Disappear of PM2.5: a group of ideal development of air quality index application

for haze days, Beijing people is fearful. Even if they have become accustomed to “remember the titans” in such weather, they also hope to be able to just know today to go out of the air pollution index, to determine whether today to be armed to the teeth. However, a known as the China Air Quality Index (Air Quality Index), getting into our field of vision. It makes me full of saw several ideal and social responsibility of young people, how is by virtue of the spirit of not afraid of hard won the favor of users in the game.

at the beginning of the article before, hunting cloud network editor jun first introduce you to what is the Air Quality Index (Air Quality Index, AQI). This is a used to quantitatively describe the level of air quality numerical. Air quality standards set by the different countries around the world, the scope of AQI also is different, our country is similar to that of the United States standards, the scope of AQI lies between 0-500. In general, the higher the value, representing the worse air quality.

Beijing’s air pollution problem has always been a sensitive topic, of course, this is not only because the air pollution has brought the people of Beijing sore throats and so on a series of symptoms. Undeniably, air pollution is inevitable for economic development. Because of that, today’s pollution problems are more emphasis on the ordinary people for this price. Want to know, ordinary people are faced with the health crisis is behind some factory owners of capital accumulation.

the crisis makes people worried about air pollution problems. In 2011 the emergence of a new mobile phone application to ease their anxieties, the app can make ordinary people according to the air quality index to predict the pollution of the city they live. In addition, it also support through weibo such pollution index of social network to share data. This app is called DirtyBeijing at the beginning, later renamed the present China Air Quality Index (Air Quality Index). Zhang bin is behind the app co-founder of start-ups.

‘s air quality quality application (screenshot) in October

“the beginning of the middle of October 2011, Beijing’s air quality is very bad. Had flashed in my mind the idea of – if we can query to air quality by mobile phones and receives the pollution, then it was convenient for our daily life a lot. After that, I did some research on the App Store, when all the shelves on the application of air quality and there are not many. If any, of these application interface and function is not very desirable.”

“we firmly believe that we can create a better air quality. So we spent the two weeks of free time, at that time, we haven’t quit the original work, to develop the first application, this is the beginning of the development of the national air quality index of application. At this time, Beijing’s air has never been poor, light is visible to the naked eye can distinguish the pollutants in the air. Who looks at a glance to periphery hills city days are gone, and you never see a few streets which makes the norm outside views.”

it’s the time, a new word into the eye – PM2.5 of Internet users. PM2.5, called fine particulate matter, refers to the air in the air of dynamics equivalent diameter less than or equal to 2.5 micron particles. It can be suspended in the air for a long time, the higher its concentration in the air content, means, the more serious air pollution. Netizens believe that PM2.5 for lung damage to urban residents is much higher than the previous government through the old index system of pollutants.

iPhone air quality index (screenshot) in November

the United States environmental protection agency (EPA) began releasing them at the end of 2011 for the weather in Beijing the realtime monitoring of PM2.5. And these data and has a certain difference between China’s official data. Say one day in November 2011, we can see that China’s environmental monitoring station’s home page for Beijing weather given by the air pollution index is 27, their evaluation for the “best”; The EPA, however, according to their data about PM2.5 measures are given for 125, the evaluation for “unhealthy” sensitive crowd. At this time, China’s Internet users just awakening to PM2.5 data can truly reflect the air pollution situation.

zhang added: “at first we didn’t expect to this app will attract so many users, we didn’t even make any marketing tools. But in early December, 2011, Beijing once again encountered a lot of air pollution, we note that the surge in the app downloads. This is mainly due to spontaneous upload screenshots of the application of users on twitter, including the famous on sina weibo microblogging queen yao. Therefore, making more and more users begin to download our application. Since then, we have received feedback from users email, everybody encourages us to continue to develop and improve the application.

however, the EPA and the Chinese authorities in pollution reported differences still unsolved. Air quality index, the application contains both the data, so that users can compare.

review about the history of Beijing national air quality index data, we can find Beijing AQI ratings for an average of 124 a year. Frankly, this number did not ideal. If in terms of pollution for a long time, China’s most serious city should be located in hebei province xingtai, AQI an average of 187 a year, the city has been in the red warning. If you live in the city, the application will suggest that you wear a mask and the Windows closed, don’t do outdoor sports, also want to avoid activities with children and the elderly.

of course, for some special reason, now it is no longer provide the EPA’s data. This leads to the most trusted, reading the biggest national air quality index, the application of the monitoring of the capital into a data column blank.

iPhone air quality index (screenshot in mid-november)

zhang stressed that he himself is not experts in the field of environment, but he believes that these days the weather in Beijing is not worse. He said in an interview: “in my opinion, the quality of China’s air pollution index for three years did not happen too big change. I think it’s more and more people will feel than in the past, now in poor air quality, it is because everyone’s air pollution is more and more concerned about the problem.”

zhang created Fresh Ideas studio, mainly used to develop the global air quality index. This app can be downloaded on iOS and Android platform, has won the 5 million downloads, has 300000 daily active users. 40% of users are living in Beijing, which, of course, can understand, after all, Beijing round of haze days are very representative. In addition, there are 20% of the users is living in Shanghai.

don’t want to do in big companies with a screwdriver, zhang bin and his co-founder wang are resolutely decided to resign in baidu (China’s leading search engine), already started to create this start-ups. Although many investors for the start-up performance enthusiasm, but the team so far have not reached any financing. In addition, they also made it clear to adhere to the independent operation.

the start-up companies are now working on developing a global air quality applications, is expected to launch at the end of this year.

air quality index is now on iOS and Android platform can be downloaded for free. Price is $0.99 version contains no ads.

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