Domestic version YPlan “playing” : polymerization activity and ticketing, local online that get millions of angel investment

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is a London found local activities and booking application, launched in November 2012 in London, at present has covered in San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas and other places. Recently completed a $24 million B round, has to raise about $40 million. Recent online, from product design to product positioning is similar with Yplan.

in December, based on the mobile Internet, aggregation of local cultural and recreational activities, focus for young, vogue and consumption ability groups, to provide cultural and recreational activities recommended and ticketing services. Play to have obtained a telescope in December chain growth fund millions RMB seed angel investment, investors also the founder of a fun twist, and playing happy founder is also the founder of twist. Before the APP online, playing has launched micro letter end in August, the user can through the mobile terminal, and play to micro letter end use.

team in cloud network hunting an interview: “the reason for playing on the one hand, because of the rise of mobile Internet and mass higher standards of living, we want to use the mobile Internet, the integration of cultural entertainment industry resources, to provide users with active recommendation and ticketing services.”

Yplan is found that the local activities and ticket booking, and playing is recommended and ticket + activities platform, also do event planning promotion for all kinds of cultural activities organizer .

playing activity categories include theatre, music, movies, livehouse, outdoor, and theme parties, including some free activities and sweepstakes. Most home page for the activity, the purpose is to help users during the day do not know where to make a decision quickly. Playing in findings, recommendations and promote all kinds of activities at the same time, also associated with merchants, jointly plan and organize activities of co-branding, not regularly held various crossover creative entertainment activities. Currently playing has with several troupe (courtyard), clubs, bars, cafes, theme event organizers reached cooperation, such as tang, candy, lanterns, uae, great saphenous theatre, music drama stars village, tree. Playing at the same time is also a fun twist chief mobile terminal promotion platform.

playing the content source in addition to the merchants cooperation, the team will be their own, but is not a simple discovery activity + distribution platform for display, but each kind of activity has specialist team is responsible for collecting, using its own resources and experiences of a team, in the industry of cultural entertainment resources integration of classification and multilayer audit, the ratio of good quantity of each type of activity, and then on to recommend to the user. Recently, playing on the micro letter end talent zone has been added, to find and develop all kinds of talent, let’s recommended activities.

playing in the future will increase on the O2O ticketing provide BGC and UGC two new operating mode.

team Zhao Yimeng tell hunting cloud network, have to plan in the near future service for merchants to provide contents, strengthen the business cooperation mechanism, will further improve the merchants publishing platform, to help businesses self-service upload, management activities. In addition, increasing personal launched a campaign and raise activity, in the form of the user to get more involved at the same time, increase the richness of platform activity.

company: Beijing baiyi qianhe entertainment technology co., LTD.

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