Domestic mobile phone imitation way: copy of peace, happiness

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imitation, its synonyms is modeled after, antonyms is innovation. The basic explanation: individual consciously or unconsciously repeat the process of the behavior of others. Industrial design imitation which can be interpreted as: industrial designers consciously or unconsciously repeat the process of the behavior of other industrial designer. The art is good design is always the same view, said very gentle is imitation is the best compliment, rough direct thing is it was stolen, is lazy.

a few news last week let me interested: one home little-known “rebekah phones for apple issued a letter of attorney said the iPhone 6 suspected of infringing the patent of appearance design of mobile phone V6; Published two is large coke large coke 3 mobile phone, one of the microblog with headline: “# # 3 large coke like, don’t like? “. 3 it is looking like SONY OPPO, new OPPO R1C exposure. This thing in a day, it reminds me of many similar. Whether the recent lenovo asparagus S90, millet 4, meizu MX4, huawei Mate7, still have a period of time of millet 3, hammer T1, or huawei P6, seem familiar. Indeed, it is so familiar with, is the design of others. Over the years a numerous domestic people adhering to the “other people’s design is the best design” concept, will be whether the current peak of apple, standing in the industry or was referring contemptuously to die from no innovation of nokia, SONY solution that won’t be possible, or the most domestic hated the samsung copied a times. Are domestic carried them off. Solution is more let I don’t, imitate the industrial design even if, even to mimic copywriting and product name and domestic is drunk.

rebekah V6 with the iPhone 6

see here, there may be some domestic fans will said: “the phone like that, your TM can also design the flowers? Dogs from the things of the silly force, you don’t black domestic die ah, have skill you to design “. Well, in order to avoid such scolded, I understand domestic such behavior as they say Internet thinking, is in the positive response to a user’s voice, to solve customer pain points. Maybe the lenovo coke heard this year apple apple fans behind turns ugly, hardware upgrade toothpaste; So lenovo out the asparagus S90 flattening of the camera and remove the leucorrhea, a coke with a larger upgrade the hardware, brings you a meet you think about the hardware configuration of the “apple”. Maybe millet heard in fans: if the company is not WP system but how good the Android system? “For them. So millet out an Android version of the system of the company (millet. 3). Prominent domestic, is to the user’s demand as own duty. I want to have this consolation, but think carefully, this consolation really good? Domestic such behavior really good? I think such behaviour would be tantamount to quench thirst. Walk upon the path of imitation domestic, always can stand on the opposite of innovation, always can only is a porter, can only be the walking dead, can only bear the stronghold of stigma.

large coke

and domestic why have such behavior? People think there may be several reasons.

industrial design background weak

after rounds of international manufacturers of industrial design (especially the apple), after the baptism of the domestic suddenly found; Industrial design is a part of competition, and competitiveness is very important. Consumers have aesthetic, their demand for consumer goods has not only limited to “just work” stage, the basis of they also require consumer goods have aesthetic feeling, aesthetic demand.

maybe domestic are also want to have their own unique industrial design, has meet increasingly picky customers, expanding market share of their products. But Mr. Luo on domestic industrial design review is “was still in its infancy. Domestic, unable to stark reality is: Rome cannot be built in a day, a good industrial design also could not have come out of thin air, good industrial design needs time to precipitate, need to constantly try, correction has reached perfection. And domestic in the era of functional machine due to industrial design is not seriously, causing the accumulation of the industrial design talent is weak, no background, no continuity correction, nature also can not be in a year or two will design a first-class products. but in the current situation of the industrial design is weak and the contradiction between the aesthetic need of consumers increasingly picky at this stage has been irreconcilable, must solve in order to survive, to open its soil. so they chose another way, a shortcut. Borrow someone else already successful, big acclaimed design as a design of its own, relieve the contradictions of reality, for the accumulation of their time. This convenient and affordable, also can quickly meet the needs of the part of consumers. A “smart”.

to decrease the cost of trial-and-error

in the reform and opening up in China introduced to the strategies, hope that the introduction of advanced western technology, knowledge, and so on. But perhaps for “introduction to” with “foreign” words have a special liking, sometimes that without modification, completely follow. Its essence is a copycat. In the domestic mobile phone, this principle is especially striking. Principle is that the benefits of can reduce the cost of industrial design; Industrial design, belongs to a systematic project, he needs a huge resource integration, it involves all aspects; A set of industrial design is not about to finish, it needs the support of financial resources, a mold is a large glistening silver, although our bosses don’t money, but also to have a successful under the template also pay high cost for trial and error. So the others successful industrial design to greatly reduce the cost of trial-and-error, nature is a good choice. To this principle, we can say is designed to others compliment, for sure. But I want to say more such principle is based on not confident of their products, is to think that their products will not be able to succeed in the industrial design of the best evidence.


borrows the

why domestic or willing to trip to the muddy water, it means would look bad? I personally think that it involves an environment problem, now the domestic world view seems to be some distortion. The pride of this era manufacturers seem to is being scolded. In this era, aren’t you want to get can get scolded, vendor is scolded trigger envy others. Red will the so-called people are many, is more than can cause attention, attention to possible sales and possible future, one is scolded requires meticulous planning, the hype. And out of the most popular product of high imitation, just pay propaganda, can provoke from fans, drew the public ridicule, its communication effect nature than to cultivate a good many independent design of products. Such borrows behavior, which is beneficial to make maximum use of existing mature resources of others. To maximize the spread of purpose.

user has “happy”

we are in love top international brands of industrial design, its high above the price with my withered purse out clearly, so I can only is to look at. But also want to have a spring prick silk, also want to feel the so-called charm of industrial design. Domestic manufacturers keen feeling it. So are shouldering responsibility, meet the demand for international product appearance I prick silk, also can take care of to the wallet I prick silk dry. Let us also can pack to force, feeling the international that fit I prick silk natural also won’t care about the design of this product is your original or reference for others. So happy, and based on the seller’s reality, nature is copied.


written in finally: blindly imitate, is in quench thirst; It will only let us standing in the opposite of innovation. Let us always can only play the role of porters, can only be the walking dead, can only bear the stronghold of the blame. And I think Chinese is also not don’t want to have their own impressive industrial design, from this kind of steel alloy can see out of this year, domestic also began to attach importance to industrial design, also want to have the industrial design, but as mentioned above, Rome was not built in a day, good industrial design needs the accumulation of background, need to try and fix. But let’s go to lost the good chance to try, correction. Domestic! Short step, how to? Sincere hope that domestic can more original, a little less.

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