Doctor: the richest Chinese Patrick soon-shiong and his “data d carcinoma” plan

abstract: the article Patrick Soon – Shiong (Patrick soon-shiong) is a us-based Chinese doctor. He invented the cancer drugs. Last year his company into two: a hospital with the product, another to do drugs. The former sold in July last year to $5.6 billion to the German fresenius company, whose share price showed little change in the past 12 months. Forbes magazine in 2014 launched the “America’s 400 rich list”, Forbes said he is the world’s richest doctor, fortune is about 12 billion. Nowadays, the pride of the Chinese people, and focus to the “data in medical field. He hopes to build a future hospital system, can be in a very short period of time, to detect the cancer patient’s condition and to give accurate and effective treatment and rescue measures.

in Los Angeles, a hot summer day, as the richest in the history of doctor, Patrick Soon – Shiong in his secret headquarters (located in inconspicuous behind the door, driving people good difficult to notice), the project to the like-minded people. T.D enny Sanford to people with poor credit records sales rates of mastercard, and profit of $2.5 billion. Now, he started turning to charity, will most of his wealth to the children’s charities and hospitals. And he is to want to know this time to understand what is the future of medicine.

62 – year – old Soon – Shiong are struggling for the future medicine. He told the T.D enny Sanford shows a lot. First, he led the Sanford visited a simulated hospital wards in the future. Has to measure the patient in the ward, eye mask, heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure with each device can be connected to the computer network HBox (3 inches large white box). He also shows a black room, full of a computer screen, the black room is used as the control center, to be able to help some doctors monitor hundreds of patients. Even if the patient not to go to the hospital, also can be to monitor it. Finally, he also shows several in the latest scientific journal article mentioned the computer program, the computer program can make sure that the doctor understand the condition and take the best treatment. The $1.3 billion worth of completely driven by data “toy”, almost all by Soon – Shiong their sponsor.

this show dazzling, Sanford is very surprised me. Neat custom blue shirt and trousers, despite sitting near the Soon – Shiong still a little messy, but it can still show his blatant identity (he was one of the lakers’ shareholders, often in their indoor venues basketball). Sanford said: “I think this is what the world really need. I am also invested in a hospital group, with 40 150 hospitals and clinics. But the cost is really high very tall, and lack of communication between organizations is quite.” Soon – Shiong suddenly cut in: “to create the communication foundation, hospitals could not afford to no money to do this, frankly speaking, it should be the government’s work.”

although Mr Obama’s health reform has been proved to be useless may Soon – Shiong do better. For Sanford, all this is not important, they soon to reach an agreement, plan at a children’s hospital in phoenix, Arizona, deployment of this technology.

although do the demonstration, but what Sanford to buy what is uncertain, but Soon – Shiong envisioned is pretty good. But there is no one to buy it. No real business plan is the most difficult, no pricing model, just empty Soon – Shiong vision. Throughout the medical community, a lot of people think Soon – Shiong assumes that there is no denying the fact is very good, but many people also think that this is he in a braggart.

as the first batch of their own genetic sequences, John Halamka currently in Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess medical center in chief information officer. He said: “the market is always better than leading technology for three years. Mentioned in his report, the lab research and complex academic medical center study is entirely different. And Patrick is the kind of person who likes to show off, he can claim to have solved the others in the past 20 years have failed to solve the problem.”

it makes me very confused. The headquarters of the famous Soon – Shiong Culver city near Los Angeles, the whole building by glass fiber reinforced plastic has a sense of the future, a total of 800 employees. Is The company created a lot of Hollywood, including The Wizard of Oz. I probably spent 10 months trying to find out the Manhattan medical project, the details of the final Soon – Shiong allow me exclusive interview in detail. And he has just finished a deal, prepare the project into practice, for the first time trial list include Providence health service center, and 34 non-profit Catholic health agencies from all over the world.

what is the most common? Is Soon – Shiong guarantee range. Oncology at the university of Oxford, Gillies McKenna said: “we went to visit him and see if they are ready to plan things, have to say, it’s all very dazzling. This data is used for decision making for us, but he could see grows exponentially increase. I think it is very difficult to do this.” Soon – Shiong explained: “every day we have access to more information than humans at any time. Not monthly, weekly, but every day.” This omniscient state can avoid a lot of perverse incentives. Pay attention to the treatment rather than as a result, for example, can drive the medical costs more than 3 trillion each year. It also can cure most diseases, including cancer.

as an experience of apartheid in South Africa, descendants of the immigrants in China Soon – Shiong suspect this is already used to it. He graduated from high school at the age of 16, 22, graduated from medical school. His first patient was a South African whites, didn’t allow him to touch my body, but when Soon – Shiong cured him, he said to everyone: “that Chinese guy is good, be sure to let him to check for you.”

in the late 1970 s, Soon – Shiong left South Africa, and in 1980 to teach at the university of California, Los Angeles. Stephen Nimer (a hematologist, later in Soon – a subsidiary of Shiong chairman) think he is an incredible surgeon, is always willing to deal with all kinds of difficulties. Nimer said: “he’s giving already in his blood.”

he knows P.T.B arnum performance skills, can always annoys investors and colleagues. At UCLA, he was transplanted islet cells into diabetic patients and in the headlines. At the time of the American diabetes association says that it is a kind of “inappropriate hype”, think “this does not, as a kind of therapy.

in 1990, he started a company, started to put his diabetes research commercialization. To reach a deal with Mylan, study how the pig organs after implantation in the human body, because don’t feel safe and out of the race. In the end, he lost in a legal dispute, and even to his brother.

later, in 1991, he is investing in a drug – Abraxane let him get rich. This medicine has albumin component, inside the albumin contains a best-selling anti-cancer drug paclitaxel. The purpose is to let the tumour absorption of protein, which absorbs paclitaxel.

top oncologists believe that this is “new wine in old bottles”. But Soon – Shiong determined to do big things. He decided to adopt a kind of brand-new but a little risk to fund Abraxane development. The traditional way is to sell stock to venture capitalists funding for biotechnology research. And he is borrowing to buy a small publicly traded generics firms, renamed American Pharmaceutical Partners, bought his own Abraxane again. A purchase medicine physicians from APP company to buy group also made investments. Some people say that it involves a conflict of interest, but Soon – Shiong think this will help prevent drug shortages, but also can sell shares immediately when the APP listed company. But his reputation once again faced with the crisis.

in 2005, he finally got a great success. The FDA approved Abraxane listed request, not short-term sales profit, the drug sales are up 100%, the share price rose 47%. But after a few months, he once again become the focus of controversy. He’ll APP and their own private car companies merged. Morningstar analyst Brian Laegeler that seems to minority shareholders fair treatment, but it is good full into the Patrick Soon – Shiong pockets. Deal was announced, shares fell 18%, but Soon – Shiong think over the long term, the stock is on the rise.

and sure enough, in 2007, the stock price to rise again. But as the only one manufacturer of blood thinner heparin, the pollution problem caused the deaths of 81 people, Soon – Shiong had to break up and sold the company. But he still said it was “two unique enterprise”. Generic drugs, including heparin business enterprise in 2008 sold for $4.6 billion to Fresenius company. Biotech giant its to $2010 in 4.5 billion to buy a Abraxis pharmaceutical enterprise. Soon – Shiong from in each acquisition won 80% of the funds.

soon, the other a billions of dollars worth of windfall. Although Soon – Shiong Arbaxane insists is a “breakthrough”, but by 2011, its sales amount to $386 million, only to medium level. But last year, a study shows that the drug can extend the life of the patients with pancreatic cancer 1.8 months, after sales rose 90%, to 2017 sales amount is expected to reach $2017.

as its biggest shareholder, Soon – Shiong price rise again.

it is Soon – Shiong wisdom, determination and luck, he gained so much wealth, he is expected to net asset value of $12 billion. But it also makes many people think that he is a speculator rather than a scientist, he very heartache. Arizona state university (another Soon – Shiong ready to cooperation organization) President Michael Crow said: “he is widely recognized in the corporate world, but we must realize that it is the cancer survival rate increased to 80%.”

Soon – Shiong new project is very science fiction. Its working principle is: a cancer patients to the hospital diagnosis. Through a proprietary network of ultra-high speed it blood all the east will be immediately analysis, the data will automatically be real-time collection, don’t need a pen and paper or to the clipboard. After a few minutes, the computer will recommend drugs to patients. Patients after back home, will have to follow the same technology, to allow doctors to real-time monitor her condition, hospital managers can also assess various procedures and drug effect and cost, and comparing with hospitals around the country.

by HBox, hospital of all medical equipment, computer equipment can be connected to the cloud

this vision in 2005 Abraxane conceived in the process of examination and approval. Is that a doctor will always make bad decisions. According to a study, two-thirds of patients with pancreatic cancer are not the right treatment. But Soon – Shiong realized that computer intelligence does not solve the problem, can’t match the high-tech of the nervous system. He said: “the disease has the ability to variation and evolution, and we are only a few of new molecular insights, how do we expect to win the war against cancer?”

like the mechanic purchase parts, he started to buy the company to build its own new machines. He bought Eviti company (based in Philadelphia, to the insurance company to provide a way of avoiding the tumor patients with doctors prescribing undeserved or wrong payment service). And acquisition of Thirty oncologists and take pore medical journals can ensure that information is the latest.

another acquisition is iSirona. This is a company located in panama city, Florida, their service is the hospital of the machine connected to the electronic health record system. And recently, Soon – Shiong declared that it is a blend of 6000 different medical devices, including pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring equipment and the bathroom scales, as well as from several hundreds of different types of clinical medical suppliers and financial software.

there are some other technology. Such as Qi Imaging, which is a kind of allowed on mobile devices for CAT scans and magnetic resonance Imaging tools. GlowCap, this is a $80 bottles, when patients need to take medicine at home, or let the doctor know whether patients with open cover the medicine can be light up. He also to $100 million and refurbished National Lambda Rail (a high-speed government computer networks), such data can be transmitted quickly. He said: “to have valuable nursing, you need to real-time monitor the result and cost. You must be at the lowest cost to the patient as the core of high quality medical services.”

all these acquisitions of companies formed a what he wants, he will be named as “Byzantine”. His 800 employees scattered offices in 14 cities. And its parent company NantWorks has nine independent units, each with an investment group, apparently, each of which can be used as a separate company independent tracking stock. As early as next year is expected to IPO financing, for the first time. Is the most likely IPO investors NantHealth company, it’s the health care information technology make it obamacare profitable to create a new payment plan. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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