Doctor: fuzzy intelligent self-diagnosis platform to build exclusive private doctors

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the medical field in recent years continued to heat up, whether the Internet giant is bullish on the Internet or entrepreneurial teams this cake, such as tencent in clove garden and registered network, ali stake in citic in the 21st century, the spring rain doctors to raise $50 million m, etc. Is not hard to find, a new wave of Internet health startup mode diversification, including special medical community, search the Internet trading and consulting, wearable hardware + software and hardware combination, medical informatization, and mobile, etc., of course the most is the special medical mode.

this year in August, the doctor online in a unique self diagnostics mode into the Internet health, is a web based and intelligent mobile side doctor self diagnostics platform, committed to medical aided diagnosis system and medical clinic consultation of information construction.

founder LeiYueChuan graduated from Massachusetts institute of technology, the core management team members mainly from the university of Pennsylvania, tsinghua university, sichuan university huaxi medical college and other top universities and IT companies in silicon valley. LeiYueChuan convective cloud network, “affectionately doctors can be as simple as a fully automatic intelligent disease monitoring platform, users can through the mobile App or PC web pages quickly get symptom monitoring results, understand the details and get the treatment of disease.

, the doctor’s target audience is the young and middle-aged busy people with medical clinic is insufficient leisure. The core of the product function is to provide users with a except baidu search and ask a doctor online third option – using affectionately doctor, by simulating the real diagnosis to special doctor to ask a way, to get a complete, professional, practical guidance and reference. Doctors use fuzzy process is: input, age, select parts of the body, choose symptoms, perfect symptoms described by intelligent doctors questioning, view the probability, finally to check the details. The doctor’s automatic and intelligent fuzzy is reflected in its convenient detection process, ordinary users without registration and login to start testing.

affectionately to the whole medical process simple and convenient, intelligent diagnosis platform supported by powerful doctor database behind. Affectionately doctor database building took 1 year, includes more than 4000 kinds of diseases and more than 100 kinds of Chinese residents common health problems, diagnosis method based on 3 armour hospital doctors write article 300000 diagnostic data in all the subjects. Users through affectionately doctors can learn their probability that may have different conditions, can also see the details of each disease, such as “all symptoms” overview “disease” “common” “serious” “how to treat” “when seeing a doctor” “registered” department “, leading to illness factors “” how to diagnose” “self care” and “the doctor suggested that” information, etc. 11.

meanwhile, affectionately the doctor brings together the wisdom of different department doctor, 14 departments of symptoms and diagnosis information integration, and affectionately doctors intelligent diagnosis platform, every detecting is a professional general consultation. LeiYueChuan said, “the doctor behind the big fuzzy data, derived from authoritative medical, medical database and huge amounts of medical diagnosis, anytime, anywhere to provide users with disease diagnosis and treatment guidance services, real-time monitoring of the health risk source, and shall maintain records or output records, maximum protect user health.”

the doctor visits and spring rain patterns, affectionately doctors choose different development, product characteristic is to realize the automation of the medical consultation service, the user never leave home, you can answer; Second affectionately doctor visits, dynamic interaction realistic simulation of the maximum reduction of diagnosis; Guidance of medical treatment and treatment of reference at the same time, the users to understand their symptoms more, eating more targeted treatment.

affectionately doctor launched a month time, accumulate to 4 w active users. The current stage, affectionately doctor continuously iteration, the product function is gradually perfect, LeiYueChuan convective cloud network, “the next year, gazing at the doctor’s goal is to App download the 200-3 million, web accessibility accumulated 3 million; When users accumulated to a certain stage,, the doctor will guide medicine DaoYi commercially and statistics three aspects to try.”

affectionately doctor

time: August 2014


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