss, CEO of background is as a designer, the value of exactly what happens?

first of all, let’s take stock designers from ceos

no. Kevin springer: Jing. FM + Blink, the CEO of


left hand, right hand jing, he is Kevin springer, this is 36 kr description of his two sticky business, proved that his background as a designer keen and tonal.

Kevin start studying classical piano at the age of four, she entered the central academy of music. Founded at the end of 2008 Koocu music network, developed in 2012 Saylikes music network. Jing. FM is the third time he’s working, design is concise, clear and free from vulgarity, using random combination of natural language keywords to find music, and friends can follow music preferences. This account for my music world at the time for a long time, because really a lot of time listening to music is a kind of tonal, I often hear is “quiet + girl”, and often follow the be fond of of friends to listen to some songs. Now he introduced instantaneous social applications Blink, tried to cut the micro letter A piece of cake, as usual, concise design, cool, the interaction effect of extreme experience, the details of the on-line 50 days won A $16 million round of funding.

I have to say the success of the Jing and Blink breakthroughs, largely from the design is excellent, but really there is no denying the fact that good design and good user experience, under the link of similar products in the current fierce competition, will let you have more the possibility of winning.

No2 xu-sheng wang: under the kitchen, the CEO of

under the kitchen, the CEO of xu-sheng wang (Tony) is my good friend, and I think most understand product designers, the most understand the user’s CEO. Tony was pioneer UCD field in China, one of the sponsors of early UCDChina, often go to the sermons of the user experience related knowledge in the industry. In 2011 Tony from douban began to do the kitchen, leaving the starting point is very pure, is don’t want to do theory, with a real fuck to prove the value of design. Under the early of the web site of the kitchen, the kitchen of the APP, is Tony personally design, all sorts of small pure and fresh and the van, throughout all recipe APP now, most of them are working properties, for aunt cook reference, and only under the kitchen, is an attractive place for all kinds of small endowment, based on the UGC mode, produced much more special dishes. Under the office of the kitchen, in a gene called meteor garden villa district, in the I prick silk also live in the building, will often go to the kitchen villa ceng rice, each time by all kinds of strange ingredients and carefully baking dishes to shock, is really doing products attentively, diligently in cooking.

under the kitchen is a good design products attentively, began to prove the starting point of the design value, and solve the user’s actual demand, real mining allows users to play, play to the user’s creativity. Has now opened a offline gourmet kitchen studio called “mountains and rivers and Hu Hai” (as their adoption has been meow and a wang’s name), for home-style dishes.

No3 – white crow: pocket CEO

and as a preacher UCDChina China leading white crow, was a standard designers, but not so designers, because he has been to keep thinking and original views of the industry. Someone accused crow fire, because early all day shell products, shelling tencent shelling shelling ali baidu, the clever ali the white crow is collected, make it became ali ali black, so he will no longer attack. After white crow, while doing the design team management work, but the heart is the great task of reunifying the changing industry. So unwilling lonely white crow resolutely leave ali founded, excellent design and experience is impressive, but the enemy does not have the disadvantages of shoppers white crow and find new opportunities to do through the pocket, for the majority of wechat business services. According to some businesses, pockets of experience even better than taobao, but white crow still feel there are a lot of place to improve. Recently saw the logic thinking of moon cakes, micro letter out of the thinking mind is done with pockets in the marketing, and bumps appreciation event, also use pocket embedded in the APP, instantly sold 40 items.

into the pockets of this step white crow, actually has less relationship with design, he has more thinking is the problem of business model, he to me is the same on this judgment, designer or continue to dig his own bar, let more specialized design ability, or developing their own horizontal line, make stronger comprehensive ability, we chose the latter.

no.4 madelung: pull hook network CEO

horse calderon user experience in the industry has a big name, called Banlon, I was his blog, the readers of the journal, Banlon pomelo meaning. Banlon successively in tencent the CDC, the user experience of work done in baidu, unwilling lonely when he was in the baidu launched UXDay of user experience exchange and sharing activities organized many times the user experience. Later go out for a period of time the product, and can continue to play his organization, all the 3 w reward a Internet cafe coffee, make vigorous popular even than the white crow launched a beta coffee, coffee on 3 w and hatching a pull hook net Internet recruitment project. Pull hook net just online In the eye of the original, solve the traditional recruitment conformism many ills, clear and logical function reasonable flow and concise design atmosphere, more commendable is pull hook iteration speed, and a variety of pull hook more understand the Internet marketing. Pull hook won $25 million in financing, valued at $150 million, is to the Internet recruitment industry a shot in the arm. The envy of the many people will jump out to question why pull hook worth so much money, I think there are at least two reasons, it is the team and execution are great, another point is proved ability in Internet field, mode and extend in the field of fan, like, put a needle inserted deeply industry can also worry that it does not force extend scope?

the cow force of the pull hook, certainly not in designer born Banlon one person, but Banlon thorough analysis of the industry, customer pain points of deep mining, organization ability and the resources, do foot set the stage for this matter.

second, let’s talk about the advantage of designers from CEO

inventory so many designers from the CEO, not in order to prove the designer who can do the CEO, as CEO robin li can do not represent code CEO, farmers can do CEO jack ma, can do not represent can do English old wet CEO, zhou can do CEO doesn’t mean all the CEO can be done. Heroes do not ask the source, but want to say rascal don’t ask, don’t age, is anyone can be a good?

but then again, the designer from the CEO also has some advantages, the following content after I say it out, please don’t hit me the designer, facts are facts, thank you for your understanding I laugh at myself.

No1 ass play written well

I have to say, I practice a good ability in baidu, a newbest winky skills is to do a good PPT. Annual summary, after all, once a year, every six months for defense, summed up a quarter of a quarter, a number of years of time sharing activities, and how there is no aesthetic logic no packing, the logic of PPT PPT aesthetic PPT to packing. Here have to thank baidu MUX you PPT great god – jade jie, great grandfather, uncle xu, Liu Jie, He Xin, lily, etc, will also have to mention in particular, PPT is not UE does well, the count of a zhuang VC PPT and industry leaders, for his name is ZhuangMingHao don’t hide your face escaped into the thank you.


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