Dominant “investment + All In”, lei jun see cloud growth opportunities

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in the past two months, in the domestic Internet activity’s largest capital market, and is not a BAT, but millet family. After the first $1 billion of three-year bonds in October, is $1 billion for Dr. Chen gift do content layout. And yesterday afternoon, lei jun has announced a $1 billion decision, this is closely related with millet of golden hill software will invest $1 billion bet on cloud services.

this latest move actually closely related to stake in the Internet. Announced the day before yesterday, the interconnection for millet, kingsoft and temasek totaling $296 million of investment, including jinshan software investment of $172 million, holds a century interconnection 11.6% stake, millet invested $50 million for a 3.4% stake. Here’s $172 million is $1 billion investment in the first big movement.

kingsoft Internet betting century together with the millet is behind in what to consider, as the two companies boss, has dual identity of lei jun is under the new situation how to look at cloud services business opportunities? In media communication meeting yesterday with hong-jiang zhang.

what’s interesting is that the product is the kingsoft cloud group, but the communication is proposed, lei jun place on millet company meeting room, announced the next day, is scheduled for the financing are the rhythm of the grab headlines.

cloud service about millet future

lei jun to speak first PPT is to illustrate the importance of cloud services for millet. As the saying goes, the power of the data is huge, so he moved out of a set of data is compelling:

Millet cloud services in 2014 to last year rose 7 times the amount of data, is expected next year will increase 5 times.Millet cloud users of 67.955 million people, nearly 68 million people.Millet cloud storage 47 PB (no other storage and computing millet 10 PB, note: 1 PB=1024 TB).Store 24.1 billion photo, add about 90 million copies every day, every day 1.2 million new users to video.The highest day added 380 terabytes of data, the end of next year new PB 1 a day.

these data is the outbreak of millet user growth on the surface, and behind it reflects the high expenses for content storage costs. Lei jun calculated at current prices, the content of PB deposit a year again included in the total cost of storage and bandwidth in 250-250 yuan, if it is to fall next year, the year after, the spending for millet is a big burden.

in view of the “hardware + software + services” troika strategy, millet in the future is bound to iot devices, stable cloud services has become a part of millet creating the user experience, importance. Prior to that, once the layout the millet cloud and include a stake in kingsoft cloud group, etc.

in lei jun’s view, is now the third party cloud service window period of typhoon. Although the BAT layout already a long time and a lead, but the third party independent cloud service company will rise step by step, in the process, kingsoft cloud group and millet cloud has opportunities for development.

the core of the two reasons is that one is certainly not only by the characteristics of cloud services determine enterprise, use a company’s cloud services, when a problems need another patch immediately. Secondly, the existing Internet companies on cloud is far from saturation, traditional enterprise cloud will rise to greater opportunities.

his policy is to gather the kingsoft cloud group enterprise is the foundation of cloud services, millet cloud focus is in the application layer of cloud services, and on more of the underlying infrastructure architecture is connected with the help of century, independent third-party institutions, such as to form the application, storage, and infrastructure of the three-tier architecture symbiotic relationship. Business in the specific implementation of the strategy, lei jun has taken the kingsoft cloud group, millet and millet cloud’s future has been the depth. This is millet and jinshan interconnection of the important considerations in century together.

the BAT so much money hoarding layout, combined with the traditional data storage service providers, telecom operators, etc., the cloud service market competition has started is very fierce. In this case, the kingsoft cloud group to win is not easy. Therefore, lei jun requires dedication to attack mode, looking for the position of the top five. In the process, nature is little not money.

jinshan 9 cash All – In cloud computing

in July 2011, lei jun took the weakness from kau pak kwan in jinshan, through exit the non-core business and fixing the revitalization of subsidiary companies and the development of mobile Internet strategy, make the jinshan began to life. Nowadays, initial plan in three years has passed, the next three years to go, lei jun and hong-jiang zhang need to focus on.

according to hong-jiang zhang, in August of this year, jinshan group on the future focus strategy, and the question of how to walk, discussed the nearly 19 hours, from nine to discuss the next day at four o ‘clock in the morning, it has established the cloud to the direction of the future development of strategic, and sure you want to spend $1 billion on follow-up to bet on a cloud business, and all for the group has its own cash.

jinshan group how much cash? $1.2 billion, which means that there will be 9 In the kingsoft cloud group which, though not All, but also seems to reflect the All – In spirit.

kingsoft cloud group is the main part of the jinshan group to carry out the cloud services, by fast disk splits, in the development process of gradually realize independent corporate operation, accept millet, products also began from ordinary client to cloud storage and cloud game on two big main body. At present, the kingsoft cloud group respectively by the kingsoft, millet, KSC Partner, and company employees were 63.83%, 63.83%, 11.46%, 3.94% of the equity. Hong-jiang zhang who is kingsoft cloud group CEO.

$1 billion how to use it? Hong-jiang zhang, in addition to investment has made to the century interconnection, jinshan group will provide a $500 million loan to kingsoft cloud group, and efficient use of funds. In addition, the kingsoft cloud group need financing, will be to take out money to share.

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