Don’t! I loved the NOKIA of the company

(text/Lin Zhang)

life is like a journey, care about is not the destination, but the scenery along the way and the mood. – to nokia

well there is no way, scenes and village. – to Microsoft

a, NOKIA the company , should not be forgotten in the scenery

has never been so serious like a brand, that love me, love my dog, why? Maybe are based on the industrial design of jing, maybe is a 41 million – pixel touched, or dare not to follow courage. Chose a remote rugged road, no one involved in remote. So all the way scenery is more brilliant.

today, NOKIA, the company has ended its journey, Microsoft the company to undertake a new chapter. The company’s history is also in the future, carrying on the memory of the former and the latter. Now let me take stock in NOKIA, I think that is representative of the company era of mobile phones, they are the company, 800920720925520102, 0152, 0930 and 730.

amazing and sad – NOKIA N9


actually describes the company nokia mobile phone, personal feel it should be mentioned from the N9. It is a representative of the jing and sad, it shows the new nokia smartphone era tied with apple industrial design ability, more laid the foundation the design of the subsequent years the company nokia mobile phones; Published in June 2011 it even by today’s standards, and it is one of the barometer, its first USES 2.5 D arc screen in 2014, today is adopted, enough to prove that the design of forward-looking. Its emergence, let us first surprised to find that the original outside the iPhone can also is a kind of brand-new design, can be so amazing. The unibody design like nature itself, with 2.5 D arc screen and seemed to be floating on the interface former partner icon, in enjoy stunning visual sense to the person at the same time give the impulse of the moment want to go to the slide. All the gestures of simple operation, nokia’s own unique applications, there is no doubt that this is a the hope of mobile phone. But sad, nokia and Microsoft reached a strategic alliance, then announced to give up former partner, comprehensive to WP OS, the swan song of N9 became a former partner. But its amazing design is perfect, and for subsequent classic laid a solid foundation, the nature, the N9 phone industrial design history is doomed to be a part of.


the continuation of the classic, compose a new chapter – the company 800

published in 2011, the company on October 26, 800. It is entirely towards nokia released WP platform after the first flagship machine, continues the N9 jing industrial design, WP 7.5 operating system on collocation, although only a single core, but experience is still flowing, along with exclusive application of nokia and Microsoft, is considered to be the first gun nokia make a comeback, but due to various WP system at that time was short, lead to experience very erratic, application is very lack, nokia does not rely on the company to return to the top 800.

much-anticipated, real innovation – the company 920

on September 5, 2012 published in New York for nokia 920, the company also opened the company nokia mobile phone in a new era of WP 8. It combines nokia innovation, whether PureView technology, and optical image stabilization was incomparable night for capability, or the super sensitive touch of humanity, wireless charging and black nokia urban kaleidoscope of science and technology, the innovation that makes a lot of competitors in the shade. Today, we still can see many vendors to follow the footsteps of the company 920. 920 hit back at nokia had lost the emergence of a strong innovation, it declared okefenokee is well-grounded. 920 is the first of its kind in the nokia mobile phone WP 8 flagship operating system, is to return to the army’s iconic products science and technology innovation. In 2012, in my opinion, it should be worthy of the most innovative representative on the phone’s hardware.

in the end of the machine is the best design – the company 720

the company in 720 is a representative of the nokia models design in the end, although the screen resolution, memory is insufficient, but thanks to WP system features, the company still has 720 flowing experience, f1.9 large aperture of the company with 720 of the night to shoot, more important is it to try again is different from the N9 design language, and successful, well received. Design language of the company in 720 and has continued in 925, the company Lumia1520.

carry burdens, the king of sales – the company 520

the company in 520, as the representative of the company low-end nokia model, though not excellent configuration and industrial design, thanks to WP8 system characteristics, good operating experience, coupled with low price. In the low-end market popular, became the king of the WP sales of be worthy of the name. It also marks the nokia completed WP 8 industry layout. From the bottom to the top 520, 920.

steel, seen above – the company 925

in May 2013, the company issued 925, the continuation of the company 720 design language. And try for the first time in the company models into the metal elements. As the company first with metal frame body phone models. No previous lively colour, but more thin, more simple sense, also have better handle, its model is considered to be in the future the company towards a prelude to a full metal design. The company in 925 in a perfect keep the innovation function of the company 920 6 groups also completed the industry first adopted the Carl Zeiss lenses, make the picture more pure, night take effect is more outstanding, nokia smart filming is to let the company 925 pictures entertainment to the next level. Combined with nokia to classic double-click wake up the screen, and other functions of inheritance and the progress of WP, 925 to make the company more competitive.

image revolution,, die another day the company 1020

on July 11, 2013, has so far been photographed the most powerful smartphones the company 1020 release. The company has the most advanced so far back as 1020 type sensor, with over 41 million pixels, super sampling technique has three times nondestructive zoom capability, optical image stabilization, six groups of Zeiss optics lens, high-fidelity recording, Pro Camera with professional experience, and nokia ultrasensitive technology and wireless charging, tie-in WP 8, 1020 will be the company to new heights, many new software, can make Lumia1020, become the undisputed king of the photo.

new beginning, a – the company 1520

on October 22, 2013, Nokia in ABU dhabi published the company Nokia world conference in 1520. The company published 1520 marks the company entered a new stage. This is the first into the tablet for nokia mobile phones of the battlefield. The company has impeccable hardware – 1520 6 inch at present to the world’s best screen, 2 gb RAM, qualcomm Xiao dragon 800 four core processors, faster 2.2 GHz, 32 gb capacity expansion card slot. Built-in 20 million pixels PureView Camera and Zeiss lens, support optical image stabilization, super sampling and high-fidelity recording technology, built-in “Nokia Camera” application of the combined, sets a group of the world’s most popular applications such as occupancy, as well as the original Office software, entertainment, Office two not mistake, carrying WP8 GDR3 system undoubtedly Lumia1520 is great.

Last nokia

WP flagship machine – the company 930


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