Don’t know the Car would like to know, the Car take a picture the Capture can identify

cloud network hunting note: Car the Capture that by users to upload photos, identify the brand of Car, model, year, etc. Although the application startup, the accuracy is not high, database is not perfect, but you have to believe it will grow up, then I don’t have to worry about missing the right car in the street.

do you want to buy a car. For this you have done a lot of homework, contrast, discuss with friends on the Internet, pay attention to television advertising… But always can’t find a really like you. One day you walk down the street, suddenly have a car from your side, and then you exclaim: is it! This is what you want!

but you still don’t know what is this model. Don’t worry, you only need to catch up with it, and take a photo, and upload them to the Car the Capture. This is a free application, State Farm, it only takes a few seconds, you can identify the car brand, model, year, and other useful information.

the only problem is that the application of the accuracy rate was only 50%, however, with the improvement of the database and recognition technology, this situation should have obvious difference.

the Car the Capture, the Android and iOS version, the principle is very simple: State Farm to create a picture library, upload pictures of not less than 1000 vehicles, is released after 2000 cars (count of different years models as different vehicles). Unfortunately for love “gran torino” customers, the company did not plan for the old models catalog. Jack’re said in the interview, because “from a practical point of view to consider input and return.” In general, the use of cars in the market of not more than 15 years.

the applications use method is simple: to take pictures and upload to the rear of the Car the Capture using computer vision algorithm, user photos taken with the database of the photos in the feature matching. To the rear of the car photos with contour in comparison to identify, because the rear tend to have more distinctive modelling, and this is the most easy to see you in the parking lot of perspective. After a few seconds, the application displays the vehicle type and year of production, at the same time obtained from the Edmunds (set car sales and car information service website, Edmunds. Com) data, including the vehicle’s safety ratings, of the options available, and consumers’ comments. Of course, and quick access to the premium calculation and State Farm finance read fast links.

the Car the Capture to use such a smart and fun way to allow the users to remember his name, and provide useful information. Unfortunately, it is not accurate. I have uploaded 15 pictures of vehicles, but it only reached 7 the correct information, including the Chevrolet Volt, the range rover sport version of HSE, jeep grand Cherokee, as well as the subaru forester. 8 photo information close to, it is known as the conventional fiat 500 or the 500 Abarth, but the application to confuse a BMW 320 I and 328 I. The Car the Capture is also took a standard Smart Fortwo as upgraded electric Fortwo convertible, and put an audi A4 sedan as two-door roadster A4. Another example, put a subaru WRX owner hatchback recognition into impreza sedan, is drunk. The most funny is that a Volkswagen car configuration big bike rack, this application is that it is audi. Experience with really bad, because most applications did not identify the vehicle, their specific type and name, in fact, they are written in the rear.

but it doesn’t matter! At first, the application is for those who temporarily intend to understand the user of the vehicle, maybe they just want to clear this is the modern or Mazda, the Capture of the simple judgment Car or can be done. Second, this app is reminiscent of Songza, can follow the same operation trajectory: first profound first impression, and then as time went by slowly. State Farm is planning to update the expansion of the database, so we have reason to believe that the Car the Capture will slowly become more intelligent, more accurate.


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