Donde, want to do “taobao” edition “baidu”

Donde this appliance merchant and Israel by silicon valley start-up company, hope that the appearance of shoppers by just want to buy goods can search to the item, so as to bring the most convenient shopping process to shoppers.

co-founder Liat Zakay, said the idea came from painful experience of online searching for a particular item. “It was a very, very painful process, I spent a lot of time.” She said in an interview, “everything is online, the only need to care about is a matter of time, it needs a simple solution quickly. This is the reason why I work for Donde.”

“the technology is looking for something specific items created a unique method, we developed a search engine, when a person have intention to buy some items, it will analyze and find out this item asked her what problem is appropriate, in order to create a pleasant shopping experience.” She added.

Donde company of visual search application initially focus on clothes, especially the dress, but Zakay says the technology can be used in all can use visual distinguish things. So once adjust good user experience, the company will expand into other catalogue.

two months ago, Donde as an iOS application into the closed beta, it in the list of items that have hundreds of thousands of dress, from the university of southern California, the first user to test it.

the working principle of the application is this: it allows users to choose the color of the dress, and then puts forward a series of problems about other aspects skirt to them, such as the style of the sleeves or the shape of the bottom edge. These choices are displayed visually, the chart will show the style and the style you choose.

when buyers adopted a variety of elements, the search engine will narrow the scope of the search, and then application according to these factors to streamline the goods listed, these goods are from the retailer’s website. Users just click on the goods and then click the “buy button” can buy their favorite style of dress.

“our technology is to search for websites of various brands and retailers, to extract the features of goods, both in the picture and description, we have a special tool to do this. Then we descriptions of each brand and unified, because of some characteristics of this brand description and the brand may not be the same, such as H& M red is unlike Zara, “Zakay says.

when you are looking for a particular style and the style of clothes, such as a “with asymmetric waist decoration and a dark green 7 minutes of sleeve backless dress”, visual search can play a big role. Use language to describe this skirt is too trouble, and will need some professional words to express your meaning, so it depends on luck, also takes time. Donde want to change this.

last October at Europe show, had a visual search called Asap54 start-ups. But Asap54 concern is to find similar items as in the photo technology, Donde interface does not require the user to provide a photo. Its system is more like a “design your own dress” interface, only to the user and reality is designed, which can buy match.

support Donde technology should also be running on the user’s information, such as age and the area, these factors determine the show them what kind of dress for their purchase. That is to say, a teenage girl in Alabama and New York, more than forty years old woman search results are not the same, this makes the product more intelligent search.

Zakay says questions interface was inspired by “twenty” game, the player by asking some questions about the characteristics of celebrity to guess who is this man, “we want to now that I know what I’m looking for goods, why not apply this method to here?”

“as long as the computer to the question, and then by artificial intelligence analysis of the user’s information, who you are, your position, how you where the environment, can be in a very short period of time to find the items you want.”

Donde current business model from the application of transaction to obtain as the foundation, it itself does not handle the transaction, but by the retailer to deal. But Zakay says in addition to the commission income, Donde may also be on the basis of the application process of real-time data to establish data oriented business.

“we have been developing some tools, can let you know what people in search of a particular place, they are interested in what kind of products, and to analyze your goods, the company can timely understand what your customers want, the expected design and inventory is also very good.” Zakay added.

Donde was founded over a year ago, so far have introduced a small amount of angel investment. Company is also established to promote the development of the Israeli start-up firm UpWest laboratory for four months. Now the company is about to raise seed round of investment.

three founders, including Zakay, has in the Israeli military intelligence work background, Zakay worked in the Israeli army’s elite science and technology department for four years. “We have developed a lot of computer and network security project. After I graduated from computer science and economics, I began to work in Donde predecessor, I don’t want me those colleagues in the department of science and technology is engaged in the work of network security, that’s too boring.”

team members work in the Israeli military experience as they are familiar with all kinds of data analysis tool creates a convenient, also create the technical conditions for the establishment of the Donde.

Donde development team stay in Israel, but considering it all concerns in the target market in the United States, so start-ups created in the United States, and has offices in silicon valley.


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