Don’t go to a hospital can also detect the degree of brain health “iPod”

a person’s sleep patterns for the overall health and well-being, is a valuable index. Unfortunately, diagnosis of diseases associated with sleep usually need to rely on invasive medical technology, at the same time also need to go to the hospital to be able to. Sleepwell company is Osaka life science research institute founded in 2010 by a biotechnology company. It for the use of traditional method of electroencephalogram (eeg) to manage the Sleep research provides an alternative method, this method is called “Sleep Scope”.

“EEG” at the first what? In fact, it is the abbreviation of word “electroencephalogram (eeg)”, this is a kind of to monitor equipment in abnormal brain wave activity. Small electrode pad in patients with head to monitor brain waves, and then these signals will be magnified and presented in the form of pictures, it will also print a piece of paper, more generally, rendering) on the computer. From eeg data can be used to identify some potential body problem, from a sleep disorder, mental illness to epilepsy and brain tumors.

“Sleep Scope” is the first and only a Japanese food and drug administration (fda) (with the ministry of health, labor and welfare at the same level) is a simplified version of the certification of eeg monitor. It is only the size of a deck of CARDS, only need two electrode pads – one on your head, one on her neck. “Electroencephalogram (eeg) are usually very big, will be on the head, face, body on countless electrode pads,” Sleepwell founder and CEO of yoshida is tree said in an interview. “Compared with home theater audio entertainment system, our system is like an iPod Nano.”

traditional eeg detection

in addition to the traditional Sleep study need to stay in the hospital all night, and Sleep the Scope of portability allows people to use it in their own home. Yoshida said masaki can obtain a more precise results, because patients “is not the wire tie, also need not sleep unfamiliar observation room in a hospital.”

Sleep Sleep depth, Scope can be collected from patients and the quality of the data to determine the patient’s Sleep problems. It can’t tell the user the essence of the real reason, but professional medical personnel by analyzing these data to make the diagnosis. At the same time the company has a patent measure index of depression and bipolar disorder.

Blood pressure

“if we, we can understand a person’s current health status, by monitoring the brain wave, we can make some one’s mental health problem judgment.” Yoshida is said the tree.

yoshida are tree also claim that this small device provided by the data equal to often use PSG sleep study method (using traditional electroencephalography (eeg) and other equipment to monitor eye movement, muscle activity, and changes in heart rate) data obtained.

“in monitoring of sleep time, eye movement, and there is no difference between the three stages of sleep.” Said, and yoshida are tree claimed that the results of more than 22000 test results is consistent with that of the Japanese. PSG examination, we called guide more sleep figure, can be used to detect such as insomnia, narcolepsy and sleep apnea, such a sleep disorder.

in the Antarctic, far from Japan, researchers are using Sleep Scope to detect Sleep patterns in months of continuous light or dark conditions are different. It even helped Japan’s space agency, NASA, the astronauts in the international space station for monitoring their sleep patterns.

because Sleep Scope is an approved by the Japanese government medical equipment, so it cannot be sold directly to customers. So, how profitable Sleepwell?

“now our clients are basically medical researchers, so we provide Sleep Scopes to researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Such as taking medicine and food supplements to the assessment of patients’ sleep problems affect pharmaceutical companies of interest. “

Sleepwell profit model is based on leasing rather than directly sold to hospitals and research institutions. The startup each device for 21000 yen ($175) a month’s rent. But its real income is derived from the data analysis, using data collected by computer generated report charges 12000 yen ($100).

“next, we aimed at the general medical field, maybe we can offer employers Sleep Scope as a way of monitoring employee health” yoshida are trees explained, “for example, in the case of insomnia, rather than simply as the doctor says I can’t Sleep, Sleep Scope can prove whether there is any more question”

according to yoshida is tree, Japanese medical examination market is an annual income of 300 billion yen ($2.5 billion) in the industry. He believes that the sleep research part accounted for 30 to 4 billion yen ($2500 to $33 million).

since the company was founded, Sleepwell by three team members are difficult to maintain. Yoshida said masaki the start-up is seeking sponsorship, and consider to apply for the government subsidy funds.

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