Domestic intelligent voice sound cloud know announced $50 million B round of funding

domestic intelligent voice sound cloud know recently announced $50 million B round of funding, the for being an angel round investment and one hundred million yuan after A round of funding, at present, the company valued at $200 million, the main smart home market in the future.

cloud sound was founded in 2012, focused on intelligent speech and language processing technology research, with independent intellectual property rights of the world’s leading intelligent voice recognition technology, with the help of cloud computing and mobile Internet technology, has introduced a speech recognition service middleware and speech recognition service cloud platform, speech recognition for Internet users to provide professional services.

cloud sound knowledge aspect, according to the financing to complete will increase investment in research and development, product, market and brand, the main smart home market, make smart home platform are connected by a voice.

the surrounding cloud cloud know, end, core three directions in mobile applications, intelligent hardware, multiple domains such as smart home layout speech ecological system: sound open platform is free speech cloud platform, for developers to provide voice interface; Sound cloud know UniWear is wearable ROM, primarily to wearable devices. In addition to providing software + services in the cloud, aggregate chips, acoustics and other upstream and downstream industry chain, for developers and hardware manufacturers one-stop hardware and software solutions.

cloud sound knowledge in the smart TV industry is now happy, companies such as changhong, haier, tsinghua tongfang, pro on smart TV terminal and box products reached cooperation, aim to do Internet ecological system.

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