DIY microcomputer raspberries pie, let your DIY tablet now!

Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi computer, he recently demonstrated a new hardware, namely the touch screen display device can be used to expand the ecosystem of the single board computer.

in other words, preparing for the “Pi” Pads of DIY (do-it-yourself tablet).

Upton said: “in the development of Raspberry Pi the whole time, we’ve been said, yes, display accessories is coming, is coming. After waiting for a long time, display accessories finally coming.”

“this is our first display panel, we want to be able to launch this product in the end of this year or early next year.”

Upton shows 7 inch VGA capacitive touch screen. In the design, the touch screen will be combined with Pi build a fairly thick plate, but still just a flat screen.

of course, Pi foundation in the future will probably be to launch the belt of the panel, embedded Pi power engineering of other forms of DIY accessories.

Upton in display is to show how to combine with attached to the back of the Pi said: “this is a little like a tablet, it’s just very thick. In the end we think of the result is placed a Raspberry Pi. The source of the idea is that you can embed something.”

so far, two years has sold 4 million Raspberry Pi sales time. This is a very amazing number, because the company had just hope throughout its life cycle sold about 10000 copies of Pi.

use their touch screen panel, the intention of the Pi foundation, obviously, is to want to be able to transplant the DIY hardware inspire create sparks to drive sales of Pi.

Upton put cheap Model A Pi (costs only $25, Model B $35) as A failure, because sold 4 million compared to the Model B, the Model only has sold over 100000 copies of A. But it’s obvious that the Model is used to correct A + in the Model.

he said: “we’re going to announce A + soon. I think this will be an exciting product.” However, he did not how to upgrade reveal the exact details message board.

the foundation recently will launch an upgraded version of the Model B – B +. This version will have more USB ports, a number of connector pin an SD card slot, low power consumption, enhance the audio, and other enhanced features.

Pi foundation’s original mission was to lower the cost of the microcomputer, so there will be more children to learn programming. But these hardware manufacturers have been community widely adopted, is used to support a variety of creative projects, and even the whole business start-ups.

Upton mentioned such a company, the company is based on Pi Model B +, production of a product called Pi Top, also can saying is the Pi, 3 d printing a laptop power supply.

Upton said: “the coolest thing is that these people know nothing about Raspberry Pi. Many people from different groups have used the Pi, and use the Pi to make some things. This is the current Indiegogo mode.”

Upton also talk to when I want to be a hardware project to build a community of the importance of this can be added to the product development cycle according to the feedback from the community, produce community really want products.

Upton said: “when we enter the community said, ‘we are making a $25 a computer, it has the function of those, only a USB port, there is no network connection. ‘when people say to us the first sentence is sure need a USB hub and network adapter, computer, so this is not a $25 but a $50 computers. This is what we have encountered. We make the final product, all changes can be seen on the Model B and B +, all of these changes are based on the basic of complaints from the community.”

“my wife Liz was a freelance writer. She gave up her original work, to work in our community. So when we do all sorts of meaningful engineering before we have to do community work for a long time. We find it is very useful, because we can make more bright spots around the product, can get all kinds of feedback.”


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