Dog competition of wearable devices, the use of the owner of the vanity of money

hunting cloud network reported on November 27

Jim Brailean tracker grope for the dog’s neck, want to look at his labrador poodle and golden retriever exercise today.

tracking device to the master of the cell phone to send a dog sport data, some people think that can see some information from the data. For example, a planned trip only 30 minutes to walk a block – that his guests must have walked like a chihuahua.

“I am very surprised to find that I suspect turned out to be true,” Snaptracs company (Tagg tracker manufacturing company), chairman of Brailean said.

two health tracking device research and development company launched a competition, dogs are participants.

Oliver, a San Francisco golden retriever) movement is becoming more and more fierce, a day morning, he was ready to pursue his opponent. Wearing a Whistle tracker Tucker (New York, a golden retriever), sneak ran three miles before breakfast.

The owner of the

Oliver Linda Messitt joked about it “Tucker must now be in exercise.”

wearable sports equipment and fitness tracker for the first time is to monitor the human body health. Now, entrepreneurs will it in pet market and used in pet tracking and health monitoring.

but also exposed the master problem: this product keen competition, persisting in the data, excess.

in Denver, Melissa Fleischauer to Pembroke corgi dog with a tracking device, and thus can know whether the dog is at work to steal ran to a nearby street. “I know it still at home,” said Fleischauer.

by mobile phone, she can know that it is at rest or in motion.

not only that, their friend Duke, Milo tracker with pet fitness equipment.

Whistle CEO Ben Jacobs dachshunds Duke wearing a Whistle tracker, he saw the data said Duke becomes more lively.

Linda Messitt with his golden retriever Oliver and Tucker in San Francisco for a friendly, compare the motion tracking data.

Max Tucker opponent Krueger said. “after I saw the Tucker smile, I feel it is hard to imagine what it’s thinking.

Jim Brailean said, at the age of four golden retriever (draw by California city), Maxwell is like running.

Brailean, said his seven-year-old labrador retriever Rollo like went to the neighbor.

Melissa said Fleischauer Tagg tracker not only helps track Pembroke corgi dog Milo’s position, and statistical exercise, exercise patterns lead to his arthritis attack.

Fleischauer said: “I always overly concerned about the safety of the dog.”

with Milo arthritis, too much movement may be aggravated. Tracker has the very big use, when the movement of Milo recorded more than 375 points, will remind the host, continue to games to his overwork. Tagg tracker is waterproof, in 12 minutes water treadmill exercise can prevent joint pain) (Milo can still wear it.

the dog owners need to clearly, and largely to help people work.

The President of the

International Society for Anthrozoology Pauleen Bennett said “these advantages make dogs are different from other animals.”

Ms. Bennett said, “people are vulnerable, dog companion make us feel comfortable.”

the cat can not do the same thing, “they have their own arrangement” Bennett said, “but the dog can meet the needs of the owners as much as possible.” Many owners of life is inseparable from the dog’s help.

dog tracker company admit their subsistence is the dog.

Snaptracs CEO Scott Neuberger says, “our customers are those who regard themselves as are the owners of the dogs parents.”

in 2012, is located in San Diego Tagg company design a new device called Tagg points, convenient to owners more dogs exercise. It functions like calorie counters, is different from the past, it can be in counting the breed of dog is also taken into account.

in San Francisco, Whistle Labs company designed a unit called “time”, owners can through the comparison or sharing a dog Whistle App to the movement of data.

two other trackers, Voyce and FitBark, is expected in the next few months. The American pet products association americans this year is expected to spending $58 billion on pets, two company investors hoping to profit from it. Voyce monitor dog’s heart rate and breathing rate to monitor to achieve the purposes of health, whereas FitBark accelerometers are used to monitor the movement condition of the dog.

people sometimes exaggerating the role of pet health tracking devices, Whistle, chief executive of Ben Jacobs with his hybrid dachshunds to the office, he said “the data can be fully proved Duke more lively than the other dog.”

many people makes tracking lost its meaning.

television star, canine behavior research scholar Cesar Millan said: “the dogs don’t care whether you better than others.”

Millan said “win MEDALS or break the record for the dog does not make sense. Please the master, to make them more love and trust is our reasons for the dog.”

these tell people, please.

Jennifer Moczulski give his dog with the Whistle trackers, she strict with their Siberian husky daily exercise. “If Rory data is 196 minutes, even at 11 PM I also want to let him go to exercise, I hate him can’t complete workout every day.”

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