Ding-ding apple store: customers and sellers build light C2C sales direct talks

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in electricity hot at present, traditional business is generally accepted that without electricity will be submerged by the stream of history, reality, however, to achieve electricity dream of small and medium-sized sellers also submerged in the flood of history. In taobao, for example, would like to open online store is very easy, on taobao registered an account, but have you ever wondered how to more than 800 merchants on taobao, hundreds of millions of products stand out? To limited source and flow, sellers have to be “no moral integrity” the price war, advertising, chasing bargain hard, the survival of small sellers is struggling, and even some businessman a deal a month did not finish, death is just a matter of time. Such problems are not only taobao, actually already is the common fault of the electricity industry, for the small and medium-sized sellers, plenty of customers pain points and efficient flow of transformation is the market.

however, for small and medium-sized sellers, a recently named “ding-ding apple store” micro letter account has attracted public attention. Ding-ding apple stores, in view of the user base is individual small sellers, based on the tencent, sina and other social open platform of mass data information, provide accurate customers phone tools for small sellers. You in micro letter your circle of friends, for example, send a message, “I want to buy a iPhone 5 s”, you will receive information about iPhone 5 s numerous merchants reply. Founder mighty convective cloud network, “ding-ding is based on the small sellers spot arises at the historic moment, through the system intelligence provides accurate customers, sellers and buyers speak directly, remove red tape, to achieve a lightweight C2C.”

what kind of is the ding-ding apple store product logic, we specifically look at the

on ding-ding, data interface with taobao, jingdong, amazon and other electricity giant, get through, if you are a taobao shop owner can directly import their own stores; Ordinary users can also set up shop, ding-ding, a threshold is extremely low, no matter whether you have stock can be successful to own their own shops on ding-ding, become the owner, if the hand without spot, users can add e-commerce sites to open its own stores. Ding-ding users of both the owners and buyers of double identity, can buy goods, can also recommend to the right goods to people in need, also can get the corresponding commission.

in addition, the tinkle of the existing version has launched a “my store” “to sell” “customers” “source” zin “check results” “ranking” six modules. Among them “to sell” the goods is an open application platform, the user may submit up to items of sales value, success is displayed in the product platform. Check “performance” is similar to a transaction in real time to check the background. “List” is based on store visits a week list a TOP ranking, selected merchants help users more convenient.

this looks similar to “shop” mode, but in contrast, ding-ding biggest characteristic is can provide accurate customers. Behind ding-ding operation is a data technology team, since its establishment, the 09 team huge amounts of data based on tencent, sina open data platform developed scene recognition engine, personalized business service component, personalized reading service components and other products, and the commercialization of social data with the tencent open platform established a strategic cooperative partnership. Ding-ding social users interested in data involving WeChat, QQ, sina weibo and tencent weibo, and many other social tools, the system can capture intelligence information, based on data mining, interest is the commodity information accurately transmitted to the user.

since ding-ding launched in May, based on the new sales channels, in the absence of marketing, cumulative user already has more than ten, new users in more than one thousand people, the supply of goods covered 540000 electrical goods, 610000 taobao commodities and uploaded to 48000. According to jumbo, “ding ding has completed client development, will be launched recently, will also cooperate with different vertical giant.” Ding-ding is preparing A round of funding, based on ding-ding huge data and plenty of customers, the future will have more possibilities in commercialization.

“with the continuous development of electricity, future sales channels must be go to the middle, lightweight sales model is the development trend of electricity.” Finally summarized. As for ding-ding apple store can bring the small sellers more business opportunities, sales model can become the future development trend of it, it is not clear now, let’s follow in the footsteps of ding-ding development to find the answer.

ding-ding apple stores

time: in May 2014,


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