Don’t buy smart watches, this smart smart strap can turn ordinary watch

one day, and a wearable device. This time it is called Kairos T – Band of smart strap. It can be connected to a common wristwatch and implement all kinds of exciting features, such as stepping follow up and notice. In the past year I have only a few this kind of products, such as a company will all things hidden in a good leather strap, does not even have a screen. It is enough that it may not be a scam.

this smart strap type is known as the basis of ND, it does not display, notification will simply shook, and will send the sensing information to your phone.

T – BAND ND model (without display) is for those who wish to extend battery life, with functions of basic notifications (through vibration and colorful LED displays) and can monitor activities (health)/sleep and health data, at the same time, don’t need to elaborate the design of screen and contact sensing. This is a basic business intelligence watch, or a wearable device (smart strap). This type of battery life can be more than 7 days.

the Kairos OS used by smart strap system has the function of push notifications such as SMS, calls, you can even through the colorful LED displays and vibration motor push remind from installed App. With such as 9 axis gyro, accelerator, the compass and optical sensor, etc, on the basis of a variety of sensors, ND model also comes with could able to monitor the skin temperature and sweat of GSR (skin conductance sensor).

other model also has the sensitive touch screen. The $1200 model also includes a mechanical watch.

Kairos T – Band on the raised platform page description, everything is possible, including surface display screen, vibration motor and sensor, but it depends on the Kairos engineers can combine them together. They will eventually succeed is still unknown, but clearly this is a very smart idea. I expect there will be many more such products this year, so the Kairos T – Band will not be the last we see smart strap.


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